LeMaître and the origin of the World

Georges LeMaître

Image result for georges lemaitre big bangGeorges LeMaître was a catholic jesuit priest and mathematician, member of the pontifical academy of Sciences (  http://www.pas.va  ) . He  found 1927 that  Einsteins theory of relativity could be signs of a expanding  Universe .  He made calculation with these a  wrote a  report with the  title

“A homogeneous universe of constant mass and growing radius accounting for the radial velocity of extragalactic nebulae” (1)

I will dedicate this page to what we know today about the expansion of the Universe, the so called Big Bang to answer Willy Kinberg question

“Did God create the World from nothing?”



Has Gott die Welt aus dem Nichts geschaffen?

Did God create the World from nothing?

was the first question Willy asked in his book published 1906.

Hubble found proof that  the theory of LeMaître expanding Universe was correct with observations of galaxies redshift in telescopes. Arthur Eddington  confirmed that Lemaïtre mathematical solution was brilliant in 1931.

The Universe is expanding! 

LeMaître asked himself. Were did all galaxies come from? Later the same year 1931, he presented his  hypothesis that all galaxies came from a initial point. He called it  a primeval atom or cosmic egg. (1) Although Eddington fully accepted the Expanding Universe theory, the idea of a initial point and cosmic egg was “repugnant” for him (1)

The Universe was a cosmic egg!

Einstein who believed that the Universe was static and always existed were wrong.

Einstein said about  Georges leMaître
“Your math is correct, but your physics is abominable”. (1)

(Photo source: https://www.bbvaopenmind.com/en/priest-invented-big-bang/ )

1949 LeMaître theory of a cosmic egg and expansion of Universe got the name of Big Bang by Fred Hoyle.  They joked about it saying “So there was a Big Bang? hahaha” Le Maitre never talked about a Bang.

physicians fully  accepts the idea of a primeval atom calling it it Singularity as Astronomer Penxlas and Wilson (2) found the radiation from the very first state of the Universe, called today Big Bang CMB-radiation. See image 25 in this slide at:


Radiation image built with data from a satellite.
Photo source: http://faculty.washington.edu

Universe was Singularity!

We know today that Singularity expanded and within it, huge amounts of energy matherialized in atoms, mainly hydrogen atoms.

Hoyle develope the theory of nucleogenesis, the creation of atoms.

Here are a few images of a expanding Universe.

Big Bang is the same stellar nucleosynthesis

Nucleosynthesis,  particle evolution, the creation and assembling of proton and neutron particles into atom nuclei a theory developed  by Fred Hoyle, (OBSA: Hoyle  rejected the Big Bang Theory) and how atom nuclei formed bigger atom nuclei, helium, Iron atoms in stars, Uranium atoms in SuperNovas.
ource: https://physics.info/nucleosynthesis/

It tells btw how Hydrogen nuclei melted together and formed Helium nuclei and other atoms in the Periodic Table.

You get a  very good explanation of Big bang by Neil de Grasse Tyson in this video 


Partikel evolution is only
one of several evolutions.

The last one going on now is the digital evolution.


Gravitation and space

Before finding answer tothe issue “What is the form of space it is important to know about the gravitation impact on space . For  Newton gravitation was a force. Einstein said in the words of one of his disciples

  • “Mass tells space how to curve”
  • “Space tells mass how to move”
    (Neil de grasse Tyson in “Neil Degrasse Tyson on Einstein” on Youtube ) This video illustrate this well.

This year in February gravitation waves were detected on Earth something Einstein predicted in 1918 in one of his works.

The form of space.

one think of Universe as a balloon expanding. But the form of Universe is not that what we think or see. The galaxies are not were we see them as the light from these doesn’t come to us in straight line.  Fotons trip in space is diverted by the gravitation of blackholes, galaxies etc.

 Video and illustrations

The Unified Force 

According to Physics there were only one force at the very beginning, called Unified force. (4 and 5) Cern is asking  “Will we see a unification of forces at the high energies of the Large Hadron Collider?” (6)

Did God create the world from nothing?

LeMaître never answered this question publicly. The question could now be formulated like this.


“was there something before Big bang?”

Physisist are trying to answer this question finding a 


Unified theory of Physics

We talk today about a Unified theory of Physics.
“The unified theory is divided into five parts: the spaceobject
structures, cosmology, the periodic table of elementary particles, the
galaxy formation, and the extreme force field.” (
We now have  String Theory that may answer the Willys question.

The String Theory  
The string theory say there are other Universes out there, we have a Multiverse.

  • When two Universes collide a new Universe is created
  • When a Universe splits, 2 new Universes are created.

Learn more about this looking at this video.

Learn more from a Ted video here

Videos recommended

I like the Ted video

The history of our world in 18 minutes” where David Christian try to explain how chaos creates organization agains the second thermodynamical entropy law.

Good sources I have used

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Big bang slide for sixth grade pupils.

I worked with this google drive slide with my sixth grade pupils.
As you can understand despite  the Swedish, I started telling them about the curriculum in chemistry and what atoms are as it is important to understand that to understand the evolution of particles.


In memory of a grandfather

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