Learning and teen goal engangement

I was informed by my friend  Anil in Sri Lanka about an  article

with the title

Why Identity and Emotion are Central To Motivating the Teen Brain

in  https://ww2.kqed.org/mindshift/2015/12/10/why-identity-and-emotion-are-central-to-motivating-the-teen-brain/

The beliwf that “humans learn best in their earliest years of life” is not confirmed anymore by Science.  Now Science says:

“the period of optimal learning extends well into adolescence.”

“formative brain development continues into the onset of puberty, … likely through the teenage years” Roald Dahl at the Youth development lab

The question now is: 

“how educators and parents
nurture this vulnerable age group,
turning moments of frustration
into previously unseen  opportunities
for learning and academic excitement.”

The conclusion in this article is found in the title

identity and emotion are central to motivate a teen brain.

and teha article ends with:

“maybe [adolescence is] a particularly opportune time to fall in love with learning itself, to love that feeling of exploring,”

I used to teach my teens grade 5 up to 7,  the last years  about EQ and how to develope high EQ. One of the steps to do it, is to learn about yourself.
1. How do you react to certain stimuli and can recognize, give name to  your feelings?  When you are able to do that,
2. it is time for the next step, to find out how to deal with these stimuli to feel better and prevent accidents.

http://www.wikihow.com/Develop-Emotional-Intelligence may guide you to a deeper knowledge about this development.

This handles about identity and emotions. My hypothesis was that if you feel well, you listen better and understand more.
Coming angry to a lesson is not good for you.

To motivate a teen brain is another issue.

Maybe you get automatically more motivated if you feel better,
are happy and see things in another light?Or

Learn about yourself and get happy about learning?

read more at in the article



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