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Jeremiahs vision of God



This Sunday Geremia 31:7-9 was read at the Catholic Mass here in Italy.

I decided during the Mass that I will continue reading JEREMIAH during the week. I attend the Jehovah witness  (JW) meetings to learn more about the old testament (OT). A friend of mine who does not like JW at all, said, “Why don’t you read the old testament at home? My friend inspired me to find this solution this Sunday. Maybe I will continue next week with a follow up of next Sundays OT reading.



jeremiah 52

Today I read Jeremiah 52:1-11 in My Italian Bible. Here are parts of the text in English that made me think and reactIt was because of the Lord’s anger that all this happened to Jerusalem and Judah, and in the end he thrust them from his presence. … Babylon killed the sons of Zedekiah before his eyes; he also killed all the officials of Judah. 11 Then he put out Zedekiah’s eyes, bound him with bronze shackles and took him to Babylon, where he put him in prison till the day of his death.”



Jeremiah told  probably what in fact historically happened. But Jeremiah also shares his  own human view about God. He obviously believed that God allowed this and  even sent and  helped the Babilonian to do this massacre.

I don’t believe in a God that behaves like stupid and sick humans like e.g. Hitler. As Jesus said according to Matthew matthew/5-38.htm to 41) “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth. But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well.’ If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.” Jesus shows a vision of a “intelligent and loving God.” War leads to war and God knows that.

I can not believe that Jeremiah was inspired by God or God told Jeremiah this human image of God.

Jonas Gardell wrote a book called “Om Gud” (about God) that is about the perception of God during the OT time and how it developed to the Christian vision of a loving and forgiving God.


I recommend that book to anyone interested like me about God and trying to understand the OT.


Sell what you own and give the money to the poor

From the liturgy of the roman catholic of Sunday October 14, ( Mark 10:17-30), we read
“man ran up, knelt before him and put this question to him, ‘Good master, what must I do to inherit eternal life?’
The man who was avery rich, said he followed the Mosaic rules Jesus reminded about. 
Jesus looked steadily at him and he was filled with love for him, and he said, ‘You need to do one thing more. Go and sell what you own and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me.’ 
But his face fell at these words and he went away sad, for he was a man of great wealth.

23 Jesus looked round and said to his disciples, ‘How hard it is for those who have riches to enter the kingdom of God!”

What does really Jesus meants with this

Did he say that I have to sell my house and garden my mother gave me after so much sacrifice and begin to live on the road spreading the message of God?  Did he meant I should leave nothing to my childrens the day I die and start my sleep?

If I sell my home I wtill have have to sleep  in a test or cave ,, much  like Diogenes. That would be hard as I am not a young man anymore and after my strokes, I am sensible to stress needing good sleep to work.

Jesus with the metaphore of the making good value of money in …

said to me I have to be careful with my health and do my best to live as long as possible.

It is really not easy to follow this invitation of Jesus. 

Many poor  people today, begging for money on the streets , are abused by criminals who used them and take the money they collect. This happens in Sweden and mauybe also in many other countries.

I dont want to give my money to criminals nor do I want to give  money to the church that already is so wealthy.

I try to make effective donations as I wrote in a previous article.

Virgin Mary and Jesus



I decided to split this post into two pages, one dedicated to Mary and one to Jesus. They will hopefully be published at the end of November.

Almost everyone  in this world knows about about the Christian belief that  Jesus was born from virgin Mary. But not many knows that this is also told about in the Quran.

There are contradiction in both the Christian belief as well as in the Muslim one. I will discuss these in this article.

  • Many Christians says that Jesus is God,
    but he (God?) was tempted by the devil in the desert,
    while Jesus in the Gospel several times talked about God as his father and mentioned God with the name Elohim asking why God abandoned him.
  • Muslims on the other hand, believe that Jesus is just a prophet and not a son of God nor God. 
    while Jesus was born from virgin Mary from a unknown father

    and Jesus made miracles only a God per definition should be able to do.





Jesus (Isa)

The name “Jesus, son of Mary” written in Arabic calligraphy,
followed by “peace be upon him.” بلال الدويك
(  Source:  )

Did Jesus exist?

