I saw the film  “Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves” in the Swedish television It is the story of a young Jehovah witness called Benjamin. Benjamin was homosexual in the eighties when Aids spread death around the world. He  survived despite having had a sexual relation with a young man, Rasmus who died in Aids. Thanks to his survival, we have today Benjamins story.

I am attending Jehovas Witness  (JW) meetings as I want to learn more about the Bible they know very well.  Benjamin was as appreciate speaker at JW meetings see photo at the left.

When Benjamin got in love with a a young man, he was excluded from her family life. JW never celebrate birthdays and Christmas but Benjamins parents came to his home to celebrate his sons death. JW think that the uggly treatment of  Anania and Saphira was correct so maybe it is correct for them to celebrate the “elimination” of a son.

I were chocked about the exclusion of Benjamin from his family life. Is this the way Jehovas witnesses (JW) behave when a relative happens to get in love with one of the same gender and wants to leave JW?

A former pupil of mine told me about two friends who were not allowed to met their JW parents after having left JW for other reasons. He did no see the film. 

I asked a JW here on the island about that. I could not get a clear no or yes. So I got  the suspicion that the same would happen here in Italy among JW witnesses.

I decided to read what the Bible says about homosexual relations. reading  Paul’s letter to the Romans  about “natural” sex and “unnatural” homosexuality, I came to learn about the sexual revolutions and homosexuality in Nature.

As a  Biology teacher in Sweden, I  had lessons about sexuality with my K9 students in Sweden. With this article, I updated my knowledges about this issue.

I really recommend to see this film or read the book if it becomes available on the market. You will  know more about homosexual love and homophobia and human intollerance. The film seems to be available in several languages. Here is the trailer:



Sex and sin

Adam in the Christian Eden had a immortal body so there were no need for reproduction. So with this story, immortality became  a kind of  ideal in Christianity and the  hope in the Resurrection is followed by the  a hope to regain the  immortality Adam loosed when he committed the original sin, eating with Eve from the tree of wisdom.

So when Adam got a mortal body, sex became associated with sin outside the marriage as its purpose is reproduction.  The Catholic church became a follower of Augustines view about sexual impulses  as described in his Concfessions as  an obstacle between yourself “and a complete commitment to God”. Augustine were of course  not able to get rid of his sexual impulses and live in celibacy. He was not alone.

How many clerics have not because of suppressed sexuality, instead abused children during these two millenia of celibacy in the Church? I will come back to this issue below talking about the Chile and Pensylvania cases.

 Read moreabout Augustine at


Sexual excitement

Small childrens discover early to be a sexual being , waking up wet having had a nocturnal emission.  (  ) They soon discover why this happened exploring their own body. They discover it with masturbation.

Small childrens  discover their own body in early years. They are curious about their own body and the body of the other gender. What makes you a boy and what makes a girl, is something children learn very early. It is known that children experiment sexuality with other children, also with the same gender. Practicing homosexuality by a children, is not a sign of homosexuality but a temporary part of their discovery of their own sexuality. Young children have no innate moral sexual rules. They often learn about these later.

homosexuality is linked to feminine behaviour in boyhood. This is discussed in Rihard Greens article  in   in the Journal of child psychology and psychiatry

“The are boys who strongly prefer the dress, toys, activities and companionship of girls, role-play as girls in fantasy games, feminine gestures and state their wish to be girls. The behaviour begins at a early age, typically in the prekinder garten years and most common at all come to professional attention if at all, at about  age 7 years.”

It further  report that another study of 25 cases of boyhood femininity “are now homosexual, transvestic or transexual”.


Getting in love

The story of Romeo and Julia is known worldwide. As you, as a child

do  not decide your gender preference, being feminine or masculine, you cannot decide who you get in love with. Especcially not a parent.

Many not understanding homosexuality , believe that homosexuality is a choice , like the choise of a car.

Like a man that in tells “I fall in love with guys often… So it’s called gayromantic asexual orientation.
I feel anxiety, depression and anger whenever I fall in love with guys.”. 

The Anxiety reaction of this man is called  “Ego-dystonic sexual orientation disorder” something WHO has added in the ICD-10 classificatiopn of 1992. I come back to this disorder below, under about homosexuality today.


