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Girl soccer World Championship requested

Växjö DFF photo taken from 

I do not like Soccer where men use violence to weaken their adversaries. Look at this soccer game I saw in TV, where The Växjö girl team wins over Kristiansstad. More women soccer intelligent no violence games! A World Championship girl soccer would be nice to see.

I uploaded this video from into one of my Youtube channels as WordPress does not allow videos larger than 1MB.






A friend of mine said about vaping people,  that he  don’t want to

“breath chemicals”. I decided to look at what is e-juice and what comes out from a e-cig.

E-juice is a mix of vegetable fglycerine (propylene glycole) and aromas. I personally buy glycerine either from Farmacy (where it is available, so far only in Austria) or from Amazon.

Vegetable glycerine is made cooking a fat with lye like described in

Many people use to mix pure vegetable flycerine with flavours bought at sites like  or lI prefer to flavour glycerine myself. I have so far only tried with coffee beans. I had 4 roasted coffee beans in 100 ml  warm propylene glycole bought (PG) in a Austrian Pharmacy . I heated it up putting teh bottle ingho water.
After one week I  didnt get  the coffee smell I hoped for.

There are several youtubes about 

HOW TO make your own Vape juice at home”

but noone so fare  tried to flavour themselves their VG or PG.

Steeping in a dark and cool place is the best according to 

Bahas said in that “The reason most make companies use alcohol is cause it renders faster than glycerin (usage of alcohol to render flavor makes it a tincture). Pg is a little quicker cause it is thin Vg is the longest process cause it is thick. Yes you can speed it up with the application of heat but that only starts the process faster it will take time ” More to read about flavor extrrascts made with alcohol in



Atomizers. What is rba-rda-rta?

This is well explained in


vaping and smoke detectors

I had a dialog about vaping on trains. Ecig do not produce smoke but vapor. I found this article


The law of Jante



I wrote this post after having read  an article in SVD at

I had to update it with a new conclusion after having read an Australian blog post about the high Italian self-esteem.

I think the SVD (Svenska Dagbladet) article tells about an important part of the Swedish and Scandinavian sociocultural history and culture of today, known in Sweden as “Jantelagen”, the law of Jante. In Norway, they call it “Janteloven”

It may also make you understand Swedes better and that exaggerated self-esteem is maybe not the best neither. 



History of the law

Until 1900 in poor Swedish, maybe even Scandinavian, villages, all had to follow this law.  A person who did not follow this law broke the social balance in the village. I would say that this law still is respected today among some Swedes even in workplaces. 

The law was formulated 1933 by the Norwegian writer Aksel Sandemose in his fiction ”En flykting korsar sitt spår”. Sandemose grew up in the Danish village Nykøbing Mors. Aksel Sandemose used this village as a model for his village Jante in his book.

The Swedish article writes this about the story:

The principle as such is ancient. Jantelagen pays homage to a type of conformity and “do not stand out” mentality that was very common in the old society, both in cities and in the countryside. It was rooted in the social need for cohesion at a time when poverty was always threatening around the corner, in the belief in a limited amount of happiness that must be distributed fairly and in the experience of the importance of one’s own person and family. The man or woman who stood out from the crowd, who rose, threatened the balance, and became a problem.

“That being said, the law of the rooster as such, that is, the principle under this designation is a modern invention. The law was formulated by Aksel Sandemose in the novel “A refugee crosses his trail” (1933). The Norwegian Sandemose grew up in Danish Nykøbing Mors, which was a model for the book’s fictional city Jante. Sandemose himself believed that the city of growth only stood for Jante’s external features, while the mentality embodied in the Jante law is rather universal.”
Read more in the  article in SVD at



Aksel Sandemose formulates the law like this:

Nr Translated Swedish version
1 You should not believe you are something. Du skall inte tro att du är något.
2 You should not believe you are as good as we are. Du skall inte tro att du är lika god som vi.
3 You should not believe you are more intelligent than us. Du skall inte tro att du är klokare än vi.
4 You should not think that you are better than us. Du skall inte inbilla dig att du är bättre än vi.
 5 You should not think that you know more than us. Du skall inte tro att du vet mer än vi.
 6 You should not think that you have more value than us. Du skall inte tro att du är förmer än vi.
 7 You should not believe that you are good at something. Du skall inte tro att du duger till något.
 8 You should not laugh at us. Du skall inte skratta åt oss.
9 You should not believe anyone cares about you. Du skall inte tro att någon bryr sig om dig.
10  You should not believe you can teach us anything. Du skall inte tro att du kan lära oss något.
 11 The eleventh law, “the punishment law” says:

Do you not think we know about you?