I have never had any doubt about  that, after reading the Gospel and the Quran about Jesus and what happened in the Roman Empire after the spreading of his messages and information about his life and death.  But many  atheists question the existence of  Jesus as among others he is not mentioned by the many normally very precise Roman Empire historians like e.g.   Herodotus  and Tacitus.

Is Jesus God ?

John 10:30 ” reports that Jesus said “I and the father are one” But does that mean Jesus said “I am God” I strongly doubt that as he often talked about God as his father (for me “father” can be understood as “my Creator”). I would rather read “I and the father ” like “I and God are soulmates” or like “I am a image of God”. But this is valid for all of us, not only Jesus.

I could myself say “my dog  and I and are one.”  like being soulmates  but that doesn’t mean that I am a dog.

Muslim arguments against

Muslim sources refer to the fact that Jesus was tempted by the devil in the desert and God/Allah would never allow that or Satan would never be able to do that as God  has more power than Satan. 

Presuming that  Christians are right , that Jesus really is God, ” the devil in the desert temptation” story could be a way for God  to warn us humans  “Be careful of the Whisperings of the Devil.

Jesus entangled to Allah.

Muslims and Christians agree however that  Jesus could do miracles. Jesus could  according to the Gospels, see things only Allah could (e.g. people and donkeys moving around in Jerusalem ) when he was outside Jerusalem.

Aboutr Jesus being god, the Muslim are right in their arguing that a God would not be “tempted” by the devil as Jesus was in the desert. Quran 17/111 says ““and not is for him a partner in his dominion”  Muslims conclude therefore hat “Jesus is therefore not God.”

Wala yakur Lahu sharikun by al mulki
“and not is for him a partner in his dominion”

Jesus  certainly did not meant that he and God were partner in the dominion”. Everything was done with the permission of God, Jesus worshipped many times.

But Muslims recognize Jesus was the only one who could make miracles.

Some miracles show that  Jesus may have been “quantum entangled” with Allah, thinking that Jesus could see things only Allah could (e.g. see people and donkeys moving around in Jerusalem when he was outside, know names and story of the Samaritan woman etc.).

Maybe Jesus in his “Me and my father are one” talked in the sense of being able to do miracles, have divine sight and knowledge and have the same goals. I understand from the Gospels and Jesus praying that God decided over Jesus.

Is Allah the father of Jesus ?

Who is the biological father of Jesus.  that is whose mans DNA did Jesus inherit? of course not Gods.  Quran 112/3 say

He neither begets nor is born,

And says that Allahhas not taken a son 

When Jesus talked about “his father” he of course didn’t intend “my biological father that shared with me his DNA” I presume Jesus looked at God as a “spiritual father”a father in the sense of  his Creator in the whomb of Mary. The quran never specifies the kind of sonship.

Muslims correctly claims Jesus was not Gods son in the biological sense of the word. But since Muslims recognize that mary was virgin who is the biological father of Jesus? 


Jesus miracles

In the Quran we can read about Mary and Jesus:

” And [mention] the one who guarded her chastity, so We blew into her [garment] through Our angel [Gabriel], and We made her and her son a sign for the worlds. ( Quran 21:91 )

And We did certainly give Moses the Torah and followed up after him with messengers. And We gave Jesus, the son of Mary, clear proofs and supported him with the Pure Spirit.” ( Quran 2:87 )

Gods Miracle

The Quran mentions a few miracles miracles. Like  this one about the table where Jesus asks Allah for a miracle, talked about in mentioned in :

“When the disciples said: O Jesus, son of Mary!  Is your Lord able to send down for us a table spread with food from heaven?  He said: Observe your duty to God, if ye are true believers.  They said: We desire to eat of it and our hearts be at rest, and that We may know that you have spoken truth to us, and that We may be witnesses thereof.  Jesus, son of Mary, said: ‘O God, our Lord, send down for us a Table laden with food out of heaven, that shall be for us a recurring festival, the first and last of us, and a miracle from You.  And provide us our sustenance, for You are the best of providers!” ( Quran 5:112-114 )

Jesus miracles with Gods/Allahs permission.

The Quran clearly tells the Jesus does miracles always with Allahs permission.

In a( Quran 3:49 ) you read:

And [make him] a messenger to the Children of Israel, [who will say], ‘Indeed I have come to you with a sign from your Lord in that I design for you from clay [that which is] like the form of a bird, then I breathe into it and it becomes a bird by permission of Allah . And I cure the blind and the leper, and I give life to the dead – by permission of Allah . And I inform you of what you eat and what you store in your houses. Indeed in that is a sign for you, if you are believers.  

