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In Italian television Rai Storia, I saw a doc about Johannes Itten’s life and work. I read about him in Wiki and decided to create a page about this remarkable man, artist and teacher.

He was born 11 November 1888 in Südern-Linden, Switzerland and

he died in Zürich, 25 March 1967 (aged 78).

It looks like my mother learned from his color science.





Color theory and science

I know that every color has its hexadecimal color or number. So I wonder can Itten’s color star be analyzed mathematically?
I looked into these docs:

A few facts that I found interesting were:

  • Colour space is 3-dimensional (“trichromatic theory”).
  • All printing is done using four colours: cyan, yellow, magenta, and black. C + M + Y = K = black .
  • CMYK produces a different range of colors than RGB. Cannot produce some of the brilliant blues.
  • Whenever we print a document on a laser printer we view a CMYK representation of the colors.
  • Human vision is more sensitive to luminance than color,
  • Sample colors from a photo. Typical RGB values for green tree leaves:
    (R, G,B) = (110, 103, 53), (50, 55, 12), (135, 125, 81).
  • Typical RGB values for yellow tree leaves:
    (R, G,B) = (250, 193, 73), (152, 88, 90), (194, 112, 18).

Math Higham has a lecture on youtube




Itten’s color tables

Colors in nature 



More about Itten



Section 4

  • pms – pantone measuring system
  • RGB on screen
  • CMYK in printer
  • LAB


Section 5



Section 6







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