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Social media and AI



I saw a Swedish documentary called “Vägra Sociala medier” (“say no to social media”) at Adam Lundgren is a Swedish actor that has been questioning his use of Social media. He travels to Silicon Valley to know more about Social Media. He met the Flickr inventor, Jaron Lanier, and Jeff Hankock a psychologist expert on Social Media effect our minds.

He came up with an understanding that Social Media are using Social Media to learn about human behavior to improve AI. This was not the intention from the beginning. Google is using social media to improve their Google translate service.  I share in this post a few thoughts shared in the documentary.

While Adam speaks Swedish you hear all interviewed people talking in their language, English as Swedish media always let us listen to the speakers voices.



Google meet – How to use

If you want to start a meeting

  1. You must have a Gmail
  2. Login Gmail
  3. Click on the nine button icon
  4. Choose Meet


If you want to attend a meeting

  1. You must have a Gmail
  2. Login Gmail
  3. Click on the link you got
  4. Wait for you to be accepted


Zoom – How to use



How to join

  1. Use phone if you do not have microphone and camera on your computer.
  2. Click on the link you got by mail or chat
  3. Choose to connect with browser
    Chrome works best.
  4. Wait for you to be accepted

Jaron Lanier

author of  Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now”

  • Ai works with data.
  • China might take advantage of AI.
  • Social media is used to take data to feed AI.
  • The power is by those who own the social media
  • Google translate development needs data taken from people
  • Facebook didn’t plan  the development  that later started
  • the engineer is more conscious about the information manipulation
  • It is an unfair way to develop AI with Social media data.
  • Today there is a loss of mystery, of faith in the sense of the future.
  • Over the world, you see depressed and stressed out people.
  • There is no more positive science fiction about the future.

Catarina Faker

The developer of Flickr sold to Yahoo

  • Give the regular people a voice
  • Should this exist is a question we must do.


Jeff Hankock

Professor psychologist at Standford, studying social media effects on humans.

  • Addicted to phones because 
  • We can not sit with our thoughts for 6 minutes
  • We can develop defenses against social media.
  • Being bored is 
  • With social media, we see the world differently 
  • Socrates was worried that the words can change the memories of our selves
  • Dopamine kicks are part of our reward system
  • We get dopamine kick when we make a handshake, see a smiling face, get a like on Facebook.
  • The dopamin dialog disturbs me
  • You have to determine if the reward you get, disturbs you or not.
  • The phone my have helped Andreas so far.
  • Our memory doesn’t work as for the greeks
  • Social media and books change your memories.


Eugenia Keyda

recreated his own boyfriend Roman who died, as a chatbot


David Grossblatt

owner of Founder’s Dojo, a free incubator in San Francisco for young, wayward startup founders.
the man who’s rumored to be the inspiration for Erlich Bachman, the raunchy but loveable character on HBO’s Silicon Valley. Read more at

  • the incubator is a creative space
  • IGrossblats incubator is trying to offset the manipulation of information
  • Manipulation of information has always existed but  is more visible now
  • Lanier is part of the incubator
  • Ai is in its infancy
  • We can not stop AI.
  • AI will make rich people richer.
  • We have to be optimistic


Bailey Parnell Ted

“The Canadian Association of Mental Health 
found that grades 7-12 students who spent two hours a day on social media reported higher levels of anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.”

Bailey Parnell is talking about how Social media affects you. She digs more into this issue and how to prevent the negative effects. She recommend these four steps:


Effects on children

Patrik Wincent is the founder of ”Internetakuten”, a company with the main focus of offering counsel to people who are dealing with digital stress and to offer education in how to prevent and recognize digital stress.
“studies shown by Hilda Cavalli shows
that 30% of children under the age of 2
knows easily how to use an iPad
but haven’t yet learned how to
The age between 0 to 2
the brain doubles in size and continues
to grow until they become 25 years so
early brain development is dependent on
which environment and which surrounding
were in right and also studies showing
the three four year olds does easily
knows how to control an iPad having
material difficulties by grasping
objects such as blocks pen and a paper”




Other issues covered

this doc mentioned



I am myself using social media for my own purposes, informing about my doings and projects. But I am careful not to keep my Facebook posts private for friends or a restricted group.