Homosexuality in the Bible.

We know that homosexuality was seen as normal in Greece and Rome 2000 years ago. Paul has an explication why.

Paul tells In Romans 1:22 about humans  who were fools because they “exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles.“.

God gave them over to shameful lusts

Pauls continues:

“Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones.  In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.” ( Romans 1:26-27 )

So according to Paul, God “gave these people  over” to homosexuality. I find it a rather odd explanation of how homosexuality became a reality in antiquity.

What are natural sexual relations? This is a question I will examine later in this article.

Reading the story of Noah we learn that sexuality is for reproduction only and the animal world must be heterosexual something it obviously isn’t looking around you.


Homosexuality in History

Theories about the origins of male homosexuality is discussed in

As I said above “We know that homosexuality and even pedophily was seen as normal in Greece and Rome 2000 years ago.”

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy  has a document in that describes fairly well the history of Homosexuality.

modern history

I think that  the development of the gay movement and some homosexual provocative behaviour, is connected to the “sexual revolution” that started in the fifthies.  

In the sixthies we had the Hippie movement that among others missioned for the practice of nakedness, free sex, drug and free “open” relations.

Skinny dipping –  the rejection of  the middle-class values

You know for sure about the nakedness practiced by some visitors and  the provocative “skinny dipping” during the Woodstock  three days Festival August 1969 with 500 000 attendants.

The hippie movement that grew around the world rejected the middle-class, values,  cousnciousness and dress. A hippie concept of free  everything, sex included, grew at the end of the sixthies and beginning of the seventhies.  Free nudity and sex was the answer to the 40s and 50s when: 

  • “most public talk about sex of any kind was considered controversial” and taboo. (  )
  • Not all women knew what e.g. a clitoris was.
  • Masturbation was considered sinful (and still is by some fanatic religious literalists like Jehovahs witnesses (JW) while masturbation today is considered healthy mentally and physically. (read more at )
  • Sexual abstinence like chastity was considered good.
  • Venereal diseases  in between heterosexual people were frequent like e.g. syphilis but were simply regarded as Gods revenge because of sinful behaviour. The only protection suggested as sexual abstinence
  • Youth never learned about sane and sick sexuality and how to avoid pregnancy and venereal diseases.
  • The Churches view at sex like something sinful led by the devil
  • abnormal sexuality was a reality 
  • Young boys were victims of priests pedophiliac abuse
  • you had to marry before having sex.
  • Delayed marriage was bad
  • Noone got knowledge about the first night sex after mariage.

I were part of this movement, having sex without being married, eighteen years old. The hippie sexual revolution became supported by the American Alfred Kinseys report and Wilhelm Reich.

Sexual psychology and “sexual revolution” in USA

Modern sexual psychology truly started with Alfred Kinsey. “

“Without Kinsey, the sexual revolution that came in the following decades may not have happened.”  (  )

I can not agree about that knowing about Wilhelm Reichs role at least in Sweden.

Alfred Kinsley broke the sexual taboos from the 40s and 50s 

As a result of  Kinseys research conclusions and Wilhelm Reich, you see today organizations like or the possibility to get a sex therapist (  ) (Restore Social Virtue and Purity to America) shows up a different and disturing effect of Kinseys research.  claims that women and childrens are not safe anymore because of Kinsleys recommendations.

Reisman at says that the cause of most sexual abuses are a consequence of Alfred Kinsleys sexual revolution. A Youtube video below tells about ” Dr. Reisman’s discovery of Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s systematic sexual abuse of 317 male children, some as young as 2 months of age for his study, ‘Sexual Behavior in the Human Male.’ “

I looked closer at this accusation  and got to know this:

  • Esther White is one woman who was abused seven year old by her grandfather and later by her father. She witnesses about her fatherssexual “experiments” in the film Kinseys paedophiles.

  •  Kinsey asked people like among others a pedophile called  Green also mentioned in Kinseys paedophiles above, to do what today is regarded as a outrageous long during sexual abuse.
  • Kinsey’s use in his book of Greens child masturbation diary and the sexual abuse information from a nazi pedophiles, are  deeply disgusting to me.
  • However, This video also testifies that pedophily was frequent in USA in the 40s. The Kinsey institute asked Americans for díaries from pedophiles.  They got so many answers they could not handle all these.

