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This is my sourdough bake __. making a small loaf (___ gr flour)

Sourdough 30 became almost perfect. the only issue was that the bottom of the bread did not get a nice color and crunchiness. It was maybe because I put the loaf in a thick iron bucket that did not heat up enough.
So I followed the same procedure as with sourdough 29  but  with two modifications:

  1. I fermented and baked the loaf in a thinner aluminum bucket (for cakes) 
  2. I had a little shorter resting time in the fridge (7.5 hours)
  3. and a shorter fermenting time (about 1 hour 25 minutes) as I saw the loaf got a nice growth and elastic surface)

I did so as I did not want to be baking after midnight.


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Method used

baking diary notes

This is not a professional recipe page.
These are my baking diary notes that help me remember what I did on the previous bake. 

  • Index

    • Introduction
      1. Waking up sourdough
      2. The levain floating test
      3. Making the dough
      4. Stretching with Tom’s method.
      5. Rest overnight in the fridge
      6. Edge folding with Alex´s method
        • Bottom top, left-right folding
      7. Fermentation rest in the bread basket
      8. Preparing for the bake
      9. Bake
    • Conclusion


Baking log

My sourdough baking log
1. making levain = Waking up sourdough
The levain floating test
2. Create the dough. 

Rest 1.  water absorbing 
Work 2 – stretching with rests
Rest 2 lactobacilli culture
Rest 3. warming up
Work 3. Edge folding
Work 4. Fri 19.55 Last edge stretch and formating
Rest 4 – fermentation – Yeast cell growth and CO2 production
Work 4. Baking preparation
 Rest 5. Baking
out of oven




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