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the mustard grain and the Universe



Sunday 19 Mt 13,24-43 is read. It is about the Kingdom of God.

Kingdom of God is restricted to the Christian world of faith.

For most Christians the Kingdom of God is restricted to the Christian world of faith.  There is no logic in this. Jesus was a Jew and had contact with the Smaritans  regarded as dogs by the Jews. He for sure had contact with the Essenes to.he wanted to convert to lost Hebrews. He did not want to spread phobia but love.  I see a different Kingdom of God  were all humans are welcome, with faith or not.

I decided to make a second post about this reading with focus on the mustard grain seed.

No priest talked about this parable probably because they are looked into the Genesis story of Moses and don’t want to see what Science says about the Universe’s first moments of existence.

Nils Bohr said once

Bildresultat för if you are not astonished by quantum mechanics then you have not understood it.

I say:

“if you are not astonished by the words of Jesus,
then you have not understood Jesus.”.



The text

( N:B. The texts below are copied from )

Mathew 13,24-43 says among others :

the grain of mustard grain parable
13:31 He set another parable before them, saying, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field;
13:32 which indeed is smaller than all seeds. But when it is grown, it is greater than the herbs, and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in its branches.”


The message

I have all the parables indexed in this page.

The parable of the yeast and the grain of mustard.

 Luke 13:18 shares the same parable  with these words. To be able to compare these I put both parable versions beside each other in this table.

Matthew 13:31  Luke 13:18 Thomas
13:31 “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field;
13:32 which indeed is smaller than all seeds. But when it is grown, it is greater than the herbs, and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in its branches.”
 “13:18 He said, “What is the Kingdom of God like? To what shall I compare it? It is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and put in his own garden. It grew, and became a large tree, and the birds of the sky lodged in its branches.” 3 [20]. The disciples say to Jesus: “Tell us what the Kingdom of heaven is like!” He says to them: “It is like a grain of mustard: it is smaller than all the <other> seeds, but when it falls on ploughed land it produces a big stalk and becomes a shelter for the birds of heaven.”


what msutard seed was it really?

“At times, Bible scholars concluded erroneously that is was seed of the black mustard (Brassica nigra)  Jesus talked about. The Brassica nigra seed grow up to a brush to seek shelter in as Thomas wrote but not a tree were birds lodge like Matthew and Luke said.


Closeup of yellow blossoming black mustard or Brassica nigra plants growing in the wild on a pile of earth at the edge of a farmer’s field in the Netherlands. It is in the middle of the summer period.

But this seed 
a  mustard tree that become so big that it can lodge birds  in its branches is the three of  Salvadora perisica. In scientific communities, the mustard tree is the Salvadora perisica, commonly called the toothbrush tree. they are in favor for the Salvadora because it is a larger plant than the black mustard and better able to accommodate birds resting in its branches. TheSalvadora perisica mustard tree grows throughout arid Africa and the Middle East.” ( )

Thomas was more accurate.
Jesus may have talked about the brassica nigra seed but described the parable as Thomas reported it. Indeed can birds find shelter in a big brassica nigra plant.

Metaphore for faith?

The metaphor of the seed is mainly interpreted as the faith in God that can grow. As I wrote in my introduction:

For most Christians, the Kingdom of God is restricted to the Christian world of faith. The Christians want to be the chosen people. But there is no logic in this.

Jesus was a Jew and had contact with the Samaritans that were  regarded as dogs by the Jews. he had no Samarophobia like the Jews.
He for sure had contact with the Essenes too like John the Baptist. He wanted to convert to lost Hebrews. He did not want to spread phobia but love.  I see a different Kingdom of God were all humans are welcome, whatever faith they belong to. As fart as they behave as good caring humans.

the kingdom of God

But is the Kingdom of God only restricted to the world of faith? I doubt that. I think that everything that exists (visible and not) is part of the Kingdom of God.

The disciples did not have knowledge enough to understand the parable of the grain of mustard in other contexts than their own faith and life experience.

Nor does probably many priests understand it, listening to their obscure bla bla bla explanations. 

