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The Silence on Lipari


I wrote before about silence in this article:

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Inspired by a article from La Republica Dossier 13/7 2019, I decided to create this page with my English translation of parts of this article.

Outside the village, on the island during trekking tours, you can experience a beautiful silence with many nice places for yoga meditation.




Elisabeth of trinity about silence

I read years ago about Silence and the importance of it in Andliga skrifter” page 122 from Elisabeth of Trinity a Carmelitan sister living in France at the end of Ninetheenth century. It is remarcable that this sister, who was a talented pianist as a young girl became the “Messenger of the Silence”.

Her vocation was simply prayer, silence, and suffering, “because our Lord lives in our soul, His prayer dwells within us and it is there I want to abide without ceasing, as a little vase at the source and fountain of life” 

“Prayer, solitude, praise of glory, silence of the mind and heart are, as many biblical values, dear to Eastern Monasticism, and they culminate in “Esychia” (hence hesychism), that is interior quietude and serenity of the soul which has emigrated to God and found its peace in Him

To be with God, Elizabeth sought silence and solitude. “

“‘I so long for Him!’ wrote Elizabeth, ‘He creates a great void in my soul that only He can fill, and to do that He leads me into deep silence from which I should like never to emerge”

( Source: )


Sufi about silence

Sufi ask you to listen. But they really do not request silence to hear the voice as Rumi said. Maybe it is more about a inner silence, because music is part of Sufi spiritual meditation.


Silence in churches

I look for silence now and then in churches. But most Lutheran churches in Sweden are closed when there is no mass. When I were in Visby I found however the Dome open. This is a video of its interior. Raise the volume and listen if you hear something. Do not worry. No stupid sound jokes.



Science about Silence

The importance of Silence is now more and more recognized scientifically.

On my trip to göteborg last week I found a article in Swedish about Silence in the train Magazine by Erica  Jakobson with the title

Silence – I try to live!



 Erica informs in her article about recent research about silence.

  1. Two hours silence each day hel develop nerve cells in Hypocampus, the part of the brain that deals with memories, feelings and learning. This is the conclusion of a American research goroup after experimens with adult mice exposed to noice and silence.
  2. Another study organized by WHO and the EU-commission has found that lo levels of noice increases stress hormone levels,  decreased learning hability and even hearth failure.

Victoria Palm grounder of OAS says :

“We know that people restore while sleeping but never thinks about relax during the day. In a world where we are constantly exposed to stimuli, is it impossible for the brain to restore energy.

I were surprised that there were department in the train wagons were people are informed that it is a silent department.


A italian article about silence translated

The World Health Organization has defined noise pollution a “modern plague” because “there is indisputable evidence that exposure to environmental noise has negative effects on the health of the population”.

The human being needs silence to live well. Silence has become a rarity tin our increasingly noisy  cities. In the Western world we run away from the noise ,wearing a noise canceling headphones or participating at yoga meditation sessions. 

In India,  the population went to the streets to demand the right to silence, against honking cars and motorbikes. 

Meanwhile, the technology is studying and putting devices on the market to soundproof environments taking advantage of the wireless vibration, but also bracelets that replicate the heartbeat to remove stress from the brain, caused by the surrounding noise. 

A ingenious publicity tourism office in Finland to attract tourists to Finland with slogans about silence, depicting views of unspoiled nature. It is the same principle that inspired the Benedictine monks of Pluscarden Abbey, Scotland, to open the doors of the convent, which dates from the thirteenth century, to anyone who wants to spend a few nights (or months) in complete tranquility. 

The silence, in short, has become a business. 

This business grows with the  noise of the cities. depicting views of silent nature.  The silence, in short, has become a business.

ALESSANDRA FRIGERIO, PSYCHOLOGIST WITH a PhD in cognitive and clinical social psychology, is a professor at the University of Milano-Bicocca and the Sigmund Freud University. Repubblica asked her:
“In the hyper-connected world and in the noisy society we live in, is there really an increased demand for silence?”
ALESSANDRA: “There is a high quest to get to silence. These requests are answered, for example  in meditation classes, yoga retreats, relaxing drive.”
“However, there are ways to live the silence, that allow access to its own needs through structures and standardized methodologies, like e.g. silent fast food.”

What can  silence be?

!People often perceive it is repressed by silence, because silence can represent a heavy experience.  Be in silence means dealing with an apparent void, with a series of enigmatic aspects of unresolved questions.  Our tendency is therefore  to fill the silence with noise (ed. music e.g. in stores, bars or on the beach) or repetitive meaningless talking. Silence confront us with the limits of language. It is the space of the unspoken, what we fail to express with words.!”

