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Willy Kinberg – Ancestry

I will dedicate pages to my grandfather Willy and  his  book with the Swedish title “Världens och människans uppkomst” (The arise of the Universe and Mankind).
But before I continue with his book I want to tell some about his ancestors, beginning with Willys grandmothers father.

A. Willys grandmothers father
Johan Henrik Kinberg 
born 1/11 1782 in Grönby married Margareta (Louise) Lovisa Schlyter and got five childrens among others:

  • Lovisa Wilhelmina (Minna) Helena Kinberg born 18/8 1814
    (Willys grandmother).
  • Johan Gustaf Hjalmar Kinberg born 13/5 1820 
    (Willys grandmothers brother) Johan died 29/8 1908 in Stockholm.


 Johan Gustaf Hjalmar Kinberg was born 13/5 1820  (Read in Runeberg).
He sailed around the world with the Swedish warship Eugenie 1851-1853 (Link). (Click on the worldmap and painting below)

Image result for eugenie världsomseglingSource: http://collections.smvk.se/carlotta-em/web/object/2248650


 hh Click on the painting. Source: Wikipedia

Fregatten Eugenies världsomsegling
Get the book at https://biblioteket.stockholm.se/titel/476645

  1. Johan Gustaf Hjalmar had two sisters:
    2. the oldest was Lovisa Wilhelmina (Minna) Helena Kinberg born 18/8 1814

B. Willys Grandmother
Lovisa Wilhelmina (Minna) Helena Kinberg
married a priest, Jacob Petersson born 1801. They got eight childrens:
1. among these children were my  Wilhelm Henrik Jakob Petersson Kinberg (he took his mothers surname).

C. Willys father
Wilhelm Henrik Jakob (Petersson) Kinberg
 born 27/3 1845 married Selma Constance Kull and got five childrens:
1. One of the boys was Willy, born 15/10 1877 in Helsingborg

Wilhelm Henrik Jakop died 23/8 1922

D. My grandfather
Willy Kinberg (photo in  his driver license)  who is my grandfather,  married Edla Elisabeth (Lizzie) Charlotta Schenström (called Lizzie) and they got four childrens, one of them was my father. 
Willy died 18/8 1958 in Uppsala
Lizzy, my grandmother, died 12/1 1970 in Uppsala.

Willy Kinberg 2

General relativity equation publish 1915.Willy Peterson Kinberg wrote a very ambitious book in German called “Wie entstanden Weltall und Menschheit?” (1) published  in Freiburg 1906, the year after Albert Einstein published the theory of special relativity and 9 years before the publication of the  general relativity theory, see Einsteins field equation below.
The book was sold in 20.000 copies in a few month (according to C.A. Claus, the german-Swedish translator)

Willy decided to translate it to Swedish with the title “Världens och Människans Uppkomst“.


The English title could be “The Creation of the World and Human kind“.

Willy Kinberg 1I have the Swedish book that Willy gave to his parents with the signature “Tillägnat Föräldrarna av förf. Freiburg den 28/11 2008” (“Dedicated to the parents from the writer.”) the same year the book was published. This is of course a very special book not only because of its content but also because of the family story it holds.

I have all my life been intrested in the subject Creation.  When I got this book in my hands  I  decided to start the project “The creation 100 years later” and document the main part of it in (https://mygrandfather.wordpress.com/).

As I am not so good in reading German with the  old font,  I  decided read the book in Swedish but to publish scanned pages of the German version here on this site under Cosmology ->Willy Kinberg 

Click on the image below to start  reading scanned pages

or navigate to 



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  1. Intressant att läsa eftersom min morfar var George Kinberg, Willys bror och både min båt och mitt företag fått namn efter Selma Kull, gift med Wilhelm K och alltså min mors farmor och din fars farmor.

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