SamhainophobiaPhobia is a human sickness spreading  since centuries or maybe millenias. We have  phobia maybe since we became Homo sapiens in Africa.

There are dozens of phobias.

I am a omnibeliever. I read all kind of books, Scientific and religious. And I decide what is readable and wise, if they are words of aImage result for "Good thoughts, good words, good deeds"Merciful God (Bismi Allahi, alrrahmani alrraheemi, Al Fatiha) who

guides us the right way (alssirata al mustaqima, Al Fatiha), tells “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone“, Matthew Gospel) and follows the Zoroastrians Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds)

I could say I am a Deist, going to Christian Mass on Sundays, being humble about my belief open to dialog.

It is not surprise then that I today signed under at

It has become a mission of mine the last years, as a Christian to have  a dialog with Muslims, Zoroastrians, Buddists, JWs.
One of my pupils died in Syria and in my school I listened to students exclaiming “Holy war” when the twin towers fell September 11. I never accepted that all Muslims thought the same.

So now I am reading

I love to listen tothe Lord’s prayer in Aramaic

I learned a lot about what is written in the Quran together with my pupils, many of them Muslims.

I started learning Arabic with Maha 

Btw, do you know that Jesus son of virgin Mary (Isa Ibn Maryam) is mentioned 72 times in the Qu’ran?

Image result for arborelius kardinalI were happy to talk with and listen to the Swedish  Catholic church Cardinal Arborelius,  this Sunday August 28 at Kristus Konungen.  I liked tghat he like the pope see the importance of dialog between Christians and Muslims.

A pluralist agnostic seeker

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