I had long time chronic stress until 2017 because of my work as a teacher. Spring 2017 I got belly problems. I had POF and blood vessel-plaque without knowing about it. The combination of belly problems, POF, and blood vessel-plaque led to several strokes between April and September.

I got Mental fatigue and became more sensitive to stress. Silence became like oxygen for me and I wrote an article about the value of silence in

I saw  a Swedish documentary about stress (See ) where the stress experts Anders Hansen and  Robert Sapolsky explains about stress.

I understood from that documentary that also my mother has suffered a lot of stress in her youth in Germany during the second world war when she experienced the Allied bombings in Nürnberg and Wupperthal 1943 and during her fleeing from Germany to Denmark saving a man who risked his life being homosexual.

The documentary explains what happens in the brain with stress. 
I have a page about neurology that covers about the limbic system that his involved in stress reactions. To not make that page to long, I decided to dedicate a separate page about stress.



Limbic system

Please read about the limbic system on my page about Neuroscience.


Amygdala – the “fire alert organ”

Amigdala that and the limbic system is under the cortex, behind the temporal lobe as can be seen in the image above.

  1. the amygdala in the limbic system gets visual (Swedish:se: syncentrum), sound (se. (se:hörselcentrum), smell (se. luktcentrum),
  2. Amygdala activates the HPA system and informs the orbitofrontal cortex when there is a danger you should move away from.
    1. cortisol level raise in your blood
    2. it raises your hearth rate/pulse
    3. it directs your blood from the brain and other organs to the muscles.

IMPORTANT. it does this before you get aware of the incoming visual, sound, and smell signals.

The orbitofrontal cortex

The orbital frontal cortex is not part of the limbic system.
But it is involved in evaluating the signals that are coming from the amygdala and from the ventral striatum in the limbic system.
It adds context to those drives telling you to do things, e.g. by telling there is a cage around the spider ore by telling you should not take those drugs or donuts… it helps inhibit those drives that should be inhibited. read more in my page about Neuroscience.



HPA system


Stress Symptoms

  • Physiological
  • Belly problems
  • PTSD


How to check stress

  • Hearth beat, pulse


Handling stress

  • Stop
  • Check stress signals
  • Training


Stress management 









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