Effects on mental well-being

“”In the past, many psychologists have shown that silence serves to foster creativity. The brain cells regenerate and, in the hippocampus area a development of new cells that can become neurons is made possible that help boost memory and learning. 

silence is essential for the healthy development of a child

In this regard, silence is essential for the healthy development of a child. A parent who knows how to give the silence, as well as the words, shows the child the significance of absence, which is as important as the presence. In addition, leave the child in an empty space, in the silence, where even you can get bored, so need to be able to feed their own creativity.  In other words, an agenda full of commitments is often counterproductive”

Silence in clinical practice 

Silence for a psychologist or a psychoanalyst is an integral part of the instrumentation. The therapist is mostly silent because it leaves the patient an area of ​​freedom. Thus permitting a chain of speeches, to get rid of the words, beyond the constraints of consistency, morality, rational logic. The silent listening allows the patient to be a able auto-listener, grasping the implications of his own words. Sometimes the analyst’s silence is for those who do not an”swers at  a patient’s questions. It does so because it avoids influencing the individual with his judgment and to avoid being pedagogical. Silence, in this case, is to return the patient’s own question,  to find the best solution.

Silent zones in India. 

India has  silent zones that are comparable to the C zones in the center of Milan that prohibit cars to circulate. The difference is that in India  the traffic ban was not raised against smog and air pollution, but against noise. 
It all started a few years ago in the chaotic Mumbai, where a group of activists began to demonstrate for the right to peace. The reason is that the average decibel level in Mumbai is more than 80, while the World Health Organization indicates it should not exceed the maximum threshold of 65 decibels by day and 40 at night.

So the Mumbai High Court ruled the noise absolute prohibition in a radius of at least 100 meters around hospitals, schools, courts, parks, public buildings, libraries and universities.

Read more in La Republica Dossier 13/7 2019


Silence on the island of Lipari

The silence has partly abandoned Lipari. Donkeys have disappeared and cars and motorbikes have take over on the roads. Police does not care about the noice that some cause with their scooters and mototìrbykes. Happily July is the month of silence. You are not allowed to run building machines during that month probably to protect the tourists that come to the island on that month. But for those that are unlucky to live in the village near a bar you may not be able to sleep at all from the evening at 10, until morning at 4-5 the next day. The night,  summer time is party time on Lipari with musicians playing all the evenings, a Eden for youth that prefer to sleep during the day. 

But there are many opportunities to enjoy silence on the island anyway.  In the early mornings or if you make trekking in the valleys you find a incredibly relaxing silence.

If you come to Lipari and you want silence, I recommend not to stay in the village of Lipari in July and August but instead find rooms outside like in the smaller villages like Pianoconte, Quattropani or Acquacalda. E.g. hotel Cutimare in Acquacalda on the north part of the Island is probably a  good choice. there is only one road that has little or no traffic, one little bar and at a distance, one restaurant.



I definitively prefer to live on Lipari. Fortunenately my house is outside the village so I really enjoy the dark and silent nights and the early silent mornings. Sometimes there are dogs barking. But I can stand that.



Merry Christmas!

II am finishing a page about Jesus, a page  that I hope i can publish December 25.

Listen to this Christian Syriac Merry Christmas song. you find the lyics below:

كلمات اغنية شجرة الميلاد
وزهوة قلوبنا في يومكِ نلنا المنى يا ر
شجرة الميلاد يا ملكة الأشجار

فيكِ البهاء والسنا وزهوة قلوبنا
في يومكِ نلنا المنى
يا ربة الأشجار
The Tree of Birth
And the joy of our hearts in your day, we have received the Lord
Tree of birth, O queen of trees
In you the grace and the grace and the joy of our hearts
In your day we will receive the dead
O Lord of the Trees


wish you all a Merry Christmas!


Happy New Year

We observed human activities (canals) on Mars hundred years ago (Link) because of telescope light illusions. Galaxies did non exist (Link) in the human mind at that time but we knew about Nebulosae. The Universe as it was seen at that time, was limited to our Milky Way and there was no talk about Big Bang.

Today we estimate the existence of “more than one hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe” and the most distant galaxy was found 2004 and is estimated to be 13 billion light-years away. “The object is being viewed at a time only 750 million years after the big bang, when the universe was barely 5 percent of its current age.” (Hubblesite)

We know that fotons are attracted by gravitation making it possible to see stars behind stars and galaxies behind galaxies. The Galaxy cluster Abell 2218, the galaxies seen at the center of the Hubble photo, act as a cosmical gravitational lense making it possible to see more distant galaxies, whose light because of the lense effect, is stretched out forming a circle. The vertical red line on the left is the farthest knows galaxy.


Farthest galaxy

Especcially tonight we may not think about it but we know that the stars and galaxies we’ll see are mostly not positioned as we see them. And many of the stars doesn’t exist any more. Does it matter anyway? Learn from the past, believe in the future. Enjoy this night!

