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e-cig and Iqos aerosols dangerous?




I updated this post July 27 2019, with information abtout HNB aerosols.

Posted November 8 12018
In the RSalute segment, page 50  of Italian Repubblica November 8 2018, I read  that :

The saliva of a small group of e-cigarette users contained increased levels of three DNA-damaging compounds according to a research made in BIrmingham. David Ticket in Birmingham says that the products of heated polypropylene glycole in e-juice, have toxic effects on the immune system alvaeolar macrophage in the lungs.

Thes chemicals are formaldehyde, acrolein and methylglyoxal

They do not tell what kind if eliquid was used. Most people have some kind of flavour in the juice.  Flavours have been a issue before.

The article also says “The most concerning findings were related to acrolein, which is produced when glycerol is heated”



Propylene glycole (PG) molecule

Propylene glycole looks like this:



Chemical reaction with PG

With the heat in the coil tea ch propylene glycole moelcule loose three hydrogen atoms and you get a Acrolein  molecule and three water molecules.

transforms into

acrolein molecule


two water molecules

mage sources:  ( Wikipedia and )


Diacetile – popcorn lungs

 a friend of mine informed me abiout a site telling about . This page  gives a link that makes you maybe land on  where they say: “There are > 7,000 e-cigarette flavors currently marketed. Flavoring chemicals gained notoriety in the early 2000s when inhalation exposure of the flavoring chemical diacetyl was found to be associated with a disease that became known as “popcorn lung.” 

This study looked  for Diacetyl (2,3-butanedione) in 51 e-juice flavours. Peach schnapps cocktail had the highest concentration of Diacetyl (P238 μg/e-cigarette) in the vapor and aerosol of ecig. ( Source: table 2  ) They give value e-cigarette but does not tell what a “e-cigarette” means . It looks like the e-cigarette is a cartridge they used. However they “drew air through the e-cigarette for 8 sec at a time, with a resting period of 15 or 30 sec between each draw”. They probably did this automatically with a computer led air pump to get comparable tests.

I found this video about “popcorn lungs”. They talk Italian informing about diacetile.


Lipoid pneumonia

I hear a few years ago about lipoid pneumonia.  I pressumed that these  vapers must have been vaping a lot. But no studies seem to have been done to measure the quantities of  PG and/or VG in the vapour andf how much they vaped.

Spanish Hospital Reports World’s Second Ever Case of Lipoid Pneumonia Associated with E-Cigarette Use


HNB devices like IQOS

I have tried Iqos for a while. I have no mucus reaction on IQOS aerosol and thought HNB may be a healtheir solution for me. But I found this  article:

This article shares reseach results where aerosols, vapor and smoke  were compared testing  HNB device like   IQOS ecig and normal cigarettes. High Carbonyl content were seen  in HNB aerosol like . Acrolein ahas previously been found in saliva from ecig users. 



The acrolein study done so far is incomplete. There are several questions that have not been studied

  1. What kind of liquid did the vapers use?
    PG or VG with aroma and nicotine or not?
  2. They only found it in the saliva. 
  3. Non studies have been done to measure acroleine density in the lungs
  4. Where there acrolein in the vape or only in the liquid and in what quantities? 
  5. How could acrolein reach the lunggs?
  6. How much  PG reach the lungs? (to know more about lipid pneumonia riscs. 

How do we get aacroleine oer diacetile  into the lungs”. it should remain in the juice or as these are not hydrophiles (weater soluble)

liek PG is with its OH groups. Some PG may reach the lungs 

S ource: 1

My RAD (reactive airways desease) does not react on  Iqos and ecig aerosols. But thinking about carbonyles in Iqos aerosol,  acrolein in Ecig aerosol , thousands of dangerous particles in cigarette smoke, it is better maybe better to breath fresh not polluted air.

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