The Scientific moral were totally different in the 40s and 50s. In the name of Science,almost anything was allowed.  People were lobotimized, sterilized and used as experimental subjects . Kinsey  reminds me  about Mengele.

Kinseys research obviously showed  that pedophily and sexual abuse was frequent already in the 40s and 50s. Our Society needed a more modern and sane view on sexuality to be able to stop sexual insanity and abnormities like pedophily and sexual abuse. 

Like the research of Darwin must not be used as a support  for  rasism and discrimination so must Kinseys immoral research  and some of his  stupid conclusions should  not be a motivation  to stop the protection of women and children like writes about. 


Wilhelm Reich – Nudism and free sex

Alfred Kinsey never had a great impact in Sweden as far as I understand.

Back in Sweden  1973, I remembered groups practicing sex therapy as a way to become free from sexual taboos and problems. I never heard about Alfred Kinsey. Wilhelm Reich teaching about free sex was instead these groups “spiritual” leader. Despite the no existence of Internet! Even open sex was a reality in between some groups of youth.  20 year old.

Wilhelm Reich once  Freud’s most promising student fled to USA New York away from the Nazis to die 1957 “in a prison cell in Lewisberg, Pennsylvania, accused by the government of being a medical fraud engaged in a “sex racket.” (Read more at )

Wilhelm Reich books and messages never reached Italy. 

Being grown up in Italy I couldn’t understand how Swedes were able to have sex without first getting in love. Read more about Wilhelm Reich in

!Women at Adolf Koch’s socialist body culture school, which drew on Reich’s ideas. Photograph: Mel Gordon Collection ” (Image source : )

Public Nudity in bathhouses became a reality in Sweden in the seventhies. The same happened in Germany ( ) But men and women had to practice nudity separated in Sweden.  On the island of  Lipari their was a beach “Spiaggia bianca” where you found many doing sun bathing nude, men  and women. Young curious islander boys went there to look at these naked ladies most of them foreigners.

The gay revolution

In the seventhies came also the second sexual liberation movement. The Gay movement. Dr Reisman in RSVPA thinks that homosexuality became a movement thanks to Alfred Kinsley. That may be true for USA

I think that many homosexuals at least here in Europe where inspired by Wilhelm Reich to practice and publicly show their homosexuality as a way to  show. “I am a free human being, I decide over my body and I love like I want to be loved!.” 

Wilhelm Reich maybe helped homosexuals to think that “if you feel attracted by someone of your gender  or get in love with someone your same gender, dont be ashamed about that.  Go on, live and enjoy your homosexuality.”

The third sexual revolution

Masturbation is a sin according to clerics. We are “the children of a culture that has fed us the doctrine that sex is sin for several thousands of years. ” Olivia keeley We must get rid of that unnatural view. God created us to have erogenous zones and sexual needs. And we know how important for the woman an orgasm is to get the semen up in the tube and become pregnant. For a woman and sometimes also for men, it is not easy to get an orgasm. Masturbation is a way to train yourself to reach this,  for child making, so important orgasm.

Giordano Bruno wrote in his autobiography that he left the dominican monastery among others because he was tired of no being able to sleep because of the night long  screamings from dominican brothers in the cells nearby.  mastrubation is not something shameful. Some masturbation  is part of a good sexuality if you do not harm yourself with it. Dominican clerks masturbating is nothing strage after all. Olivia shares in her ebook that: 

“>> 82.9% of respondents reported solitary sexual experiences before the age of 13,”

Thinkin about the clerks pedophilia I write about below, I think it is better that clerks in celibacy, masturbate than show their sexuality for minors.

Listen below to Keeley Olivia about masturbation experiences.

keeley Olivia  a “is a Female Sexuality Expert on a mission to revamp the sexual experiences of women and couples the world over.” She talks about it in this Ted


The Chile pedophile case

I were maried by the first lutheran woman priest in the eighties. As I understand it, priest chastity may led to sexual abnormities like pedophilia. The many priests children sexual abuse in among others Chile may be explained by the celibacy requirement. Read more at

Learn more about the Chile priest pedophile scandal in  this youtube from Al Jazeera:

The Spanish youtube  “the sins of the catholic church in Chile” (part 1/4) tells more:

“celibacy is a wonderful cover” for pedophiles and the Catholic Church seems not to investigate this. 

