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kerygma Index

index of speeches and parables in the Gospels 
(referrals to Marc are in green, Matthew in Lila, John in blue, Luke in orange)


Gospels about the Mosaic law


Parables about the Kingdom of Heaven


Other parables


Jesus speeches


After the resurrection


About the End of the Age 




After my work with Luke

Like Mark, John uses the word Kingdom of God instead of Matthews Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus talked about the Kingdom of God together with Nicodemus saying “unless one is born of water and spirit, he can’t enter into the Kingdom of God“. This seemingly contraddicts Jesus  parable desciption of the Kingdom of Heaven in Matthew where the Earth may be the Kingdom of Heaven.   If not the Kingdom of Heaven is to be intended as a Kingdom after the Resurrection day.

I consider more and more miracles that Jesus talked about. The apostles would probably not put words in Jesus that are not his. Maybe the words may not be 100% accurate as Talmidins may not remember every detail. 

I will continue …

to work with these Gospels, updating the kerygma index and writing other post like posts about Jesus parables.


Bildresultat för if you are not astonished by quantum mechanics then you have not understood it.

Inspired by  Nils Bohr’s saying about Quantum mechanics, I conclude this page with:

“if you are not astonished by the words of Jesus,
then you have not understood Jesus.”

A pluralist agnostic seeker

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