A quantum God ver 1

  Introduction This page is  copy of a post I published February 1 2018. I decided to transform it into a page in April 2019. Jesus said once: “I still have many things to say to you, but you are not able to bear them now.” ( John 16:12  ) And to the jews he … Continue reading A quantum God ver 1

Quantum Biology – updated

Content explaining some curious phenomena photosynthetic light harvesting the magnetoreception faculty of some birds Electron tunneling in smelling  quantum entanglement in the brain’s microtubule proteins –  key ingredient in human consciousness. The leading experts A few good sources A future study of Quantum Biology Quantum Romance I have written about abiogenesis in  http://www.kinberg.net/wordpress/stellan/?s=earch-luca-makes-progresses-2 Now I move … Continue reading Quantum Biology – updated