Willy Kinberg – Ancestry

A. Willys grandmothers father
Johan Henrik Kinberg 
born 1/11 1782 in Grönby married Margareta (Louise) Lovisa Schlyter and got five childrens among others:

  • Lovisa Wilhelmina (Minna) Helena Kinberg born 18/8 1814
    (Willys grandmother).
  • Johan Gustaf Hjalmar Kinberg born 13/5 1820
    (Willys grandmothers brother) Johan died 29/8 1908 in Stockholm.

Johan Gustaf Hjalmar Kinberg was born 13/5 1820  (Read in Runeberg).
He sailed around the world with the Swedish warship Eugenie 1851-1853 (Link). (Click on the worldmap and painting below)

Image result for eugenie världsomseglingSource:

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  1. Johan Gustaf Hjalmar had two sisters:
    2. the oldest was Lovisa Wilhelmina (Minna) Helena Kinberg born 18/8 1814

B. Willys Grandmother
Lovisa Wilhelmina (Minna) Helena Kinberg
married a priest, Jacob Petersson born 1801. They got eight childrens:
1. among these children were my  Wilhelm Henrik Jakob Petersson Kinberg (he took his mothers surname).

C. Willys father
Wilhelm Henrik Jakob (Petersson) Kinberg
 born 27/3 1845 married Selma Constance Kull and got five childrens:
1. One of the boys was Willy, born 15/10 1877 in Helsingborg

Wilhelm Henrik Jakop died 23/8 1922



In memory of a grandfather

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