The US Pensylvania pedophile case

“300 Catholic priests were accused to have  abused children over seven decades protected by a hierarchy of church leaders who covered it up”. Read more in

Women priests and married priests

I see no reason why a priest can not be a good Messenger of God while being mariaged.

“Many Catholic priests agree it is time to reconsider the celibacy requirement” read more at


Homosexual mariage. 

Same sex mariage is now legal in 27 countries in the world. ( )


Homosexuality and sex abuse

gender non-conformity in boys, a risc factor for sexual abuse?

A JW friend of mine said: “we can help homosexuals by looking back at sexual abuse traumas many homosexuals suffered”. This seem to come from a misunderstanding of facts:  Brainblogger says  asks “Can sexual abuse make you gay?”
The short answer according to new research is, no. Child sexual abuse is not a common cause of being gay. But, new research says that the opposite is true. There is something common in the childhood of homosexual men that makes them a target for pedophilia and sexual abuse — gender non-conformity.”

rainblogger says  concludes “It seems that there is something, or somethings, about gender-non-conforming in boys that puts them at an increased risk of sexual abuse.”

Preventing homosexuality

A dr Nicolosi published a book that is available at amazon about Parents  -Preventing-Homosexuality. I have not read it. Its aim is “to
lay a foundation for a healthy heterosexual identity in their children.” Howdo you prevent a boy to play with dulls and girls with guns and cars? I wonder….

JW qwrites about this issue in 


Homosexuality in nature

Homosexuality is a evolutionary unfavoured behaviour as homosexual bnehaviour  can not be genetically passed over to a fiollowing generation. There should not exist a “homosexual gene”.

“homosexual behaviour by animals looks like a really bad idea. Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection implies that genes have to get themselves passed on to the next generation, or they will die out. Any genes that make an animal more likely to engage in same-sex matings would be less likely to get passed on than genes pushing for heterosexual pairings, so homosexuality ought to quickly die out. ” (Source:  )

despite this fact, homosexual animal behaviour is according to the same article cited above ( ) “extremely common across the animal kingdom, from insects to mammals.”

The article explain how  such a evolutionary umnfavourable behaviour  has survived among so many animals.

Paul was not a biologists and obiosuly never had animals around him to be able towrite  “ exchanged natural sexual relations” in his letter to the Romans. He did for sure not know what natural was.

You find a lot of natural homosexual behaviour in nature googleing “homosexual nature” or “gay animals” like the photos below  with  among others Bonobo primates from  lastwordonnothing. Bonobos are known “to resolve the majority of conflicts through sexual activity” unlike chimpanzees do. Read more in

Btw let me allow a joke. Maybe Trump should have sex with Putin to solve a lot of conflict issues? 🙂 They are on the good way, being  good mates.

 Bonobo primates, The ‘make love, not warspecies”

Animal homosexuality a taboo subject

“It is interesting to note how the strong rejection of homosexuality by most societies throughout history has disadvantaged the emergence of a very different reality. A reality in which relationships between individuals of the same sex occur in all species and are part of their evolutionary development.”

“the scientific community, influenced by the Judeo-Christian heritage, has for a long time viewed homosexual practices in animals as a pathology or disturbance.”

studies on this subject were avoided for fear of rejection by the scientific community and the wider social context marked by machismo and homophobia.

Even today, it remains a taboo subject in many parts of the world where homosexuality is forbidden or even punishable by death.”

read more at 

We should not only look at the animal behaviour but also at our own body.

Have you ever thought why God created man with nips and  among others ereogenous zones near the mans anus?

Read more about ereogenous zones in

( Image source: )

read more  about homosexuality in nature at 

“gay gene” debate reignited 

“The genes a man gets from his mother and father may play an important role in determining whether he is gay or not, according to a new study”

“several genetic regions may influence homosexuality.”