I don’t care if Facebook can read all my posts.

If I can help Google to improve their translation services, that is ok as I myself use often Google translate to get fast translations I can correct in a short time.

Depressed or optimistic?

Humankind has a very important instinct we often can rely on. That is survival.

However AI develops,  Humankind will always do its best to survive. AI is just one of many techniques humankind has developed.

Most of us have learned to use fire, knives, dynamite, and other potentially dangerous tools in a safe way. There are criminals, pyromancers, and killers who use these tools the wrong way. 

Humankind is doing its best to keep these people under control with laws, military, police and other measures. We have hackers and pedophiles who use the Internet in a bad way. We are developing techniques to protect us from criminals,

I would not have been able to do the things I am doing without internet. I m worried but not pessimistic about the development of social media and AI.

Will AI become a tool available for sick or criminal people? Bots are now used by hackers. Will hackers and criminals be able one day to take over robots? I think that these are important questions our next generations have to make.

Another thought that came up with this doc is that parents should know about Social media effects on their children and talk with them about it.

sourdough 10



My ninth sourdough was made following Sabastiéns advices I have shared at

But the dough became to to wet with the Italian  flour I used and I got a flat bread good to make Pane Cunzato with.

This time I go back to Tom’s method with stretching.

HINT. The main page about sourdough, its preparing methods, history and science is documented in



Making levain

Levain ingrediences (made this Saturday  August 24 at 22.15) 

  • 100 gram  Italian Divella I wheat flour bought at Discount Canneto
  • 80  gram Italian integrale Casillo  wheat flour bought at Discount Canneto
  • in 180 gram water (~ 2 dl) and 
  • 2 spoons of a bubbleing starter

~ 11 hours in the refrigerator in my plastic box with cover.


Create the dough

(Start 11 am Sunday  August 25) 

I solved all the levain in 4 dl Fontenoce water 

Then I added  12 dl wheat flour 1 Divella bought at Discount Canneto

I mixed this with a wooden spoon

  • 45 min rest (Rest 1) in room temp in a plastic box with a lid over to protect humidity over the frigerator where it is warmer


Stretching and resting

creating protein network

  • I added A few gram dry coarse salt before the first stretch
  • The rest of the stretches and 30 min rest proceeded well. The dough became elastic and slimy stretched well.
  • Last and fourth stretch at 13.30
  • I divided the dough in 2 parts and put it in the refrig in two bowls covered with plastic.
  • it has to stay overnight (>8 hours) but as I started late (I needed to sleep som more today) I decided to leave it in the frig until tomorrow. 

(As recommended the doughs should, after the stretching  part, have rest for at least 8 hours (“Over night” to  get acidity.)


Final stretch  and formatting

Monday  morning August 26) 

  • 10.30 am. Took out the doughs from the refrigerator to rest 60 min in room temperature.
  • 11.30  am . Took up the dough gently and stretch each dough without breaking it a few times. 


Fermenting – producing  CO2 bubbles

  • 11.30 am.  laid  the doughs on the baking sheet with baking paper paper to fermet 2 hours in room temp (25 celsius)
  • .

    Baking preparation

  • 1.30 pm oven at 250 temp Celsius when I put the cutted doughs in the oven to be baked 
  • .

  • Baking

  • 40 minutes at max temp.
  • l2.10 pm   lowered temp to 160
  • Nice color . 15 minutes more baking at this 250 Celsius (max) with ventilation


Cooling and tasting


The bread became nice and fully baked.  The taste is good with a fine acidity.




i got a good acidity keeping the stretched doughs in the refrigerator over night 12 hours 15 minutes. The doughs were nice after having been warmed up. I had flour on the table when I made the last stretch before formating. I did not got the nice  holes maybne because of that but however I got a good consistence.

the first bread I am very satisfied with.

e-cig and Iqos aerosols dangerous?




I updated this post July 27 2019, with information abtout HNB aerosols.