I see that  the mustard grain and tree metaphor rather as a beautiful metaphor for the birth of the Universe. Something very small becomes something huge. I do it after having followed Pauls advice in Romans 1:19-20

Study the creation to be remove your blindness.

paul wrote a  about woman, natural sex and other issue out of studio stereotypes of his time and biases.  But I admire a free thinking part in Romans where he motivates us to study the creation:

. Paul’s motivation to do this in Romans 1:19,20 is very important to consider:

“What may be known of God is manifest in them for God has shown it to them. 
For since the creation of the world, his invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made,

even his eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse”

I find that Pauls words were followed by a few famous people Scietnist with open minds like Einstein who said: 

“I believe in Spinoza’s God, Who reveals Himself
in the orderly  harmony of what exists,

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. - Albert Einstein(Image source :

read more about  Einstein in my page dedicated to him.

To study the creation became my way to try to understand God. 

Look at this Nautilus lesson about seeds:

The mustard seeds

I write the page “Evolution of Physics” and “Earth and life primordial atoms” some time ago. As you can read on my first page, the building blocks of the Universe are very very small. They may not even be regarded as particles anymore.

David Tong, Professor of Theoretical Physics, call these The real building blocks of the Universe”

”Source: minute 33)

These may in fact be just strings according to the string theory)

At Jesus time what smaller could be seen than mustard grains?

The Kingdom of God could be a metaphor for the Universe and its origin. A metaphor that is today illustrated with this image:

St. Augustine wrote: ‘If it happens that the authority of Sacred Scripture is set in opposition to clear and certain reasoning, this must mean that the person who interprets Scripture does not understand it correctly.” [St. Augustine, Epist. 143, 7, PL 33, 588]



I have found an alternative explanation for the grain of mustard and yeast that is in agreement with” clear and certain reasoning”.

But I have still not looked at the other parables about the Kingdom.  These may contradict the conclusion I came to today. 

Whatever, I find the parable of the yeast and mustard grain, to be just genius. Miracle stories are not needed to justify that this man is to be listened to.

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Loop Quantum Gravity

Quantum physics has been in my attention for some time now. The reason for it you find in my article about the Quantum God

I have dedicated my professional life to math and its language as a math teacher. But that was for K9 students. I find myself stuck with the math language  Einstein dealt with like the math in the two equations below. I must attend a course explaining this kind of advanced math language.

When I got the news from Fermilab I prenumerate on, about “Loop Quantum Gravity –  how to merge quantum mechanic and gravity” a new field of study, it was impossible for me not to start looking at this video.  

This video resurrected  a old plan I had.  Quantum mechanics math is far more difficult than the math in the relativity equations. I struggled many years ago with the Schroedinger equation, the math I did not understand but understood the electron state orbital consequences. this equation is important to understand to be able to dig into quantum mechanic math.

The best explanation of the Schroedinger equation  I have found is this video:

To understand quantum mechanics better I have to follow leonard Susskind in the video below about imaginary/ complex numbers, complex coniugates and how these are used to describe abstract quantum vectors: 

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Lunar eclipse_20180727 in Älghult

There were unfortunenately clouds outside my kitchen window in Älghult, Småland, Sweden It took a while until I discovered the eclipsed moon appearing from behind a tall tree.  I succeeded to set up my Canon 50D with tele, Hähnel Giga Giga T Pro remote control. At that time  it was 11:30pm and the eclipse was not total anymore.

 and got this image with the moon left side still in the Earth penumbra:

As I could not get both Mars and the Moon in one view with my tele, I decided to make a photo with  Gimp where I added the moon taken with tele to the photo above. The photo below  that I got, gives an idea how I saw the Moon and Mars from my windows.


Know more at

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Emmy Noether

I got info today from fermilab about the female genious Emmy Noether born 1923 in Germany. She  was a mathematician that  developed the  beautiful Noether Theorem.

As she had a jewish heritage she had to emigrate from Nazi Germany to USA, Pensylvania were she died  young, 14 April 1935 (aged 53) after a surgery and fever.

Fermilab’s Dr. Don Lincoln tells us about her and explains her theorem:  didn’t list  Emmy  Noether in their article  probably because they thought Emmy “didn’t change the world”. 🙂

Her theorem is important because 

  • She showed that conservation laws come from Symmetries.
    She said “For every symmetry there is a conservation law”
  • Noethers theorem tells something profound about the laws of Nature.

Einsteins said about her:

Quantum Biology – updated


I have written about abiogenesis in

Now I move on from abiogenesis to Quantum Biology.

Reading about this new Scientific area still in its infancy, I will describe the main Quantum Biology researches shortly in this post,  I am now asking myself how quantum mechanics may have helped the processes in the prevailing abiogenesis “land-based volcanic origin theory “

Biological science is now making great progress thanks to the knowledge of quantum mechanics, especially about the entanglement mystery I wrote about in


Biologists can explain some curious phenomena only with quantum mechanics.

