Earth and life primordial atoms

Where did the Earth and life ingredients come from?

Willy Kinberg started his discussion about the creation of the world’s out of his last star (supernova) and nebula observation in February 1901.  

he had a theory about the creation of spiral nebula  (click here to read about it.) and said that the stars and  worlds were created in nebulae. he even talked about primordial atoms. He  was on the correct track.  

We know today that Earth and all its biosphere could not have  existed  without nebulae, the stars built within  and a massive star collapsing into a  Supernova in this planet system neighborhood.

So the stars Willy and the astronomer of his time saw, had indeed to do with the “creation of the worlds”.


Earth most abundant atoms

The most abundant element in the earth’s crust is oxygen, making up 46.6% of the earth’s mass. Silicon is the second most abundant element (27.7%), followed by aluminum (8.1%), iron (5.0%), calcium (3.6%), sodium (2.8%), potassium (2.6%). and magnesium (2.1%). ”
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The ingredience of life

Body and plants  needs  a lot of different kind of atoms to build Chlorophyll, DNA, enzyme, proteins, fat, etc. These atoms are created in different parts of the Universe. Scroll down to Nucelosynthesis  to read more about this.

Read more in “What are the Ingredients of Life?”

Enzyme atoms

Selenoenzymes like selenocysteine and selenomethionine  contain Selen (Source: )

Image result for antioxidant enzyme selen

Some enzymes contain  Magnesium (Mg)

Some of these need Zink (Zn)

Related image


DNA require  Carbon (C), Oxygen (O), Phosphor (P) 

Related image

Related image

Clorophyll atoms

Chlorophyll in plants produce Oxygen molecules (O2) Chlorophyll needs Magnesium (Mg)Image result for enzyme with magnesium

Some bacteria can live with Arsenic (As) instead of phosphorus (P) (Source:   )


All the atoms are ordered in a Periodic system (Click on the image to get a full size view ).

If you want to get info about all the atoms go and click on the atom you want to read about,
check eg “ Uses and properties -> Biological role”.

Periodic Table

Where and when are the atoms created?

Atoms have been built from the very start of Big Bang. Look at this periodically system with info about the origins of the atoms.

Related image

  • As you can understand, hydrogen (H) and helium (He) atoms are built shortly after Big Bang.
  • In small stars as the sun are heavier atoms built, like Nitrogen (N), Oxygen (O), neon (Ne) . iron (Fe).
  • Some atomes built in Supernovas when superstars (5 times the size of our sun) collapse
    • brom (Br)
    • Gold (Au)m,
    • Selenium (Se found in selenoenzymes)
    • Silver (Ag),
    • Plutonium (Pt) 



Related image


Or look at his youtube



Supernova nucleosynthesis


DNA atoms


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