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Desk computer

From desktop to desk computer. Why have a ugly dustcollecting box when you can keep your computer parts on the table easy to keep free from dust, cool and nice to look at?  This is my new style. It takes some more space but that is not a problem with my desk.

Took photos of all cable connections on the main board in the box to be able to reconnect correctly. I laid the motherboard on a glass to avoid electrical shortcuts.


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We are all guilty!

SVD - Bitt Wadner and the Rolling Stones

The owners of were found guilty today as can be read on their own site, on CNN (link) and many other newspapers around the world. This reminds me of the “illegal” Pirate Radio trials during the sixties (wikipedia)… Do you know the story about the Pirate Queen Britt Wadner? (Link) She was sentenced several times, even to jail for sending “not interesting” music from her ship.

I think one must respect copyright and pay the authors so they can continue their work. But as long as big shareholders and their companies (Warner Brothers, Columbia, Twentieth Century Fox, Sony BMG and EMI) decide who is able to listen to what and how, there will be a sharing between people. In the past we listened to pirate radios, we borrowed LP and used the tape recorders, now we use torrents. Today it is torrents found on Google, tomorrow it is torrents through OneSwarm.

I have finally found a good source for music and it is on With Spotify I have a tool that allows me to search for any kind of music and listen on it the way I like it, on the computer. And I pay 9€ a month for this freedom. Do you think it is EMI and company that created this resource? Sorry…