Railway safari with sj.se


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I were impressed by the uplift of Italian railway system, railway station and trains. All stations in north Italy, Neaple included are emodernized. Freccia rossa (Red arrow) makes 300 km/h from Rome to Milan.

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In South Italy I thought, “In Sweden you can plan your trip as train and busses keep their timetables.”



I discovered that this is not true anymore. I made 8 trips with train and all seven became exhausting experiences.

After the eight safari report August 22, I decided to updgrade this post to a page.





  1. May 29. Trip from Copenhagen airport to Växjö.
     The train departed without the train personel from Hässleholm. Another train came with personel from  Osby to Växjö.
    Had to take a later buss from Växjö home.
  2. May 31. Växjö to Arlanda.
    Wagon problem
    Late from Avesta. Got 40 minutes less time at Arlanda airport.
  3. Stockholm to Nässjö
    Wagon problem.
    Had to take later train from Nässjö to Göteborg
  4. Nässjö to Göteborg
    Unknown problem from Vårgårda.
  5. Buss waited to take us to Göteborg 
    I took instead a X2000 train from Herrljunga to Göteborg. Herrljunga is  a station before Vårgårda.
    Wagon problem No air condition on X2000. Only one rail from Lerum to Göteborg made so people missed the last connection from Göteborg. Back home I did not have the courage to take the  faster option Göteborg -Halmstad – Växjö as I only had 11 minutes connection time in Halsmstad. So I did this trip back: 
  6. Göteborg to Växjö
    Unknown train problem Göteborg- Vetlanda. Buss to Vetlanda. Just 10 minutes connection time. Running to connecting train.

On this fifth railway safari, I had the luck on the buss to Vetlanda to talk with  a very talented young viking, Tobias. He updated me about 


Even if exhausting these railway safari may give you surprising opportunities learning something new.

7. Älghult to Göteborg 

Truck accident to Växjö. Ambulance rescue team with the driver on the floor in the truck laying on its left side. Arrived  to train platform one (1) minute  before the train were to come. But the train to Göteborg,  had connection with was late. Change in Värnamo to buss that took us to Göteborg. Reason unknown.  

8. August 22: Stop during Göteborg to Stockholm with x2000.

|Stop between Herrljunga and Floby. People running on the raiways so the Police stopped the traffic. Waiting for police to take care of these people. I have lucky almost 2 hours in Stockholm before the next train. Never rely on Swedish trains with short stops in between trips.

Other railway safari opportunies

You may try https://www.borasdjurpark.se/playground/tagsafari/
Somehow you should get there. If not by  train, by buss, car bicycle. 

Bu to see exotic animals other than vikings, elks, bears and wolfs you have to try this railway safari in Colorado,



Why these problems in Sweden

In the news they informed about the reasons of this chaos.

SJ Safari checklist


This is my rilwy trip checklist:

  • Buy all tickets at the same railway site e.g. ww.sj.se.
    In case you miss a train,  sj HAS to give you a new ticket. Cheap tickets are not rembursable .
  • Check that you have at least one hour between each trips.
  • Bring with you plenty of liquids and some food.
  • If it is hot and the AC doesnt work bring with you a ventilator possibly working with USB. Many trains do not have windows.




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