These are:

  1. Quantum coherence assists photosynthetic light-harvesting. Excitons in plants move as coherent waves of a quantum superposition of energy states. Doing so the exciton explores several routes at the same time.

    “quantum computation” in photosynthesis (finding the fastest way to the photosynthetic reaction center)  makes photosynthesis more efficient and energy effective.
    (Source: Philip Ball min 48 )
  2. the magnetoreception faculty of some birds
    to be able to see/ feel the earth magnetic field with the  cryptochrome blue light receptor

    Professor Henrik Mouritsen at the University of Oldenberg has made a research on this phenomenon.
    I one eye is darkened the capability disappears. The only way to explain this is with quantum physics.
    A new PBS Spacetime youtube video (see below) talks about this. PBS shares Klaus Schulten’s explanation:
    “Klaus Schulten and colleagues proposed the mechanism that has remained mostly unchanged to this day. It goes like this:

    birds have some protein in their eyes. When light hits the protein, it knocks an electron off an attached molecule that goes onto an adjacent molecule.
    The two molecules now share a pair of entangled electrons— they become a radical pair for a short period of time. Then they quickly react to produce some chemical byproducts. But there’s the key – those byproducts are sensitive to the spin state of the valence electrons at the time of the reaction. 

    So during the short lifespan of the radical pair, its valence spin state can be modified if the bird changes the orientation of its head relative to the Earth’s magnetic field. That leads to a changing yield of different possible byproducts across the bird’s eyes.
    That could lead to a true visual sense of magnetic field orientation.”
    Learn more in the video at

  3. Electron tunneling in smelling.
    the olfactory function enhanced by the capability to sense the way molecules vibrate and bond and structure
    Heavier deuterium loaded molecules vibrate slower and the olfactory system can feel that.
  4. Quantum tunneling makes biochemical proton transfers faster and easier. E.g. Hydrogen transfer enzymes like Lactate dehydrogenase save energy by quantum tunneling of hydrogen protons (Philip Bill 18:36)
  5. Our noses “listen” to the smell molecules vibrating ligaments
  6. Different odors are giving by different odors. cyanuric molecules vibrate like almond molecules so these have the same smell. (Source: Jim Al-Khalili)
  7.  quantum entanglement in the brain’s
    microtubule proteins as a key ingredient in human consciousness.
    “orchestrated objective reduction theory (Orch OR)”
  8. This is more about nanotechnology. The lizard gecko can climb walls thanks to millions of setae, tiny projections that bind with surfaces at a molecular level as a result of van der Waals forces. Mimicking the adhesive qualities of geckos’ feet the geckotape has been developed, called Setex material.

    (Source: )

One of Jims youtube is this one

The leading experts in Quantum Biology are now

A few good sources if you want to know more are:

Space is not empty

Space is 99.9% filled with a plasma, mix of particles,  negatively charged electrons and positively charged nuclei (atoms that have lost there electrons. These particles comes from the Sun’s corona in a so called Solar wind. Our Sun is only one of the sources of plasma.

Related image

Our Biosphere is protected by a Magnetosphere from thePlasmasphere (=Space). Astronauts have to protect them selves from the Plasmasphere and especially the Solar winds huge amounof loaded particles.

Image result for magnetosphere

October 27 news. “Space is not empty, but full of plasma and particles that you never expected to be there. “99.9 percent of the Universe is made up of plasma,” says Dr. Dennis Gallagher, a plasma physicist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. The magnetosphere surrounds and protects the earth from stellar plasma….” Read more at

Our  Sun’s corona produce continually plasma a mix of negative electrons and positive atom nuclei. We call it the Solar wind. I presume that if our Sun do this then probably all the stars in the Universe do it. That explains the existence a plasmasphere surrounding our planet.

A magnetosphere around our biosphere protects our biosphere from the Solar wind

” the Earth looks like it is floating in a black void. But, unseen by our eyes and most cameras, the Earth is actually surrounded by a complex system of interacting electric and magnetic fields, electric currents and charged particles called the magnetosphere.  The magnetosphere provides a barrier between our planet and particles continually given off by the Sun’s corona called the “solar wind.” These particles constitute a plasma – a mixture of electrons (negatively charged) and ions (atoms that have lost electrons, resulting in a positive electric charge).