Evolution – God does not play dice?



Einstein has been  a genius I have followed and reading about, for a few years now. His quotes have inspired me.  He introduced me to Spinoza among others.

I have mentioned him in several of my posts. I knew about his  “God does not play dice” but have never thought deeper about this quote. I have yet not been able to understand more than his E = mc2 and the curved spacetime caused by gravitation theory. I had to study Schroedinger at Chalmers following a chemistry course so I new about the electron cloud theory. But I have never been able to understand the math behind quantum theory. After I  found and read this book about Einstein in Italian written by a Italian physicist, I became   interested  again in Einstein thoughts about Niels Bohr‘s and Schroedingers probability. Do I have to change somehow my hypothesis about creation?

I found a good article about the dice issue by another physician in https://aeon.co/ideas/what-einstein-meant-by-god-does-not-play-dice with the text  read for people with reading disability.

The last book I am in to, is “From Bacteria to Bach” by Daniel Bennet, a book I have in a Italian version

I came into this book because of my search of understanding of consciousness.

I have written a page about consciousness in www.kinberg.net/wordpress/stellan/consciousness/

But I understood from Daniel Bennett that he have tried to understand consciousness by studying its evolution



Different kind of evolutions

There have been different kind of evolutions in Universe. these are

  • the nucleogenetic evolution
  • the evolution of life with RNA and DNA
  • the evolution of consciousness and cultures with memes

the evolution of consciousness and cultures with memes




Probability is defined as “a measure quantifying the likelihood that events will occur”.  Read more at https://www.britannica.com/science/probability-theory.

The math of probability is well described in www.khanacademy.org and in www.britannica.com

The likelihood that something happens  is described graphically  in so called  distributions of probabilities. The likelihood that something happen is different depending at what you are looking at in nature. So there is a long list of different probability distributions avaialable in Wiki. Or Click here to see a few of these graphs. The most known distribution is the binomial distribution.

There is  good basic course about basic probability distributions in this youtube.


Probability math

For some the math of probability is intnutitive, for many others a headache. So it was for me. If you have a dice with 6 numbers what is the probability you  get a 1 or a 6? Good card gamers are often very talented in this. And if they have a great card memory they can improve their chances to win.  I have practiced probability math with horse racing system but never won any money.


Probability in nature

About electrons

Electrons appear in different regions called electron clouds.

I think that noone in my chemistry class 1988 really understood the  Schrödinger wave equation  I still don’t. 🙂

I understood at that time that  this equation helps defining the  probability where electrons may likely appear around the atom nucleus, areas called electron clouds. The Electron Cloud Model was proposed by Erwin Schrodinger. “Thanks to this model, electrons were no longer depicted as particles moving around a central nucleus in a fixed orbit. Instead, Schrodinger proposed a model whereby scientists could only make educated guesses as to the positions of electrons.” ( Source: www.universetoday.com) Read more about electron clouds in https://www.universetoday.com/38282/electron-cloud-model/

(Source: Wiki)

Quantum particles according to quantum mechanics

as Nigel Warburton writes in https://aeon.co/ 

” the new quantum mechanics appeared to say that when we do this, we get that only with a certain probability. ” So it is with the electrons appearing in different areas of the clouds (1s, 2p, 3d etc).

Probability in conception – the sperm race

“A healthy adult male can release between 40 million and 1.2 billion sperm cells in a single ejaculation.” (SOurce: wiki)

A father prioritizing strongness before intelligence, may want to get a strong boy.  The  probability or chance that a “strong boy sperm”, will fertilize a egg is  1 of 40 million to  1 of 1.2 billion) .  That father has to consider also the strongness of the sperm. To understand this look at this youtube:

Probability for the hunter to find a prey e.g in a jungle

You can never say that you will get a pray when you live home for a hunting. A tiger may remain without food for very long periods and can maybe die. The ability to understand sound and smelling signals raise the chances. Today we use tools and technique, to raise the chances of catching a preys. 

Probability of getting rain in dry areas like in Somalia.

The meteo forecast are never 100% sure. Also here it is a question of probability.

Survival probabibilty a conception

“at least 73% of natural single conceptions have no real chance of surviving 6 weeks of gestation.”  (Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1970983 )

As I have learned, you get higher percentages if the mother smokes.

The probability to find a lifetime partner

You can raise your chances using partner sites or frequenting people or comunities that share your interests. But you can never say “I will find my partner tonight”

The probability to get lung cancer

You can raise your chances if your smoke. But you can not say “You will for get lung cancer if you smoke!” or “if you dont smoke you will never get lung cancer.

The chance to get color blindness

It is known that 8% of men are are affected by  color blindness.( Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=e04_wUoscBU )

The probability a seed will grow into a plant

Jesus talked about it in his parable of the sower ( Mark 4:03-  )

“Behold, the farmer went out to sow, and it happened, as he sowed, some seed fell by the road,”

As a good farmer you do your best to sow on a well prepared ground, The better the ground is the bigger is the chance. Often it is better to sow more seeds than needed in case of some insect eats it up. Again a question of probability.

The odds of being killed by a meteorite

Astronomers do their best to observe space and calculate riscs. The last impact was in central Russia in 2013

The odds of being killed traveling.

Some say the biggest risc flying. But studies confirm that the risc to be killed is bigger when you walk than when you take a flight.

The probability a gas planet become a star

To become a star the planet must become big enough to trigger a nuclear reaction in its core. To know  the probability for a gas planet to become a star we have to know how many gas planets there are as well as stars in our Universe.



It is strange that Einstein were so much tied to the cause-effect philosophy when so much in our life is determined by probability. 

I may agree with Einstein that God does not play with dice. But God may have been sowing” like a farmer a huge amount of Quantum particles at the initial creation of our Universe.

Just because Gods knew all that the evolution on Earth had to be  determined by probability, God had to intervene here and there to adjust the evolution, in the more recent times, the Cultural evolution. God did intervened sending out prophets here and there on Earth. So disagree with Einstein about Gods relation with mankind. Just because of the probability of life, God had to as he said once about God”concerns himself with the fate and the doings of mankind”

That’s also the reason God is a forgiver that forgives 7×77 times, at least. It is not our fault we have to fight to survive and we sometimes get crazy and misbehave. God is after all the Creator of all.

A agnostic pluralist seeker

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