Posted November 8 12018
In the RSalute segment, page 50  of Italian Repubblica November 8 2018, I read  that :

The saliva of a small group of e-cigarette users contained increased levels of three DNA-damaging compounds according to a research made in BIrmingham. David Ticket in Birmingham says that the products of heated polypropylene glycole in e-juice, have toxic effects on the immune system alvaeolar macrophage in the lungs.

Thes chemicals are formaldehyde, acrolein and methylglyoxal

They do not tell what kind if eliquid was used. Most people have some kind of flavour in the juice.  Flavours have been a issue before.

The article also says “The most concerning findings were related to acrolein, which is produced when glycerol is heated”



Propylene glycole (PG) molecule

Propylene glycole looks like this:



Chemical reaction with PG

With the heat in the coil tea ch propylene glycole moelcule loose three hydrogen atoms and you get a Acrolein  molecule and three water molecules.

transforms into

acrolein molecule


two water molecules

mage sources:  ( Wikipedia and )


Diacetile – popcorn lungs

 a friend of mine informed me abiout a site telling about . This page  gives a link that makes you maybe land on  where they say: “There are > 7,000 e-cigarette flavors currently marketed. Flavoring chemicals gained notoriety in the early 2000s when inhalation exposure of the flavoring chemical diacetyl was found to be associated with a disease that became known as “popcorn lung.” 

This study looked  for Diacetyl (2,3-butanedione) in 51 e-juice flavours. Peach schnapps cocktail had the highest concentration of Diacetyl (P238 μg/e-cigarette) in the vapor and aerosol of ecig. ( Source: table 2  ) They give value e-cigarette but does not tell what a “e-cigarette” means . It looks like the e-cigarette is a cartridge they used. However they “drew air through the e-cigarette for 8 sec at a time, with a resting period of 15 or 30 sec between each draw”. They probably did this automatically with a computer led air pump to get comparable tests.

I found this video about “popcorn lungs”. They talk Italian informing about diacetile.


Lipoid pneumonia

I hear a few years ago about lipoid pneumonia.  I pressumed that these  vapers must have been vaping a lot. But no studies seem to have been done to measure the quantities of  PG and/or VG in the vapour andf how much they vaped.

Spanish Hospital Reports World’s Second Ever Case of Lipoid Pneumonia Associated with E-Cigarette Use


HNB devices like IQOS

I have tried Iqos for a while. I have no mucus reaction on IQOS aerosol and thought HNB may be a healtheir solution for me. But I found this  article:

This article shares reseach results where aerosols, vapor and smoke  were compared testing  HNB device like   IQOS ecig and normal cigarettes. High Carbonyl content were seen  in HNB aerosol like . Acrolein ahas previously been found in saliva from ecig users. 



The acrolein study done so far is incomplete. There are several questions that have not been studied

  1. What kind of liquid did the vapers use?
    PG or VG with aroma and nicotine or not?
  2. They only found it in the saliva. 
  3. Non studies have been done to measure acroleine density in the lungs
  4. Where there acrolein in the vape or only in the liquid and in what quantities? 
  5. How could acrolein reach the lunggs?
  6. How much  PG reach the lungs? (to know more about lipid pneumonia riscs. 

How do we get aacroleine oer diacetile  into the lungs”. it should remain in the juice or as these are not hydrophiles (weater soluble)

liek PG is with its OH groups. Some PG may reach the lungs 

S ource: 1

My RAD (reactive airways desease) does not react on  Iqos and ecig aerosols. But thinking about carbonyles in Iqos aerosol,  acrolein in Ecig aerosol , thousands of dangerous particles in cigarette smoke, it is better maybe better to breath fresh not polluted air.

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Installing app without Google store


I had to struggle for days to be able to install the app bancoposta on my  Samsung with a italian number. Nothing helped.

Google store said it was “unavailable for my country” So I consulted my son and in 5 minutes I had my bancoposta app installed and working.

How to download and install android app without Google store

  1. Check the name of the app. In my case it was “bancoposta”
  2. With your phone search in google for “bancoposta apk download”
  3. I got a link to with this screen
  4. I downloaded and runned that apk and I had my working bancoposta.

PS I had to approve that the app was downloaded outside Google store.


