DIY Adding coffee flavour to PG


  1. Intoduction
  2. PG and VG types
  3. Nicotine_Bases
  4. Favours and cancer riscs
  5. my first experiment
  6. conclusion



Vaping has become much more expensive since Swedish politicians has decide to set tax on nicotine containing e-juice. Philip Morris and other cigarette producer are probably happy.

 Swedish politicians probably  do not think that vaping is better than smoking.

We pay now tax per ml and not per nicotine quantity.  So a bottle with 2 mg nicotine /milliliter costs as much as a 20 mg/ml.

To keep hte vaping cost  low, one has to buy nicotine free PG (propylene glycol)  or glycerine and then add drops of strong nicotine e-juice.

I bought nicotine free PG with coffee flavour at “light your fire” in  Göteborg. I paid 80 SEK for one  bottle. I could buy 20 mg/ml e-juice too (20 mg/ml  is the max concentration permitted in Sweden)  but had with me from Italy 18 mg/ml  bas ( without flavour). I knew that I can buy flavour less PG from Amazon much cheapier, 8 USD per 8 dl so i informed myself how to give coffee  flavour to PG. The guys at were kind and professional and informed me about a method.

Before I tell you about my experiment, I want to share what I know about the ingredients.

I ordered   propylene glycol from Amazon 8USD for 8dl was a acceptable  price. 

Luckily no trade tax and problems to get it home.



Types of PG and VG

What kind of PG should one use? To get more smoke I read that one should put 50% PG and 50%vegetable derived glycerine. But vegetable derived glycerins (VG) informs that

“The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning concerning glycerin produced from the Jatropha plant which can contain toxins, including phorbol esters (Phorbol esters are tumor‐promoting according to a article in Wiley Online Libraryy!) , that naturally occur in the plant.atropha plant informs that “All of our vegetable-derived glycerin is 100% sourced from palm fruit, and does not contain any Jatropha plant or derivatives.” 

Even if “the contents of phorbol esters, including DHPEs, in the fatty acid methyl esters were under detection limits” it is maybe stupid to take riscs with VG.

My last coffee concentrate purchase  at contains 60% VG with no info about fat derivation. I decided to throw that liquid away, to be secure. I cleaned it up with distilled waster and added my coffee flavoured PG with 10% destilled water.




As said above I ordered   propylene glycol from Amazon 8 USD for 8dl was a acceptable  price. 

Being Food and pharmaceutical proof and not vegetable derived,  my PG should not contain Phorbol esters, I hope. 🙂 

I think it is wise to check how your vegetable derived glycerine (VG) is done. Wizard labs says that “All of our vegetable-derived glycerin is 100% sourced from palm fruit, and does not contain any Jatropha plant or derivatives.”


Nicotine Bases

I have a 18 mg/lit base i take a few drops from in my 50 ml TFV8X-Baby Tank.
But there are stronger Bases. Wizard labs sell 60 mg/ml solutions. But in the guy recommends to be careful with such strong solutions as a few drops on your hand can give you a lot of troubles. 40mg/liter BASE is safer.

I hope my BASE does not contain VG with atropha plant oil. 🙂 My Nicotine BASE is  very fluid so I presume there is little or no VG in it.  

The next time I buy a nicotine BASE i will check that. Even if I just use a few drops when refilling and “the contents of phorbol esters, including DHPEs, in the fatty acid methyl esters were under detection limits ” i dont want to take stupid riscs.


Flavours and cancer riscs

I read a few years ago that some flavoured juices may contain tumor promoting substances. I also red that coffee beans and black chocolate contain tannines  that are tumor  promoting.”coffee drinkers appeared to be slightly more likely to develop bladder cancer.” That was in 1991. 🙂

Today  say today that “there’s also some emerging evidence that coffee could in fact reduce the risk of certain cancers.” But IARC gave  coffee class 2B that means “‘possibly carcinogenic to humans”

I am a little skeptic about flavouring with coffee but I like the coffee smell and not only me, Most people like it. And I can VAPE peacefully without scaring people with strange smells.

I have another article about e-juices and riscs in my site at

Vaping eliquid dangerous?


my first experiment

This is how I made my first experiment with coffee beans.

  1. got roasted coffee beans fromthe kind girls ata coffee shop in Växjö.
  2. I crushed about 5-7  beans 
  3. I emptied a snaps bottle ,  flushed  with water and then set it to dry heating the glass exterior  in hot water
  4. I put the crushed beans in a empty and snaps bottle
  5. I filled 90% of the bottle with PG
  6. I put the bottle with the mixture in a little bowl with cooking water
  7. I dont know is how long time I have to keep the crushed beans in the PG before I fillter it out.When I flavour pure (99%) alcohol with lemon or orange shells in Italy to make Amaranco or Limoncello, I can let these be in the alcohol up to three weeks wihthout it getting to strong. But with coffee beans and PG?
    I let the coffee beans stay for 1½ hours in cooking water bath
  8. Then I and let the coffee powder sediment in the bottle a few days in the refrigerator to become clearer. I dont want coffee powder in my coils. I put the bottle  in the refrigerator as it is recommended to keep PG in a dark place. 



The juice became quite clear after a while in the refrigerator and a filtration. The smell is howver weak.

There were maybe still coffee bean particles in the juice that polluted my coils as I got a bad taste  after a while.

I will try again without soemthing else, maybe lemon or orange shells.

If you have similar experiences share with me below. I will gladly share links to you from this page.

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