ANosmia test as a first step?



You probably know that covid patients all over the world has testified that they lost smell (got anosmia). BBC has done a screaning about this issue in April 1

While a loss of smell can depend on a cold (ed. by Rinovirus)

“Among the ones who had coronavirus infection confirmed by a positive test, three-fifths (59%) reported loss of smell or taste.”

It is easy to to a test with e.g. two black bottles, one with garlic and one with lemon, the content being knows only by the tester.

Question is what smell are these 59% based upon. I find no source on the BBC site.

However, if one has difficulties to smell it is time for more questions like asking if the person had lately or has

  •  fatigue or tiredness 
  • persistent cough
  • shortness of breath
  • fever
  • and of course a fever test.
  • Several media beside of BBC talk about it:

 the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and ENT UK, a professional organization representing ear, nose and throat surgeons in the United Kingdom, are calling for the loss of smell or taste to be added to the screening tools for possible Covid-19 infection.

Other experts in the medical community have pushed back, saying the coronavirus connection isn’t solid.  So far, neither the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention nor the World Health Organization has added anosmia to its lists of COVID-19 symptoms. Even if there is a link, they say, simply losing your sense of smell isn’t enough to say for sure that you have the coronavirus.
Read more at National Geograpic

The Swedish paper “Làkartidningen reports that is looking closer at this. It also says that this test could be useful in countries where there are poor possibilities for standard covid tests.

Of course it is not sure as it can be a simple cold as I said above. But could it be a sign telling us to look closer?





Anosmia is not a secure sign for Corona as it can depend on a cold. But as a sign it could help detect corona positive people.



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