A paradigm shift

I am a Christian and I listen and try to follow Jesus’ commandments. I have experienced several paradigm shifts in my life, even painful.

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But I liked the paradigm shift that was depicted in the film “Man to Earth”. I liked it as I understand the pain and shock of Johns’s listener experienced. I like it also as I have always seen the similarities between Jesus’ message, the message of Zarathushtra, and Siddharta Gautama. You may also know about Srinagar, In India were Indians claim they have the grave of Jesus. (Read more at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/from_our_own_correspondent/8587838.stm ) You may also know that the Quran says that Jesus never died on the cross. A son of God and Virgin Mary can’t be killed?

Well. Theauthor of the book ( Emerson Bixby and his father, science fiction writer Jerome Bixby ) certainly knew about this and more.

A man from Earth has other dimensions. the film also raises the issue of eternal life that follows the resurrection of the dead. How is to live hundreds of years? This film makes you think about that.

That part is available on Youtube. I add the English subtitle text below so you can get it translated to your language.

Subtitles with Johns words:

  • “The entire Bible is mostly myth and allegory
  • with maybe some basis in historical events.
  • You were part of that history?
  • Yes. 
  • Moses. Moses was based on Misis, a Syrian myth,
  • and there are earlier versions. All found floating on water,
  • the staff that changed to a snake, waters that were parted so followers could be led to freedom
  • and even receive laws on stone or wooden tablets.
  • One of the apostles?  They weren’t really apostles.
  • They didn’t do any real teaching. 
  • Peter the fisherman learned a little more about fishing.
  • The mythical overlay is so enormous… and not good.
  • The truth is so, so simple.
  • All right, John,
  • hit us with the short form.
  • He met the Buddha, liked what he heard,
  • thought about it for a while –
  • say 500 years, while he returned
  • to the Mediterranean, became an Etruscan.
  • Seeped into the Roman empire. 
  • He didn’t like what they became – A giant killing machine.
  • He went to the Near East thinking,
  • “Why not pass the Buddha’s So he tried.
  • One dissident against Rome? Rome won. The rest is history.
  • A lot of fairy tales mixed in.
  • they pinned on Jesus to fulfill prophecy.
  • The crucifixion. 
  • He blocked the pain as he had learned to do in Tibet and India.
  • He also learned to slow his body processes down to the point where they were undetectable.
  • They thought he was dead. So his followers pulled him
  • from the cross, placed him in a cave…
  • His body normalized as he had trained it to.
  • He attempted to go away undetected,
  • but some devotees were standing watch. Tried to explain.
  • They were ecstatic. Thus, I was resurrected,
  • and I ascended to central Europe to get away as far as possible.”

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