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The evolution of cooperation in South Italy.

there looks to be some kind of concurrence between the Aeolian Islands and the litle harbour of Milazzo in Sicily, where most boats and airfoils start their transfers to the islands.

 I experienced a few times that boats for some unknown reason did not depart to the islands. It happened to me that I had to stay overnight on Christmas Eve in Milazzo instead of being home on my island. the weather wasnt to bad for the last boat to make the transfer. People explained that the personel decided to stay at home as it was Christmas.  The hotel where I stayed overnight was happy to have a few rooms rented out. 

A troup of photographer and photmodels planned to come to Vulcano to make a  photo session a few days ago. They had to renounce as the same boat company canceled the departure.

Did the boat staff made a favor to the Milanese hotels? On the long run, I would say absolutely not.

I wrote an article about the evolution and importance of cooperation some time ago. You can find it at

Nobody earns in the long term with destructive actions and unfair competition.

If the islands miss visits, Milazzo restaurants, shops and bars in Milazzo loose money. And in the long run they will not even have beds sold with bad weather. I would think that if I am in Catania, I would go to Syracuse where I have friends, instead of taking the risc to stay overnight in Milazzo. For the Milazzo people it should not be difficult to understand this.

The Milazzo hotels have their own tourist share when the adverse sea helps them.  But is that enough? It is good they take care of the tourists and island inhabitants. But why be happy with that? With inteligence and local area cooperation Milazzo  can do a lot. Look at the photo above of CApe Milazzo. I  also imagine a lot of nice trecking possibilities in the mountains between Etna and Milazzo if they prevent the woods from getting burned during the summer season. Sicliy is indeed wonderful and can attract a lot of Tourism. Look at Palermo in October when the hotels were all booked.  People from northern Europe like me do their best to flee from the winter darkness to get some sun. Sicily and the Aeolian islands can offer that. I have the last ten years spent my Christman and New Years Eve in Siclity and  Lipari enjoying a lot of trecking and even New years Eve Swim in the Tirrenean sea that has Swedish summer water temperature.

But they should  not forget that the Milazzo inhabitants can do a lot to develop their local tourism too with the beautiful beaches they have, with the Milazzo Castle and promontory and its bronze age settlements.

Booking just informed “Prices in Milazzo dropped again.”

Hotel owners in Milazzo and on the Aolian islands should met and share knowledges and ideas how to develop the MIlazzo – Barcellona area.If someone has made errors and is not a Christian hypocrit, ask for forgivness and reopen the doors for a constructive  dialog.

Milazzo needs the Aeolian Islands.

The Aeolian islands needs Milazzo.


I like the initiative and work of 







A friend of mine said about vaping people,  that he  don’t want to

“breath chemicals”. I decided to look at what is e-juice and what comes out from a e-cig.

E-juice is a mix of vegetable fglycerine (propylene glycole) and aromas. I personally buy glycerine either from Farmacy (where it is available, so far only in Austria) or from Amazon.

Vegetable glycerine is made cooking a fat with lye like described in

Many people use to mix pure vegetable flycerine with flavours bought at sites like  or lI prefer to flavour glycerine myself. I have so far only tried with coffee beans. I had 4 roasted coffee beans in 100 ml  warm propylene glycole bought (PG) in a Austrian Pharmacy . I heated it up putting teh bottle ingho water.
After one week I  didnt get  the coffee smell I hoped for.

There are several youtubes about 

HOW TO make your own Vape juice at home”

but noone so fare  tried to flavour themselves their VG or PG.

Steeping in a dark and cool place is the best according to 

Bahas said in that “The reason most make companies use alcohol is cause it renders faster than glycerin (usage of alcohol to render flavor makes it a tincture). Pg is a little quicker cause it is thin Vg is the longest process cause it is thick. Yes you can speed it up with the application of heat but that only starts the process faster it will take time ” More to read about flavor extrrascts made with alcohol in



Atomizers. What is rba-rda-rta?

This is well explained in


vaping and smoke detectors

I had a dialog about vaping on trains. Ecig do not produce smoke but vapor. I found this article


“Obama is young, handsome and even suntanned” Berlusconi

talian leader: Obama ‘handsome and even tanned’

Berlusconi appeared to be joking about America’s first black president at a news conference following talks with Russia’s president. The Italian leader, who has a history of controversial remarks, was asked by a reporter about the prospect for U.S.-Russian relations, which have plummeted to Cold War-levels in recent months. Berlusconi responded by saying that the relative youth of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, 43, and Obama, 47, should make it easier for Moscow and Washington to work together. Then he said, smiling: “I told the president that (Obama) has everything needed in order to reach deals with him: he’s young, handsome and even tanned.” Italy’s famously impolitic Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi described U.S. President-elect Barack Obama on Thursday as “young, handsome and even tanned.” (


Obama ha tutto per poter andare d’accordo con lui (ndr. Medvedev). Perché é giovane e bello e anche abbronzato. E quindi penso che si possa sviluppare una buona collaborazione.” Pier Silvio Berlusconi.

Obama has everything to get along with him (ndr. Medvedev) because he’s young, handsome and even suntanned. So I think that a good cooperation can be developed.” Pier Silvio Berlusconi.

Det är långt ifrån första gången som Berlusconi hamnar i blåsväder för sina uttalanden.
” 2003 sade han att en tysk kritiker i Europaparlamentet skulle passa som nazistisk lägervakt.
” Som EU:s ordförande 2003 inledde han ett toppmöte med orden: “Låt oss tala om fotboll och kvinnor.”
” 2005 antydde han att han använt alla sina “talanger som playboy” för att Finlands president Tarja Halonen skulle acceptera att en EU-myndighet för livsmedelsfrågor hamnade i Italien istället för i Finland. Finska UD tvingade den italienske ambassadören att förklara uttalandet.
” I valkampanjen 2006 hävdade han att vänstern inte kunde vinna eftersom det inte finns så många idioter i Italien. Han hävdade också att kinesiska kulturrevolutionärer hade kokat barn och använt dem som gödningsmedel.
” Vid ett besök på New York-börsen uppmanade han till investeringar i Italien “eftersom vi har så vackra sekreterare, formidabla kvinnor”.
” Han påstod att Mussolini aldrig lät döda någon. “Han skickade folk på semester i intern exil.”

Den 72-årige Berlusconi lider inte brist på självförtroende. I olika valkampanjer har han utnämnt sig till “politikens Jesus” och kallat sig “världens främste politiske ledare”. (GP)


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