Till detta kommer ett elfte bud, ”Jantelagens strafflag”:

Tror du inte att vi vet något om dig?”


This “law of Jante ” reminds me about 
“no prophet is accepted in his hometown”  ( Luke 4:24

Swedes were during the 19th century severely educated by Protestant priests who came to the villages to interrogate the villagers about the words in the Bible, Luther’s small catechism, and other reading abilities.  Kids were interrogated at school with questions like “Who was the first man?” were the right answer had to be “Adam!” if you didn’t want to be punished with the stick. 


The law of Jante today

US native Steven Karwoski wrote this in ” How I tackled Sweden’s Law of Jante”
“Equality remains a cornerstone of Swedish culture.  This ‘we’re all the same’ mentality comes from the Scandinavian concept of Jantelagen or The Law of Jante, the cultural compass that celebrates ‘everyman’, discourages individual success, and sets average as the goal.  It manifests itself in the culture not only with the ‘we are all equal’ ethos but even more so a  ‘don’t think you are better than anyone, ever’ mindset.”
( )

here is one of the several youtube’s about the law of Jante 

I like this comment to her video:

“What’s funny is that the same Swedes that judge you will turn into social butterflies as soon as they arrive in Thailand or any country that has a warm culture.”

I recommend also this well made  Youtube about the law of Jante described as part of Norwegian Culture. The author is a Norwegian girl who teaches  Norwegian in her channel for English speaking visitors.

Swedes in Austria and Spain.

Swedes are also known as very problematic and even feared in the Austrian ski site and in Spain for the drinking behavior when they get “free” and inhibited.

Maybe similar social rules are found in your country? 


two books about Sweden

This book about Sweden from 2008 tells about the law of Jante. (HINT. click on the image to view a Google review

You may read about the Swedish History  in this older book now available in the Internet Archive (HINT. click on the image to view a Google review) 




Reading the Australian Caitlyn Cooks post about Italian self-esteem in her blog at, I  understood that when I came back to Sweden 19 years old, I brought with me some Italian self-esteem.

I had to adapt to the law of Jante in Sweden as I was reminded about my “exaggerated” self-esteem. Fiat had to adapt too. A big Fiat car announcement had this meaning under the photo under the new Fiat car image: “Buy Italian, drive like a Swede.” When I had a friend coming with me she sat behind as she didn’t rely on my driving. I had an Italian driver’s license. And comment on my telling about my project like “Du gillar att skryta” that is “You like to brag”

I wonder if the Italian self-esteem is still the same after the bad publicity outside Italy. I once heard a taxi driver in Neaple say “If Neaple were governed by Swedes we would have a fantastic city.

i see however some hidden self-esteem anyway here in Italy as blame others for the malfunctioning public services. Many Italians use to accuse all others to be idiots and corrupted egoists, especially politicians they themselves have voted on and those who work in the government or Municipality. 


Like Jesus did once with the money changers. “And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the money changers, and the chairs of them that sold doves:” – Matthew 21:12
I am happy that…

But what happens next. What does e.g. to protect the childrens? I have not been able to ask fader Håkan this today. I will next week. 


È arrivato l’autunno. Qui l’autunno sembra ha deciso di aspettare. Oggi un sole meraviglioso e un bel caldo. Spero che settembre e ottobre siano come gli anni precedenti, cioè con cielo limpido e l’aria che si raffredda pian piano col calare della traiettoria del sole.

Stamattina alle nove un giro di jogging nel bosco. Sti sta proprio bene dopo.

It is Shangri-La you need to experience.

Jesse Nash, USA in Black Tie said: “There is a little piece of paradise than many travellers may not be aware of. The Aeolian Islands (Italian Isole Eolie) are a just such a place, a volcanic archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea north of Sicily. It is Shangri-La you need to experience. Many in Europe and Italy already know about this wonderful place. It’s time for you to make your next dream vacation and the Aeolian Islands couldn’t be a better choice. The largest island is Lipari, and tourism marketing often names the entire archipelago the Lipari Islands because of the ease of pronouncing Lipari compared to Aeolian. The other islands include Vulcano, Salina, Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi, Panarea and Basiluzzo. The town of Lipari has about 11,000 inhabitants. Vulcano is famous for its fango (mud) baths.” Click here…

Photo taken at Valle Muria 1/1 2009 while taking a swim with my tough Olympus.


