Talking with a teacher I came into the issue discipline and decided to create this page that you find in my menu under LEARNING-PSYCHOLOGY.

I  wrote a post some time ago about bullyism and later about child education. This page could be regarded as a follow up of these previous post om mines.

About discipline and education

Hello . I have looked at some of your videos. In one of them, you say that

teachers must “inculcate discipline”.   I presume that you with discipline intend augmented self-control over impulses, emotions (fears) and desires.
f that is what you intend, I agree with you. Discipline as interpreted like this, is an important issue to dig deeper into. I would like to share my thoughts about this here.

“educating” the easy way
It is difficult to educate with dialog. So many parents (and teachers) take the short way and “educate” by shouting and menacing with punishment.  So do then maybe their children  becoming bullies, trying to do the same with their school mates.
I am talking about a social inheritance that can be followed back to the time of  chimps and homo erectus.

Our plastic brain 

As you know, our brian has been plasmated during almost 10.000 generations, in the djungle and savannah. This last digital era generation has a frontal cortex that still fights with self control, its past, deeply built in our limbic system and our frontal cortex biases.


Our youth

Gain self-control is for our youth an especially difficult task. They are also developing self-consciousness in a  body that is developing its endocrine system with all its implications. 


Our role as teachers

As teachers, we have to help them and their parent to overcome their difficulties. We do this the best way, by being good adult raw models, not behaving ouselves like monkeys. 🙂

The most important goal for a teacher is to help their pupils/students to grow and become good global citizens. 

This means among others:

  • help them 
    • develope their EQ (emotional quotient)
    • develope good dialog strategies.
  • raise their 
    • self-consciousness 
    • develope self-esteem, 
  • help them discover their talents
  • help them cultivate and realize their dreams.

By doing this ,we help them developing “self-control over impulses, emotions (fears) and desires.”

Finishing this issue, teachers and school personnel have a key role, leading coming generations into a new and better road of life, we could call it a path to enlightenment, released from their past. 

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