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I have loved math for many years. And I teached math in Lövgärdesskolan a K 9 school for almost 30 years. I used math myself, especially trigonometry in my programming, among others creating a 3d plot and a rudimental flight simulator program with basic and assembler.

I did my best to inspire my students to learn math, making it fun with Subitizing games, fraction games with water cups from the chemistry lab. I teached basic PHP in grade 5 when starting with basic algebra and having them to understand the meaning of the variable x.  I also had one of my students to lead a math lesson. And so on.

I teached that math is a language that describes our world and that language is understood by computers and is used in all those games my students played with.

I have seen several time the 3blue1brown channel to better understand Fourier and other math issues. Yesterday June 25 I discovered that the creator of the fantastic graphics in 3blue1brown is made by Grant Sanderson programming Manama.
He held a Ted lecture back in 2020 with the title “
What Makes People Engage With Math”. I recommend his lecture.

He talks about “Numberphile” and “Looking glass Universe”




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