A left hand knockout

Lookin at CNN today I noted that Obama is left handed. I found a lot of articles talking about Obama’s left hand secret. I liked this one written by Tom Hunter at

The true reason for handedness is not known. However, if being left-handed were neutral or detrimental, evolution should have long ago eliminated all left-handed humans. That leaves the possibility that left handedness may have some kind of beneficial effect, that they have some kind of advantage. One theory I have read suggests that left and right-handed people process information differently, for example:

In this theory, right-handers solve problems using analysis, or the process of breaking the problem into its pieces and examining each piece in turn, hoping to thereby understand the problem.

In this theory, left-handers solve problems using synthesis, or the process of connecting the dots to understand the big picture, hoping to thereby understand the problem.

These differing approaches to problem-solving are said to make right-handed persons (with their linear-sequential processing style) uncomfortable jumping to new tasks until they have completed what they are working on now. The left-handed person (with their visual-simultaneous processing style) are perfectly comfortable jumping from one task to another, picking up where they left off and not losing any of the threads. It is this ability that makes lefties like Sen. Obama so formidable.”


Ubuntu e wireless in Italia, Installazione Open Office 3.0

Internet wireless con TIM in un modem HUAWEI E220

Quest’inverno mi sono di nuovo portato il portatile, stavolta con Ubuntu 8.10 installato. Qui in Svezia uso un wireless modem di marca HUAWEI HSDPA Modem E220 con una scheda di Tele2 svedese. Con Ubuntu 8.1 finalmente riesco a collegarmi facilmente con una piccola icona sopra a destra. A casa cambio facilmente rete nel menu per usare la mia rete locale wireless.

Ora che sono andato in Italia avevo bisogno di Internet. Con la scheda svedese mi sarebbe costato una fortuna navigare in rete in Italia. A Palermo mi sono comprato una scheda TIM con Alice 100 ore. Ho comprato solo la scheda con una ricarica di 25€ e l’ho montato nel mio modem HUAWEI. Devo dire che non ci é voluto molto ed avevo nel menu a tendina sopra a destra, l’option TIM Alice e Internet con TIM.

Non é come in Svezia navigare wireless perché costa!!! E feci un grosso errore quando avevo consumato quelle cento ore. Andai in un tabacchi e feci una ricarica di 25€. Otto ore dopo ero a secco!!!! Mi avevano messo una ricarica per telefono!!!! Per ricaricarla dovetti chiedere aiuto a un amica che comprò una ricarica via Internet.

Open Office 3.0

Open Office 3.0

Mi sto liberando completamente da Windows. Solo Dreamweaver mi lega ma con Dreamweaver 8 uso Wine…. Oggi ho scoperto che c’é Open Office 3.0 Io ho soltanto 2.7 installato. Tramite un blog svedese ho trovato questo link… In tre mosse si installa.


Aeolian Islands isolated

The Italian Tirrenia who owns the Shipping company SIREMAR has serious economic problems and plans to close SIREMAR and all business related to it. SIREMAR takes care of the ship connection between the Aeolian Islands, Sicily and Naples. SIREMAR is in fact the only company that provides a connection between Naples and the Islands, which means among others transport of merchandise and during summer time, tourist related transports. With SIREMAR leaving the only ship connection will be with Milazzo with another company called NGI. This will make it necessary for the merchandise to travel from the north all the way south to Milazzo to get to the Islands. For all islands and especially distant islands like Stromboli, this will imply a big cost raises. It is already difficult to reach the islands, because of lack of cooperation between the shipping companies, because of bad timetable planning and during spring, autumn and winter season, bad weather conditions. The islands also suffer because of high living costs and a tourism that is either missing or looking for other destinations. Without good ship connections, the islands will be isolated and get into a severe crisis.

This is the reason why all shops were closed yeasterday in a general strike and a SIREMAR ship, the Laurana is occupied by the Aeolian citizens since it arrived yesterday morning. Yesterday and today the municipality of Lipari is having their meetings on the ship, car deck. Look at the photos. Yesterday evening 46 million euro were promised by the government in Rome but this will probably not be enough for 2009, at least not if the islands wants to keep a good ship like Laurana.