I have not seen this in the Gospel.In a( Quran 3:49 ) above Jesus brings life to a claybird like God did creating Adam.

Read more in (Source: )


The sacrifice of Jesus

Morgan Freeman talks about the death and resurrection of Jesus  in his video “The story of God”

The doctrin of Christianity is that “Jesus died on the cross for the   sins of humans. If we accept this your will be saved” a explanation noone ever could give me acceptable explanation of. Why should Jesus suffer such a dead for our 21th century humans sins? All sinners the cause  of the horible death of Jesus? It sounds like God condemned jesus to death because we were the sinner.

Muslims do not accept that Jesus was killed as “Allah would not have permitted that a messenger like Jesus  would have been treated like that”. I supported for long time this idea a s there is a tomb in Srinagar, India that supports it.

  I have found however another explanation why Allah let Jesus die like this. I have:

Two hypothesis about Jesus martyrdom

  1. God let Jesus offer himself as a redemption for for the evilness of human beings and  the suffering  human beings havde experienced, a suffering and evilness  that is a integrated part of Gods human creation.  Animals does not suffer death and evilness in the same way as we do. God as alknowing and perfectly knew that humans with such a brain  were susceptible to the whispering of the devil  and prone to be terribly evil. The angels argued about that with God according to the Quran. But the offering may have have had also a second  purpose:
  2. Jesus became a example for many of those Christians to become martyrs in the Roman empire. Without his offer, would we maybe today still venerate Roman Gods.

Thanks to Jesus good example of accepting and tollerating suffering,  poor Christians in Rome were able to met  horrible tortures and death with extreme courage, a courage that impressed even Roman soldiers so strongly that some of them and even a Legion  onverted to Christianity and became themselves martyrs. 

A Christian church inside a Roman army fortress in Megiddo, Israel was discovered in the 1990’s.

Cleaning the Megiddo Mosaic
                                                                      Cleaning the Megiddo Mosaic

The small church was created from a back room in the fortress by Christian soldiers stationed there. The fortress served as the military headquarters of the Legio II Traiana (“Trajan’s legion”) and Legio VI Ferrata (“Ironclad Legion”). Maybe even these two legions were slaughtered. (Source: )

Whatever happened with Jesus or whatever the reason of his martyrdom were, them the most important is that Jesus gave us good ethical rules to become good humans and be able to met evil in a successful way (” Do not judge and love your neihbor and enemy”). Thanks to Jesus we have today many good examples of  kindness and love around the world as well as good behaviour fighting evilness like  with “passive resistance“. Following Jesus  example and messages we  have better possibility to be resurrected for a happier life.

Did Jesus die on a cross or on a stake?

This is really an  irrelevant question. But I explain below the reason iigive this question so much space.

Crucifixion was such a gruesome and humiliating way to die that the subject was somewhat of a taboo in Roman culture, and few crucifixions were specifically documented. One of the only specific female crucifixions we have documented is that of Ida, a freedwoman (former slave) who was crucified by order of Tiberius.” (Source: Wiki  )

Some say that the cruxifixion and hand nailing of Jesus is prooved by the schroud in torino, Italy.

But the examination of it shows that “Blood pattern analysis (BPA) of the blood marks on the Shroud of Turin show that they are non-realistic.”

The cross/stake question is interesting as its  answer reveals how the Gospels  like the old testament have been erroneously translated from Greek. The Witnesses of Jehovah talk a lot about this,   to explain why the  jehovahs-witnesses doesn’t worship  images  of Jesus on a cross. They say that the “Bible indicates that Jesus did not die on a cross but rather on a simple stake.”  (source: )


Erroneous translation in all the Gospels.

The Jehovahs witness looks to be be correct. You can see this “stake-cross” mistranslations in all the Gospels.

You find all these mistranslations googleing with the text
cross /

or with
“crucified /”

My Lutheran priest here in Sweden aknowledged that this mistranslating is a fact. I decided  therefore to “amputate” my  golden cross to resemble a pole.