Incinerators and alternatives

Rod White sent me two comments with very valuable information about incinerators and alternatives. Reading Rod Whites comments, his links and others articles, I now think it is important to look closer at our “green” incinerators here in Sweden as well as look for alternatives.

Here are the links Rod gave us about air pollution problematics:

Rods links to alternatives

Looking around I found a link to the Centre for Organic Waste Management. The DiCom’s biological process, according to an old article is probably being used in Perth in Australia: “The inner Perth suburb of Shenton Park is set to boast a leading edge municipal waste processing facility that by 2005 could be transforming 55 000 tonnes of garbage per annum to yield green electricity and compost–both lucrative end products.“(1) There seems to be facilities in Germany and Austria using similar techniques. But I had difficulties in finding information about these.

The question

Acerra - Biutiful CauntriThe question I have is about the incinerator in Acerra near Neaple, that will be ready for production next year. Beppe Grillo and Italian ambientalists want to stop the building of this incinerator. Is this a wise move? I understand that the building of new modern facilities, requires much more than one year and the problem in Campania does not allow another 5 years of “camorra waste treatment”. As I red somewhere, in Italy, only around Neaple there is a rise in cancer cases. Grass eating (!) animals are dying there because of poisons and most probably, Napolitan meat, the famous Napolitan peaches and mozarellas are dangerous to eat. (Look at the presentation of the documentary Biùtiful Cauntri) Wouldn’t Acerra be a short term move in the right direction, that means to lower overall poison emissions and decrease ambient related sickness in the region?

Italiani RicicloniI totally agree that inciniterators like the one in Acerra is not a final solution. I think that the best strategy is that garbage must not be mixed at the source, in fact should they be separated from the source in the homes, in the factories etc. The Comunity of Acerra is working hard with this now. Many Italian cities are very good with that with up to 71% garbage separated. Look at Comuni Ricicloni and this document at page 26.

I think of course that we must recycle our resources (food garbage, paper, plastics, aluminium, glass etc) and make adequate poison treatment (from batteries, PVC etc). Neaple and Italy should plan for alternatives to incinerators and maybe let the incinerators end up burning biofuels.

Svenska myter…


Ad Acerra, Beppe Grillo parla della Svezia: “Nel nord Europa la merda é una risorsa. Quando cagano, in Svezia non la buttano via e una risorsa diventa. La fanno del compostaggio, danno del compost. Hanno i gabinetti in un’altro modo. Costruiscono le case in un altro modo. Allora in Svezia i gabinetti li fanno che dividono la pipì dalla cacca. La cacca diventa una risorsa. I condomini vendono la cacca a 60 € al chilo. Loro sovveniscono alle spese condominiali cagando. Allora a parte le battute che é tutto vero quello che vi dico…” Per completare il racconto di Beppe Grillo, sotto ho messo la foto di un mercato svedese…

Devo purtroppo dire che non é vero il 99% di quel che ha detto Grillo. Gabinetti di quel tipo si possono comprare per villette senza fognatura e per chi investe in un sistema simile. Ma la stragrande maggioranza degli appartamenti e delle case svedesi hanno ancora un gabinetto del vecchio tipo. Al mito delle bionde svedesi Grillo ce ne ha portato un altro… Traduco quanto ha detto Grillo in svedese.


I början av sitt tal utanför byggplatsen till Acerra sopförbänningstation utanför Neapel, äger Beppe Grillo detta om Sverige: “I norra Europa är bajset en resurs. När de bajsar, i Sverige slänger de inte bajset, det blir en resurs. Dom komposterar det. Dom har annorlunda toaletter. Dom bygger husen på ett annat sätt. Dom har toaletter som separerar kisset från bajset. Bajset blir en resurs. Och bostadsrättsfÃöreningarna säljer skiten för 60 Euro kilot. Dom bidrar till yttre fonden genom att skita. Skämt åsido, är allt det jag säger sant….” Jag komplettererar Grillos berättelse med en bild av en svensk marknad.
Ärligt sagt… vilken bostadsrättsförening har lyckats med detta? Hmmmm, någon som vet? 🙂 Hur som hellst, Åker du till Neapel så ä¤r det kanske någon som vill veta mera.

