Sweden at Festa dei Popoli


Sweden was represented at  “Festa dei Popoli”  on  Lipari 29/9 2019.

The event was organized by mmseolie.org


I talked in Italian but will try to add a translation here asap.


      • Sweden saves money on Sanity and education
        • People die in hospitals while waiting for a doctor 
      • Youth with problems do not get good help and support
      • You must find a private school for your children to get a better education
      • Long periods without sun during winter
      • Long nights during winter
      • Not reliable weather during summer
      • protect yourself from rain and wind
      • Cold sea and lake water in June
      • Many Swedes are diffident with strangers
      • Swedes in Göteborg are more kind than the Swedes in Stockholm


      • the long days during summer
      • It is easy to plan trips in Sweden but train have problems with the heat.
      • All swedes like Greta Thunberg talk pretty well English
        come la Greta
      • The countryside is  open for everyone.  You can walk and set up tent almost everywhere. You are not allowed to walk on cultivated terrain and in gardens around houses

The pagan Swedish celebrations are very popular especcially among childrens and families. Some are celebrated within the family only. 
Family celebration. Julafton. Santa Claus (Jultomten inSwedish)comes during the evening of 24 december with gifts to the children. The family dance around the Christmas tree.

  • Family celebration. Easter eve
    Is celebrated the Saturday after Holy friday. Childrens search for eggs filled with candies in the garden or in the house. The small girls have a masquerade as witches.
  • Comunity celebration. Midsommarafton around June 24
    Is celebrated all over Sweden. Failieas helps decorate the pole and then dance around a pole clothed with leaves and flowers.
  • There are Italian restaurants all over Sweden
    The swedes love the Italian kitchen but there are some typical Swedish plates.

Some Swedish dishes to be tried

  • Per Natale: ris a la malta
    white rice cooked in milk, mixed with whipped cream and cinnamon. It is eaten with some fruit cream, e.g strawberry cream
  • Breakfast. Havregrynsgröt med lingonsylt
    oatmeal porridge with lingonberry jam
  • d’estate: Musselsoppa,
    mussel soup
  • Jansons frestelse
    sardines with freshly harvested and potatoes with dill, leeks, yoghurt and potatoes
  • Sill, dill  och potatis
    sardines and potatoes with dill, leeks, yoghurt and potatoes
  • Räkmacka click here for photos
  • Smörgåstårta click here for photos

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