I have however now to the idea that Jesus had  to carry the horizontal beam (patibulum in Latin) to the place of execution, but not the whole cross as it is to heavy. Jesus tied to the horizontal beamand was appended  on a stake so it looked like a  T as Morgan Freeman illustrates it in his video  “The story of God” from minutes 17:40.




For me it is enough that Jesus is a prophet, a prophet that could do miracles. like the Muslims believe.

Jesus is not God for me. God decides over all of us, even Jesus.

We are all sons of God in a metaphorical sense as God created us all.

of course God does not get children in the biological meaning of it.

I believe in the miracles as I think that God can do anything, like he created the Universe.

there are a lot of misunderstanding between different religions as believers have their own conception of things. We must do our best to understand each other and to achieve this the only solution is dialog.


The Science and story about infidelity


I stumbled upon this Ted. The issue has touched human beings for millennia and still does. A lot of humans  have been stoned for that.( John 8:11 )  The issue is still intresting for many in the 21th century . This is evident as this  Ted has been seen 5 139 925 times since it first was held in 2015. I think the issue is intresting, as it is about human beings behaviours, about love and being or not being kind issues I have dedicate time to before.

There is a Swedish way of describing marriage “Marriage is the first step toward divorce”. I personally went to a marriage preparing  Catholic course.  There we met a couple who have lived together for about 40 years and still loved each other. how is that possible? I unfortennately lost all the notes I made there. And what kind of love did they lived in?  We never got an answer to that question.

And what is to love someone? is to get in love like in a  Freudian psychosis? This video raises many questions I have not seen any Ted about.

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Neurotheology and manifestation of God



With Jesus our ancestor in Middle East could experience a physical manifestation of God through Jesus miracles. 

Now 2000 years later we are talking about a physical manifestation of God in our brain.

I saw two videos:

  1. The Ted seminar  “This is Your Brain on God | Michael Ferguson | TEDxSaltLakeCity
  2. Morgan Freemans “The story of God“. starting at 1:35:26
    This video is now blocked in Youtube  because of copyrighted NG material

I will focus this post on what was said in these two youtubes.



Ted seminar

This part is based on the Ted seminar  “This is Your Brain on God | Michael Ferguson | TEDxSaltLakeCity

Michael Fergusson is a Neuroscientist in cognitive neurology at Harvard Medical School.


Neuro Spiritual System

FMRI were made with Christian believers lieke.g. Pope Francis.

They were asked to press a button when they had a Spiritual experience of God. In those moments three areas were activated:

  • Frontal Attention regions,
  • The Nucleus accumbens
  • and the Medial prefrontal cortex.

the scientists call it the neuro spiritual system

Michael Ferguson made this nice observation:

“when Jesus describes heavenly  rewards,
neuroscientsts are illuminating the biological embodiment of these ancient

“the religious movement of Joseph Smith describes the Spirit of God like a
fire burning …  a wonderful warm glow it makes you want to do good and be good. Iit may be the emotion that moral psychologist Jonathan Hite refers to as elevation. 
the frontal attention regions are probably acting in concert with the
nucleus accumbens in order to amplify the phenomenal content of this religious experience”


Physical manifestations of God 

Morgan *Freeman met Andy Newberg a neurotheology neuroscientist in Philadelphia who studies what happens in our brain when we have religious experiences.

Mogan asks “Can i see Gods presence in my brain?”
The activity in Morgans frontal lobe increased during meditation just like Nuns being with God/allah or Buddhists metidating.
A Atheist contemplating at God were not that successful. The Atheist could  raise frontal lobe activity only a little.
Andrew Newbergs conclusion:
“Regardless of what your practice is, the key is if you believe it. The whole brain gets involved in faith.”
Morgan concludes: “Experiencing the divine actually changes the brain and the way we see the world.”
Yo may read more about Andrew Newbergs research in 


I am personally skeptic in considering the neuro scans to be a proof of a divine presence or a God manifestation.

I would rather prefer to say that those MRT scans show the brain reacts on divine belief and divine experiences. But that is just my hypothesis.

God has however  the power to “play” with Quantum physics rules , like Jesus did once as God is in my belief, the Creator of these. God is therefore able to show up in any kind of  incarnations (Avathars) or any other way.

You may look at this interview with Andrew where he share his opinion about the “conflict” between religion and “Science”. He makes a good effort to solve that millennial conflict many humans have. To bring peace in this “conflict” has been my effort long time now .  My last effort ended up  describing   a new  “theoscientific” Creation view in the   “Enlightened Genesis“.


