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The Science and story about infidelity


I stumbled upon this Ted. The issue has touched human beings for millennia and still does. A lot of humans  have been stoned for that.( John 8:11 )  The issue is still intresting for many in the 21th century . This is evident as this  Ted has been seen 5 139 925 times since it first was held in 2015. I think the issue is intresting, as it is about human beings behaviours, about love and being or not being kind issues I have dedicate time to before.

There is a Swedish way of describing marriage “Marriage is the first step toward divorce”. I personally went to a marriage preparing  Catholic course.  There we met a couple who have lived together for about 40 years and still loved each other. how is that possible? I unfortennately lost all the notes I made there. And what kind of love did they lived in?  We never got an answer to that question.

And what is to love someone? is to get in love like in a  Freudian psychosis? This video raises many questions I have not seen any Ted about.

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Neurotheology and manifestation of God



With Jesus our ancestor in Middle East could experience a physical manifestation of God through Jesus miracles. 

Now 2000 years later we are talking about a physical manifestation of God in our brain.

I saw two videos.

  1. The Ted seminar  “This is Your Brain on God | Michael Ferguson | TEDxSaltLakeCity
  2. Morgan Freemans “The story of God“. I will focus this post on what was said in this video starting at 1:35:26



Ted seminar

MRT were made with Christian believers.

people were asked to press a button when they had a Spiritual experience of God. In those moments three areas were activated:

Frontal Attention regions, The Nucleus accumbens and the Medial prefrontal cortex.

It is called the

Neuro Spiritual System

“when Jesus describes heavenly  rewards Neuroscientsts are illuminating the biological embodiment of these ancient

metaphors “
“the religious movement of Joseph Smith describes the Spirit of God like a
fire burning …  a wonderful warm glow it makes you want to do good and be good. Iit may be the emotion that moral psychologist Jonathan Hite refers to as elevation. 
the frontal attention regions are probably acting in concert with the
nucleus accumbens in order to amplify the phenomenal content of this religious experience”


Physical manifestations of God 

Morgan *Freeman met Andy Newberg a neurotheology neuroscientist in Philadelphia who studies what happens in our brain when we have religious experiences.

Mogan asks “Can i see Gods presence in my brain?”
The activity in Morgans frontal lobe increased during meditation just like Nuns being with Gos or Buddhists metidating.
A Atheist contemplating at God were not that successful, The Atheist could  raise frontal lobe activity only a little.
Andrew Newbergs conclusion:
“Regardless of what your practice is, the key is if you believe it. The whole brain gets involved in faith.”
Morgan conlcudes: “Experiencing the divine actually changes the brain and the way we see the world.”
Yo may read more about Andrew newbergs research in 


I am personally skeptic in considering the neuro scans to be a proof a divine  presence or a God manifestation.

I would rather prefer to say that those MRT scans show the brain reacts on divine belief and divine experiences. But that is just my hypothesis.

God has however  the power to “play” with Quantum physics rules , like Jesus did once as God is in my belief, the Creator of these. God is therefore able to show up in any kind of  incarnations (Avathars) or any other way.

You may look at this interview with Andrew where he share his opinion about the “conflict” between religion and “Science”. He makes a good effort to solve that millenial conflict many humans have. To bring peace in this “conflict” has been my effort long time now .  My last effort ended up  describing   a new  “theoscientific” Creation view in the   “Enlightened Genesis“.


Chaos and order




i studied thermodynamics many years ago and came to learn about entropy that describes the state of a system, the state of disorder.  To make an example, a egg has low entropy (low disorder) If you scramble it, the entropy (disorder) raises.  As you know you can not unscramble a egg. Similarly, if you put a piece of ice in a cup of warm juice, the peace of ice (with low entropy) will melt (get higher entropy) . it is unlikely you can reverse that system to get the piece of ice back in your warm juice.

I associate a system with high entropy with disorder, chaos. while a system with low entropy is a form of order. Entropy could be defined as a description of the degree of disorder.

Richard Feynman a American theoretical physicist who died 1988 explained entropy long time ago in this nice youtube:

Mathematician have discovered the strict mathematical constants and equations ( the Mandelbrot set z_(n+1)=z_n^2+C  ) lying behind that apparent chaos in images like this one:


Chaos and order are not the same word. But chaos is normally a system of high entropy. I like to visualize high entropy with chaos even if that is not always correct. E.g. a wood may seem chaotic in our point of view but has really a high state of order.


Our Biosphere

In our Biosphere everything get higher entropy that is, build up  chaos with time. All living creatures disrupt with time and finally die. This because the ordered DNA get disrupted  during the many replications.

Nature is so well constructed that a seed grows up to  a ordered system, a beautiful plant. But that happens only thanks to the sun that nourishes the plant with photons so it can build up its ordered structure according to the inherited program (DNA)  

Not to forget that the low degree of disorder in ice is created in lack of heat. So water and gases behaves in a different way.

Human beings like animals build aslo up a ordered system ( = their body with a  lower entropy) by eating plants, that is “consuming” the  order  in  the plants. We could say that animals build up and maintain  order (lower entropy) with the help of the plants lower entropy state (being cut downs and eaten)


disorder in our homes and cleaning up

Children tend to raise disorder in their living space. It is a sideeffect , we adults (parents most of all) have to live with  Their creating disorder  leads to a raise of intellectual order in their brain, that is learning. Cleaning up the room is the same as lower the entropy (disorder) of it.

other examples of entropy and how to use it in engines.


A theological view of the thermodynamics of entropy.

God/Allah has created a system (our Universe)  that is so well programmed that it, out of a extremely high disorder, by itself builds up order, the order of which we can use for our own survival.

Before  Salat it (Muslim prayer) is important to clean yourself and the prayer room. That is a form of showing thankfullness to our Creator that gave us life (=order.) God loves life and order. Shaytan (Iblis) on the contrary does not like order (disorder=death, suffering). Where Iblis has taken over, you see very high disorder, destruction and death. 

I invite you to Look at and meditate over  this video. Compare the order good humans created with the help of God, before the war and the disorder after the war.

It is very important to remember that we can not say, its the devils fault.  We were given a brain with a intelligent reasoning frontal lobe, so we  can normally choose whose what whispering we want to listen to. The whispering of the devil or the whispering of God.  We have also  learned to distuinguish between evil and good. So no excuses for our bad behaviour.

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