“identical stretches of DNA on three chromosomes were shared by about 60% of gay brothers

read more in 

This video tellsa about animal sexuality and how the Bible described it.


The view about homosexuality today

Homoswexuality has been regarded in USA for long time as a sin. In the 19th century  it became a mental disorder that first was thought as curable with therapy. . In I read: “In the 1950s and 1960s, some therapists employed aversion therapy of the kind featured in A Clockwork Orange to “cure” male homosexuality. This typically involved showing patients pictures of naked men while giving them electric shocks or drugs to make them vomit, and, once they could no longer bear it, showing them pictures of naked women or sending them out on a “date” with a young nurse. Needless to say, these cruel and degrading methods proved entirely ineffective.

Not until 1987 did homosexuality completely fall out of the DSM (iagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). That means that homosexuality in USA is scientifically today not regarded as a disorder any more.

WHO removed  homosexuality in the ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases) 1992 but added instead something called “ego-dystonic sexual orientation” that is definded as when a person ” is not in doubt about his or her sexual preference, but “wishes it were different because of associated psychological and behavioural disorders”.

” Today, the standard of psychotherapy in the U.S. and Europe is gay affirmative psychotherapy, which encourages gay people to accept their sexual orientation.” read more at




I werote about phobias in a previous article. You find it in

It tells  among others about  faith and mariage lessons for gays  led by Gianluca Carrega in Torino that were later suspended.

The Guardian says that Africa is the most homophobic continent. Read more in

I wrote earlier about with hunt in Euerope in  homophobia supported by fanatic religious Christian and Muslim leaders, reminds me a lot about the witch hunt.


Jehowah’s witnesses and literalists

I wrote this in my article

I asked therefore a  Italian JW brother:

“Is the sentence of Paul ‘let the women keep silent in the congregations’

a sentence/order made by God?

He couldn’t answer, tried to deviate, starting to talk about other parts of The Gospel. I asked again the same question asking him for a yes or no or I dont know, but invane.

the same happened when I asked about the exclusion of homosexual JW Benjamin from JW and his family. 

Photo source: )

They  seek all answers and  protection in the Bible (in reality the Lutheran  Bible with several  books missing.)  They say that “all scriptures  in the Bible are true and inspired by God”. Sentence taken from Paul. Read more in  and in I do not agree with that. They now their Bible  very  well. even better than some priests. But they read it in my opinion without being critical. 



I hope noone  gowing up, discovers that they are physically attracted to others  with  the same gender.​ I hope that noone, growing up, discovers to  get in love with  someone of the same gender.

  • I hope noone becomes a homosexual because we have so  many  Societies and homophobic  humans led by hatred,  that have no mercy with homosexuals. God is mercyful, but humans are not.
  • Homophobia is a modern form of witch hunt, aplague driven by religious fanatics or maybe by humans with bad sexual self-esteem, denying e.g. heterosexual erection problems.
  • The  nativity excuse has really has no ground to be as homosexuality has only  evolutionary support to exist but not to expand.
  • But the “gay gene” debate is as said above, open again.
  • “gender non-conformity” found in small children below 7, has to be looked closer at. 
  • Masturbation is a natural way to discover and learn about your sexuality and ntohing to be ashamed about. 
  • We have been created horny and must learn to have healthy sex with ourselves and each other. Satisfy your next is a way to  love.
  • Love yourself as your next is a good rule. 
  • Sexuality belongs to the private sphere.  We have  no reasons to expose our own heterosexuality for the public.
  • The Gay movement is according to me, damaged by homosexuals who show their sexuality  in public with the purpose to provoke. They make people believe that all homosexuals are sex maniacs. As Benjamin said in the film to his provocative homosexual friends, “must it always be about sex”.
    (Image source:   )
  • We must understand that homosexuality is a kind of love.
  • We should for sure not seek for moral guidance in nature but knowledge about our own origins and tendencies can not harm except possibly confuse unsecure literalist believers.

And finally:

  • homosexuality is not a disease that can be cured.
  • Same sex  behaviour  is very frequent in the animal world, so it is among humans. Most homosexuals keep their sexuality in the private sphere.
  • The scientific world has still much to learn  about the origin and development of human sexuality

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