Chaos and order




i studied thermodynamics many years ago and came to learn about entropy that describes the state of a system, the state of disorder.  To make an example, a egg has low entropy (low disorder) If you scramble it, the entropy (disorder) raises.  As you know you can not unscramble a egg. Similarly, if you put a piece of ice in a cup of warm juice, the peace of ice (with low entropy) will melt (get higher entropy) . it is unlikely you can reverse that system to get the piece of ice back in your warm juice.

I associate a system with high entropy with disorder, chaos. while a system with low entropy is a form of order. Entropy could be defined as a description of the degree of disorder.

Richard Feynman a American theoretical physicist who died 1988 explained entropy long time ago in this nice youtube:

Mathematician have discovered the strict mathematical constants and equations ( the Mandelbrot set z_(n+1)=z_n^2+C  ) lying behind that apparent chaos in images like this one:


Chaos and order are not the same word. But chaos is normally a system of high entropy. I like to visualize high entropy with chaos even if that is not always correct. E.g. a wood may seem chaotic in our point of view but has really a high state of order.


Our Biosphere

In our Biosphere everything get higher entropy that is, build up  chaos with time. All living creatures disrupt with time and finally die. This because the ordered DNA get disrupted  during the many replications.

Nature is so well constructed that a seed grows up to  a ordered system, a beautiful plant. But that happens only thanks to the sun that nourishes the plant with photons so it can build up its ordered structure according to the inherited program (DNA)  

Not to forget that the low degree of disorder in ice is created in lack of heat. So water and gases behaves in a different way.

Human beings like animals build aslo up a ordered system ( = their body with a  lower entropy) by eating plants, that is “consuming” the  order  in  the plants. We could say that animals build up and maintain  order (lower entropy) with the help of the plants lower entropy state (being cut downs and eaten)


disorder in our homes and cleaning up

Children tend to raise disorder in their living space. It is a sideeffect , we adults (parents most of all) have to live with  Their creating disorder  leads to a raise of intellectual order in their brain, that is learning. Cleaning up the room is the same as lower the entropy (disorder) of it.

other examples of entropy and how to use it in engines.


A theological view of the thermodynamics of entropy.

God/Allah has created a system (our Universe)  that is so well programmed that it, out of a extremely high disorder, by itself builds up order, the order of which we can use for our own survival.

Before  Salat it (Muslim prayer) is important to clean yourself and the prayer room. That is a form of showing thankfullness to our Creator that gave us life (=order.) God loves life and order. Shaytan (Iblis) on the contrary does not like order (disorder=death, suffering). Where Iblis has taken over, you see very high disorder, destruction and death. 

I invite you to Look at and meditate over  this video. Compare the order good humans created with the help of God, before the war and the disorder after the war.

It is very important to remember that we can not say, its the devils fault.  We were given a brain with a intelligent reasoning frontal lobe, so we  can normally choose whose what whispering we want to listen to. The whispering of the devil or the whispering of God.  We have also  learned to distuinguish between evil and good. So no excuses for our bad behaviour.

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model post






The text

( N:B. The texts below are copied from )



The message






praying like a Muslim



I were used to go to church every Sunday. As there are seldom Sunday Masses in the church in this village, I got help from my Muslim neighbor to learn how to pray like a Muslim. Something I can do by myself in my home.

I like to pray to, praise and thank God/Allah

I document everything in a Google drive presentation at 

These are the five prayers where you can hear the first Surah “Al-Fatihah” being recited. once every raka. I can recite myself Al-Fatiha except the last meaning. I like to do it thinking about the message of the meanings i agree with.



Recitation! Not song.

I thought myself that Muslims sing the content of the Quran but I learned that they don’t. That’s their way to recite. Click on the play button in to listen to the recitation of Al-Fatihah. There are different reciter. I prefer those who recite slowly like Sheikh Husary, that i listen to in my Android app IQuran 

The muslims does not sing the Quran.

i discovered today that a Christian girl also thought the Muslims sings the Quran so she started 2015 to sing parts taken from the Bible. 🙂

She is a ambitious good believer but I think it would be better if the Bible were “recited” like the Muslims do as I personally have difficulties to hear the Bible texts in her song with all the music and that distracting  girl dancing around like a Sufi.