ASM = Gestione criminale

Ahimè… Ho saputo che il mio precedente post, scritto inizialmente nel blog di Grillo come commento a “Vedi Brescia e muori“, è stato censurato. Lo ha scoperto Daily Owl. Cosa stai combinando Beppe? Forse ha ragione Alessandro Giglioli nel dire che non tolleri dialoghi. E il mio amico italiano che non ti tollerava perchè urlavi come un certo tedesco…. Cosa stai combinando Beppe???

Oggi in Repubblica si leggisull’inceneritore di Terni in Puglia che è stato chiuso dal Pubblico Ministero
Elisabetta Massini: “I liquami dell’inceneritorescrive il magistratovenivano scaricati nel Nera. E i responsabili dell’Asm (la municipalizzata che controlla l’impianto) ne sarebbero stati a tal punto consapevoli da tentare di “diluirli” nel tempo “aggiungendo acque di raffreddamento provenienti dalle torri dell’impianto . I forni bruciavano senza autorizzazione, anche ciò che non avrebbero potuto – si legge ancora – lasciando che le ciminiere alitassero nell’aria “acido cloridrico” e “diossine”, liberate da una “combustione” tenuta al disotto dei limiti (850 gradi) e dissimulata da false attestazioni dei cicli di lavorazione. Ancora: avrebbero bruciato anche rifiuti radioattivi.” (Link)

Come si potrebbe descrivere una gestione simile se non come gestione criminale? Ma chi erano i responsabili della ASM.? Incredibilmente simile alla gestione di certe fabbriche del terzo mondo… che quasi ci ricorda di Seveso. E adesso i rifiuti di Terni diventano buon pasto per uccelli e roditori.

E mio nipote sentendo cosa hanno combinato a Terni, mi chiese poco fa se gli italiani non sanno gestire inceneritori.

Un commento per Grillo -aggiornato


Questo articolo sul tema inceneritori  col titolo “Un commento per Grillo”e stato pubblicato il 12/1 2008.
Oggi 6 agosto 2020 aggiungo una introduzione e altro.

Nel 2017 gli Italiani hanno prodotto 489 kg di rifiuti per persona. La Svezia 452 kg. Quanto viene finito in natura e su discariche? Mi immagino che in Romania non si ha controllo su questi dati pe vari motivi. I(leggete di più su

Dopo 12 anni so di più sull’incenerimento di rifiuti indifferenziati.
Per poter usare un inceneritore bisogna eliminare le batterie (perchè contengono arsenico e metalli pesanti) e i sali dai rifiuti da bruciare. Il sale (HCl) contiene cloro e il cloro genera nel forno sostanze cancerogene come le diossine come i 
Policlorobifenili (PCB).

per questo si fa di tutto in Svezia per eliminare il sale dai rifiuti separando il biologico che ne contiene assai. Il biologico viene portato per essere trasformato insieme agli escrementi delle fogne in concime per i parchi.

è ovvio che inceneritori richiedono:

  1. la separazione dell’umido,
  2. la differenziata di altri rifiuti velenosi come per esempio batterie che contengono arsenico e metalli pesanti (cadmio etc).
  3. una amministrazione non criminale come quella del ASM anni fa
  4. e che sostanze cancerogene vengano eliminate con tecniche moderne come per esempio catalizzatori che ora si usano in Svezia.
  5. che i fanghi che si creano negli inceneritori, vengano depositati in posti sicuri come si fa con sostanze radioattive. Su questo si discute in Svezia Per ora la Norvegia che ha tante miniere in disuso aiuta la Svezia a pagamento.
  6. Gli inceneritori svedesi producono oggi 0,6 g di diossine per anno e seguono quindi, grazie in parte alla separazione dell’umido, a questi provvedimenti le regole UE

Ma mi chiedo. La soluzione italiana, di scaricare indifferenziata su discariche in natura è forse migliore? Lipari ora esporta in Sicilia, un misto di umido con batterie e altro che non è biodegradabile. 

