Gary Yourofsky

I got to know about this guy yesterday with a link to a facebook video with part of a TV interview from some years ago. I wrote about his speech in this interview,  it in a post at

His view about veganism and Animals is interdisciplinary as it  is based on several knowledge areas:

  • Biology (his knowledges  about ecosystem and its fauna)  ,
  • Pedagogy, Psychology,( his thinking  about infants education, )
  • Philosophy (his talks about our anthropocentric view ,  “species sism”  as  the origins of rasism, antisemitism, etc )
  • Religion (his mentioning Eden, Genesis 1:29, “Gods first law”,  Moses law about not killing.)

i did know about Gary until he took a time out from his activism, probably to recover and find a new approach. I know he listens to Jesus but should not forget “love your enemy” to make the enemy listen and move over on the right path. Why did the car industry finally start putting money into alternative fules? is a good question. Was it htanks to activists propagating in schools and Internet or was it the result of  Sceintific efforts?

I definitively think that the “anthropocentric views” origins and effects on our Biosphere has to be studied scientifically. Here are a few questions I have:

  • Psychology: How can humans behave like it does with cows, pigs, chickens? while they take hand of their cat and dog like they  were family members, even griefing after their death?
  • Social sciences: Where does our anthropocentric view comes from?
  • Biology: Is a  anthropocentric view scientifically correct? Can we prove that animals do not have a soul,and  that we are superior to animals?
  • Biology: How can we grow up our babies without meat, cheese and egg? without putting our babies in danger?
  • Ecology: What effects on Biophere would there be with humanity becoming vegans.?
  • International Economy: What effects would there be with humanity becoming vegans on our trade and World economy?

Cosmology is per definition: “a theory or doctrine describing the natural order of the universe” ( Source: )

because of his wisdom and his  interdisciplinary knowledge, Gary is for me a cosmologist ,  so I add him to my list of cosmologists, together with Le Maître  and others.



A pluralist agnostic seeker

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