Grafting orange and olive



It is done in May June in northern Italy when grapefruit and orange grows and the bark is easily detached.

Grafting can be done in various ways.



Orange grafting

  1. dm of fresh scion with not barked semi-woody branches but from the previous year.
  2. fix with biodegradable tape
  3. Protect moisture with plastic bag
  4. protect with a paper bag from the sun’s rays.
  5. Wait 25 days. If the scion is dead the graft has failed.


Crown grafting with orange


  • give a good wet to the tree on which I make the graft.
  • Attach the trunk
  • Cut the trunk so that it does not peel
  • surface of the cut should be smooth.


  • Remove the leaves from the scion leaving stalks of the leaves. Three buds on the scion. This branch of 2 slips.

  • cut above the gem, under the straight part
  • Sharpen scion on one side
  • tiny incision on the other side on the tip

4 ready scions sharpened on one side with tiny incision on the other side:


graft in part of the swollen cortex where there are more vessels

wait 25 days to open and see if the scions have survived and sprouted.


Crown grafting with olive

The grafting procedure with olive trees is similar to grafting with dogwood.




I made my grafts on April 17 in Lipari in Sicily.

The dogwood bloomed and I tried to get a branch that had no flowers.

For the olive tree I grafted the next day on a wild olive tree with scion taken from an olive branch which makes me good bitter green olives.


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