Anche in Svezia c’erano anni fa molte discariche che creavano problemi inquinando falde aquifere. Per proteggere le falde, si venne allora costretti a creare bacini impermeabili sotto, che raccoglievano i liquidi velenosi per portarli alla distruzione in aziende specializzate.


Su Sävenäs förbränningstation a Göteborg

Ho letto i post recentemente comparsi sul blog di Grillo. Tra l’altro l’ultimo “Vedi Brescia e muori“.
Io vivo a meno di un chilometro da un inceneritore qui a Göteborg in Svezia. La foto di questo si vede sul sito della ditta ( che lo gestisce.

Intorno all’inceneritore abbiamo ville e nella valle ci abitano migliaia di persone.

E ho visitato l’inceneritore diverse volte con i miei alunni. (testo aggiunto 6/8 2020:) Quì sollevano indifferenziata per lasciarlo cadere nel forno.

Mi fido delle nostre autorità di controllo e penso che qui chiuderebbero se fosse come li descrivete voi gli inceneritori. Come si legge dal sito di Renova, i gas vengono trattati in tre fasi. Prima un filtro elettrostatico per togliere le particelle, poi un lavaggio in acqua per togliere acidi e ulteriori particelle dannose e per ultimo un filtro per togliere diossine e zolfo. Noi abbiamo una buona raccolta differenziata e oggi non abbiamo penso bisogno di costruire ulteriori inceneritori. Ma con inceneritori che abbiamo cominciato.

Non è un pò utopica la visione della raccolta 100% differenziata? E i dati presentati per gli inceneritori non è forse un pò troppo negativa? Da quel che so, non tutto può essere riciclato e la tecnica degli inceneritori si sviluppa continuamente, almeno qui da noi.

Clicca sulle immagini sotto per vedere la posizione dell’inceneritore a Sävenäs.

L’inceneritore visto in Google maps (aggiunto 6/7 2020)


HUAWEI installed on PCLOS Gnome 2.21.2…

… and used with Tele2 Sweden


I found this installation tip in Swedish for “3” and for Ubuntu on I don’t know if this step is necessary but I did this as a first try.

  1. I put the chip in my phone and disabled the pin code (it was 0000).
  2. Chip back in HUWAEI and started the computer with the HUWAEI in the USB1
  3. After being logged in I checked that the HUAWEI wasnt mounted
  4. PCLinux OS Control Center
  5. Network and Internet
  6. Set up a network interface
  7. Analog telephone modem
  8. Choose /dev/ttyUSB1
  9. Unlisted provider – edit manually
  10. Added these data according to Ubuntu page:
    Connection name: Tele2
    Phone number: *99#
    Login ID: username
    Password: password
    Authentication: PAP/CHAP
  11. Parameters
    Dialup IP parameters: Automatic
    DNS parameters: Automatic
    Dialup IP parameters gateway: Automatic
  12. Allow user to manage the connection
  13. Choose “Start the connection at boot”


The above measures didn’t work so I looked further and found info on

  1. I downloaded huawei.tar.bz2 and run this:
    $ tar xjvf huawei.tar.bz2
    $ cd huawei
    $ su
    # make info
  2. I provided to move some files from the package to /etc according to the table:
  3. After this I tried to connect ppp0 and suddenly it worked


Just for fun I got also he220stat.tar.bz2 and run this:

$ tar xjvf he220stat.tar.bz2
$ cd he220stat*
$ ./configure
$ make
# make install
# xhe220stat


I don’t know if the step 1 is needed. It is strange that only “username” and “password” is needed. The data settled were chosen for another provider “3” for Ubuntu and not for mine PCLOS and “Tele2”.

One should maybe find some more intelligent and rapid solutions. But as I don’t want to spoil everything and restart just for fun I let you do the experimenting. I will for sure have to redo this one day…

Comments work again… maybe

The browser stopped with a white screen on wp-comments-post.php if I tried to send a comment without being admin.  I have maybe found the cause of this problem. I deactivated HTML Purifier. It replaces the default HTML filters. There is a new version out but don’t want to upload and test now. Sorry if you tried to send comments. But please try again…