Newtons learning method



Newtons learning method

Newton studied alone Descartes Geometry. Newtons biographer John Conduitt, described how he did.  When he got stuck (a critical point) he restarted, reading from the beginning until he got stuck again. (new critical point) He advanced a few pages after every rereading. (source: “Newton, the math genious”, Italian version, Jose Muñoz Santonja,  page 25). I did something similar.
I share in my notes below my own critical issues/steps.

  • I followed the teacher until I got stuck for some reason.
  • I got stuck e.g. when he came to using the chain rule.
  • I started then to learn about the chain rule from another teacher as you can see in the notes below
  • Then I scrolled back to minute 17.:40 to restart from there.
    Everytime , I got stuck I restarted from somewhere.

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