The sites of Lövgärdesskolan

The first school pages were made by me during the spring of 1995. I soon engaged my computer science students in this work. I decided the structure of the site and gave my pupils pages to write. I continued this project for some years until it was decided that the school pages had to follow "standards" and be made by adults.

I have found the different site versions and reset them online from my site. Only minor changes have been made to the sites. Like missing images have been found and replaced.

The oldest page found is from 18th May 1995. Click here...

Click here to open site revised 19961011

Comments: The first pages were non frame ones with a defined site structure as can be seen in the menu. This page was written and administered by Tommy Sjöberg one of my students.

Click here to open site revised 19961228

Comments: I kept school IT related information in html pages like this.

Click here to open site revised 19970101

Comments: In 1997 I started with frames. As several people didn't have the latest frame enhanced Netscape version, I had to let people choose between frame and non frame version of the site. Older pages if good enough were updated and integrated into this version.

Site revised 19970204 not available

Comments: This was the frame version site as in 1997 with a menu on the top. The menu image and background were made 4/1 1997. The pages were made with Microsoft FrontPage 2.0.

Click here to open site revised 19980107

Comments: The frame version still there in 1998 with a slight different layout. This version remained until 2000.

Dreamweaver template version site revised 20010504

Comments: The frame version was abandoned during the autumn of 2000 and Marcus Ruotsalainen one of my techteam students, created a new layout for the school home pages with Dreamweaver templates.

Site revised 20020606

Comments: The beginning of the end or the end of the beginning? This was the last version that was administered by students at Lövgärdesskolan. The links on the menu took us into "Kunskapsnätet" an active server pages system with pages made by teachers. This page was soon closed and substituted by the site of today. Click here...




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