The Quran Muslim recitation on the other hand are easily understood. And todays recitations may sound like Angel Gabriel did reciting to Mohammed in the cave over Mekka.

I presume that  God did not  sing the verses e.g. to Moses or to John with background some for the time modern music (not pop of course).


Salat – prayer

the prayer time for any part in the world is  given in

Fajr – Sunrise Salat – 3:26

This salat is done very early. I can not manage to do it if I don’t happen to wake up myself the night. I did it once when I woke up at 3 am and after taht Salat I  slept very well.  With my stroke related mental fatigue. I  avoid to interrupt my night sleep with a alarm clock.

Salat when I am alone

Whe nI am not together with a Muslim I do it myself looking at these videos. I recite what I am able to otherwise do I listen and read the prayer texts.

I alway wash my self and my room as I want to show order to Allah, something Allah has give humanity. But when I am alone I don’t cover my knees as I see no reason to do it as Allah sees everything anyway.

2. Dhuhr Salat from 13:13 to about 17:00

3. Asr Salat at 17:28 to about 21:00

4. Mahgrib Salat at 21:19 to about 22

5. Ishaa Salat at 22:37 to about 3 

Christians and Muslims  worship the same God. I feel good to make Muslim prayer.


Sunnas in the raqas:

Mohammand (PBUH) prayers Sunnah were written down in Hadith. Some of them are used in Salat. here are a few of these 

سبحانك    اللهم وبحمدك   وتبارك اسمك وتعالى   جدك ولا إله غيرك

ghayruka  ilaha wala  jad-duka wa ta’ala  ismuka watabaraka   wabihamdika Allahuma  Subhanaka

Subhanaka   Allahuma
Glory be to you, O Allah,

wabihamdika watabaraka
and all praises are due unto You,

ismukaj  ad-duka   ghayruka
and blessed is Your name and high is Your majesty 
and none is worthy of worship but you.”


Other texts in Salat


Sami‘ Allâhu liman hamidah.
Heard by  Allah  those “who praise Him”.

Rab-bana Lakal hamd
Praise to be Thee

In rukoo (bowing)

Subhanna Rabbiy al-Atheen

“Glorious is my Lord the most great.”

In sajda (on the knees)

Subhaana rabbiy al-a‘la
Glory be to Allah who is my Lord, the most great.”


Allaahumma-ghfir lee
O Allah, forgive me,




At-tahiyyaatu Lillaahi wa-salaawaatu wa-tayyibaat. As-salaamu ‘alayka ayyuha-Nabiyyu wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. As-salaamu ‘alayna wa ‘ala ‘ibaad-illaah-is-saaliheen. Ash-hadu al-aa ilaaha ill-Allaah wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan ‘abduhu wa rasooluhu


Allaahumma salli ‘ala Muhammad, wa ‘ala aali Muhammad, kama salayta ‘ala Ibraaheem, wa ‘ala aali Ibraaheem, innaka hameedun majeed. Allaahumma baarik ‘ala Muhammad, wa ‘ala aali Muhammad, kama baarakta ‘ala Ibraaheem, wa ‘ala aali Ibraaheem, innak hameedun majeed

“O Allaah, send prayers upon Muhammad and upon the family of Muhammad, as You sent prayers upon Ibraaheem and upon the family of Ibraaheem; You are indeed Worthy of Praise, Full of Glory. O Allaah, send blessings upon Muhammad and upon the family of Muhammad as You sent blessings upon Ibraaheem and upon the family of Ibraaheem; You are indeed Worthy of Praise, Full of Glory”

Tasleem right at prayers end

As-salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu.
the angel who records your good deeds is to this side.

Tasleem left at prayers end

As-salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu.
The angel who records your wrongful deeds is to this side.

Another variation of the tasleem is by saying

As-salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullah.

Women- beautiful human beings created by God



God created man and woman.

As it is described in the Bible the woman was a “gift” to Man something that has been misinterpreted many times by sick men.

Women are not things you can do whatever with like with gifts.

I remember a muslim young girl, a pupil of mine who one day came to schools with Hijab hiding her wonderful long dark hair. I asked her what happened. She told me a classmate who had been using Hijab since months back and maybe didn’t want to be the only Hijab girl, said to her “It is better you have Hijab as you will soon anyway have to use it.