I found this text on the Laurana ship entry. I think it is a good way to describe the Aeolian Island citizens feeling about this crisis.


no, ci dispiace, ma alle Eolie non nevica,
non facciamo notizie.
che importa se in 1500 abbiamo occupato
la nave della Siremar Laurana, che collega(va)
Lipari a Napoli?
che importa se la teniamo occupata da 24
e non ci muoviamo?
che importa se, finalmente uniti,
combattiamo per difendere i nostri DIRITTI
ELEMENTARI di cittadini italiani?
che importa se il governo ci ha risposto con
le ennesime promesse vaghe??
che importa se i nostri signori turisti e
visitatori e frequentatori d’ora in poi avranno
“un mare” di problemi per raggiungerci???
che importa se quest’estate, causa anche
crisi dei trasporti verranno a mancare circa
300 posti di lavoro (stima “a braccio”)??
che importa??
il vero problema é che qui non nevica, non
facciamo notizia e nessuno parla di noi..
non ci resta che sperare che qualcuno ci



no, sorry, but at the Aeolians islands it doesn’t snow,
we do not make news.
what matters if 1500 of us occupied
the Siremar ship Laurana, that connect(take us)
from Lipari to Neaple?
what matters if we occupy the ship since 24 hours
and we won’t leave it?
what matters if we, finally together,
fight to defend our BASIC
RIGHTS as Italian citizens?
what matters if the government answers with
usual and vague promises??
what matters if the tourists,
visitors and frequent visitors from now on will have
“a sea” of problems to visit us??
what matters if this summer, because of
the transport crisis, there will be about
300 people without work (approximate number)??
the real problem is that, it doesn’t snow here, we
do not make news and nobody talks about us…
we just have to hope that someone will
throw a bomb on us……

“Obama is young, handsome and even suntanned” Berlusconi

talian leader: Obama ‘handsome and even tanned’

Berlusconi appeared to be joking about America’s first black president at a news conference following talks with Russia’s president. The Italian leader, who has a history of controversial remarks, was asked by a reporter about the prospect for U.S.-Russian relations, which have plummeted to Cold War-levels in recent months. Berlusconi responded by saying that the relative youth of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, 43, and Obama, 47, should make it easier for Moscow and Washington to work together. Then he said, smiling: “I told the president that (Obama) has everything needed in order to reach deals with him: he’s young, handsome and even tanned.” Italy’s famously impolitic Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi described U.S. President-elect Barack Obama on Thursday as “young, handsome and even tanned.” (


Obama ha tutto per poter andare d’accordo con lui (ndr. Medvedev). Perché é giovane e bello e anche abbronzato. E quindi penso che si possa sviluppare una buona collaborazione.” Pier Silvio Berlusconi.

Obama has everything to get along with him (ndr. Medvedev) because he’s young, handsome and even suntanned. So I think that a good cooperation can be developed.” Pier Silvio Berlusconi.

Det är långt ifrån första gången som Berlusconi hamnar i blåsväder för sina uttalanden.
” 2003 sade han att en tysk kritiker i Europaparlamentet skulle passa som nazistisk lägervakt.
” Som EU:s ordförande 2003 inledde han ett toppmöte med orden: “Låt oss tala om fotboll och kvinnor.”
” 2005 antydde han att han använt alla sina “talanger som playboy” för att Finlands president Tarja Halonen skulle acceptera att en EU-myndighet för livsmedelsfrågor hamnade i Italien istället för i Finland. Finska UD tvingade den italienske ambassadören att förklara uttalandet.
” I valkampanjen 2006 hävdade han att vänstern inte kunde vinna eftersom det inte finns så många idioter i Italien. Han hävdade också att kinesiska kulturrevolutionärer hade kokat barn och använt dem som gödningsmedel.
” Vid ett besök på New York-börsen uppmanade han till investeringar i Italien “eftersom vi har så vackra sekreterare, formidabla kvinnor”.
” Han påstod att Mussolini aldrig lät döda någon. “Han skickade folk på semester i intern exil.”

Den 72-årige Berlusconi lider inte brist på självförtroende. I olika valkampanjer har han utnämnt sig till “politikens Jesus” och kallat sig “världens främste politiske ledare”. (GP)


  • Berlusconi: Obama is young, handsom, tan” (New York Post)
  • Obama is young, handsome and tanned, says Silvio Berlusconi” (The Guardian)
  • Berlusconi under fire fro Obama ‘Joke'” con 1573 commenti (New York Times)
  • “Silvio Berlusconi in racism row over ‘suntanned’ Barack Obama aside” con 99 commenti di italiani.  (The Times)
  • “Italy’s Berlusconi hails “suntanned” Obama” (Reuters)
  • “Berlusconi: Obama är solbränd” (GP)