Un Natale con Maigret e Eduardo

Oggi a cena da Donato. Polenta e polpette, frutta e panettone con crema pasticciera. Dopo a vedere “Un Natale di Maigret”…

Per darvi un’idea, Maigret si trova a casa con Louise, “La signora Maigret” la mattina del giorno di Natale e sta bevendo il caffè quando bussano alla porta due signore. Raccontano che un uomo travestito da Babbo Natale é entrato la notte passata nell’appartamento di una delle donne per cercare qualcosa. Maigret subito si butta nella vicenda come se si trattasse di un omicidio e non ritorna a casa che dopo le una di mattina del 26. Non racconto il resto ma vi avviso, questo film é un vero polpettone!

Delusi di sto film ci siamo visti “Natale in Casa Cupiello” e la storia la conoscete, anche se ottimo teatro, rimanemmo alla fine con una certa pesantezza di spirito… Smile per cui ci siamo rivolti a  “Gennariello”. Vi devo dire che Gennariello ci salvò la giornata.

15 giorni…

maigret.jpgdi vacanza e … visto che non sono andato a Lipari stavolta, mi sono invece caricato di film di Maigret con Gino Cervi e di commedie di Eduardo. Io e un mio amico italiano qui a Göteborg, stiamo mettendo insieme un bel archivio di dvd (ehi, non credete altro, tutti dvd comprati ovviamente!).

Quando ero ragazzo, mi ricordo che mio padre a Torino sempre si guardava le puntate con Maigret alla RAI. Cercai di guardare anch’io una volta ma probabilmente mi addormentai sempre … insomma non fecero grande impressione su di me. Adesso che ho la stessa etá di mio padre di allora, Maigret me la guardo ora dopo ora, instancabilmente.

Le storie di Maigret con Gino Cervi, hanno un fascino particolare che mi é difficile spiegare. Forse é quella calma che regna nella vita di Maigret, il lavoro viene fatto col cervello e con la pipa, invece che con la pistola, che raramente si vede. Penso che Simenon rispecchiava una certa realtá del lavoro di un commissario. È quindi interessante vedere come lavorava la polizia di allora, senza tante tecnologie, corse in auto e sparatorie.

I have not done this before…

After a lot of thinking about the Christmas materialistic tradition and commerce, I came to the conclusion to give a Christmas gift at “Save the Children“. I may have choosen the wrong organization as I am not sure were the money ends really, but at least I have tried to do something that feels better. Jesus main message was about sharing your wealth. After a proposal from an Italian friend, I decided to give two gifts with “Mani Tese” at this site. They are non used to get money from foreign countries so they just give national banc account data. If got these banc data: SWIFT: CCRTIT2T84A, IBAN: IT58 W050 1801 6000 0000 0000 040. In any case check with Mani Tese first.


A holiday without gifts brought Christmas joy

Starving childI have had great Christmas Eves in my childhood, some even made such an impact on me that I can today after 50 year replay them in my inner visual mind. We also had beatiful Christmas Eves in my family when the children were small. In ther Amazon Forum “No Gift Christmas” I agree with the person who wrote: “I love seeing kids’ eyes sparkle when they see presents under the tree. I was a kid, I haven’t forgotten that thrill.” But why continue the same traditions among adults?

For several reasons I now feel really bad about the Christmas gift tradition. I dont know why really. But reading in the newspapers about those many, especcially lonely mothers, who can’t afford to buy gifts to their children, reading today about the Scandinavians who spend about 14 billion Euros for Christmas Eve, about all those who are alone Christmas Eve because they dont have a family or relatives around, I simply get disgusted. Not thinking about all those millions of children who don’t get food enough.

And what are we buying then? Tons of “Oh great , Just what i wanted” gifts and we talk about carying about our environment, about social responsability about wars and starving. This Scandinavian Christmas tradition has gone sick. I would even prefer to move this tradition until the 6th of January, that means at Epiphany. Or why not, give 2000 crowns to some charity organisation. We dont need those gifts.

What we need instead is more time to be together, to talk and have fun. And I believe Christmas gifts are not the key of friendship, love and happiness. I love to be with relatives and friends to eat and talk together. I found this old article from 2005:

For the first time in my life, I exchanged no Christmas gifts with my family. For two decades, I had fussed about the consumerism of Christmas, the ridiculous overemphasis on tinsel and toys, the corruption of a simple religious holiday. But until this year, I had never dared spurn the gift exchange. I could still hear my relatives’ caustic remarks when someone couldn’t be bothered to send more than a fruit basket; my grandmother’s calculus of her children’s love by the thoughtfulness–and elegance–of their gifts. I knew my mother wasn’t like that. By grace and sheer will, she had escaped. Yet I could not risk her thinking, even for an irrational second, that I did not love her to the bursting point.

This year, however, fate conspired. Our sun porch floor rotted; the glass block required re-mortaring; there were car repairs and medical bills. And then my mother-in-law said, “Oh, let’s not do presents this year,” and we leaped at the suggestion.

I have never had such a wonderful holiday.

It felt odd not shopping for those closest to me, odd not debating what they’d want, odd not having boxes and boxes to wrap and place under the tree. But suddenly I had all sorts of energy for the rest of the rituals…