The reason why Muslim women must use Hijab.

I have wondered about the Muslim custom to hide the hair.

According to a story I read some time ago, prostitutes from fine families in Iraq used Niqab to hide their face.  From that period of time, came the idea was born that women must hide their face or their hair to not be considered prostitutes.

This story was spread in Turqey by the Turkish government that did not like Hijab.

In a Ted ith the title ”

What does the Quran really say about a Muslim woman’s hijab? 

 “Samina Ali tells  about the story of the Hijab and in minute 13 about how clerics made addings in the Quran translations:

“…. that verse I told you about earlier: 

“O Prophet, tell your wives, your daughters,  and the women of the believers to draw upon themselves their garments, this is better, so that they not be known and molested.”   (  that is read in

Some clerics have added a few words to that, so that in certain translations of the Quran,  that verse reads like this:

O Prophet, tell your wives, your daughters, and the women of the believers, to draw upon themselves their garments,
parentheses, a garment is a veil that covers the entire head and the face, the neck and the breast all the way down to the ankles”


I dont know the reason why nuns always must use niqab and all women in Italy must hide their hair before they enter the  Italian Dome in Milano and in the Vatican. 

Mary was presumed to hide her hair at the time of Jesus. Maybe as it a Jewish custom?  If someone knows share below. 








read more about Niqab, Hijab and Burqa in a article that is written in Swedish. Hint: Install the Chrome Google  translate app to get it translated to your language.


Human flowers created by God.

( Google image search: “Somali fotomodels “

The woman is a intelligent skilled flower created by God/Allah. Why hide such a Beautiful creation?  Svetlana Kapanina is  a great woman showing beauty and talent in the Sky.

Deeyah Kahn is a love at first site. I listened to in her Ted speech. A speech that was difficult to listen as it triggered anxiety in me. But we must face reality now and then to understand what to do next. She shares deep pains and a view that  explains why e.g. one of my studens died in Syria as a member of Isis. A really strong speech by a beautiful and very intelligent woman and thinker. Listen to her. 

I admire this young girl like I admire my femminist daughter.


Men or instinct driven quadrupedal animals

Men must learn to behave like real men, not like animals! Correctly sentenced Pedophiles (preasts especcially) or  multiple  raper psychopaths, should be given the  choise:

prison for life or castration. 

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All men must learn to behave like loving men

and always respect women wherever they are, in bikini on the beach, with  or without Hijab in the town anywhere.




Sexual distortions in Christianity

Again a example of sexual distortion or perversion,

After the huge priest pedophile story in Chile 

now the truth is coming to the surface also in Italy. 

I priest with a 10 year old girl in a car behind the Firenze railway station…


I am proud to have married in Göteborg with the first Swedish Luteran priest and I feel good to talk with a Lutheran priest who has a wife.

We know hat  Sexuality is part of the human nature.

If we suppress sexuality with sense of guilt, sexuality becomes distorted and perverted as we see so often  in this world with

  • rapes
  • pedophily
  • pornography

It is time for the Christian Church to review the dreamy Biblical vision of immortality were sexuality is not needed and instead driven by the Devil.

Giordano Bruno wrote about the Dominicans screaming in the night in his autobiography before his death. Boccaccio wrote in his Decameron about the monks and nuns having encounters in the darkness.

But Catholic priests who are married or femail priests is still  just a dream in the Catholic church that is driven by and depending on old ignorant dogmas . The Catholic church is still thousand years behind with the distorted idea that sexuality is not needed and driven by the devil.

The Christian and especially the Catholic church
need to change it view and policy. 

  1. A sane sexuality is given us by God and not sinful
  2. Sexuality and must be kept free  
    from sickness, violence and perversions.
  3. We can make this Earth become a Paradise
  4. But there is no Paradise om Earth 
    without happy humans and childrens.

Let the priests marry and have a healthy sexuality.

Let women become priests.
Like Paul recommended many talented women spread the gospel.

Have you found a picture of a Paradise with childrens?
I found the image below of a Paradise with happy people and childrens in  Jehowas believe in the Resurrection with a eternal body . If a Resurrection Day will come as The Bible and the Quran tells us, only God knows how this world will be shaped and become. 

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