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Riccardo Muti is an Italian conductor. He currently holds two music directorships, at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and at the Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini.  ( Wiki ) Born 28 July 1941, he is soon 80

Know more bout this director at https://www.riccardomuti.com/en/

He was interviewed in Corriere della Sera, an Italian newspaper, in June. His words reminded me about my own school in Turin in the sixties.

He talks about his youth, his mother, Frederick II, Guglielmo Marconi about the afterlife, his funeral, and many other issues.

I share below his wise words, translated from the Italian version of the article, into English.



Riccardo Muti’s message to the world.

Riccardo Muti said:

“Eighty years shortly. I got tired of life.

This is a world in which I no longer recognize myself.

And since I can’t expect the world to adapt to me, I prefer to get out of the way… as in Falstaff, ‘everything declines’.”

Riccardo’s youth in the 1950s

I was lucky enough to grow up in the 1950s, to attend high school in Molfetta (auth. is a town located in the northern side of Bari, Apulia, southern Italy.) where Salvemini had studied, with professors who are not only strict but very strict …

I regret the seriousness.

About Frederick II

I regret the spirit with which Frederick II had the words carved on the door of Capua, under the statue of Pier delle Vigne and Taddeo da Sessa: ‘Intrent securi qui quaerunt vive puri’
(Let those who intend to live honestly enter safely). This is the immigration and integration policy that would be useful.

About afterlife

I don’t know if after death we will really see each other again in a better world… I don’t know. Certainly not in the Elysian Fields. 

I hope there is a lot of light… it is enough for me that there is no metempsychosis. I don’t want to be reborn, much less spider or mouse, but neither lion. One life is more than enough ».

About Razinger

I had a Catholic background. I admired Pope Ratzinger a lot, even as a magnificent musician. 

I don’t believe in the holy cards of blond Jesus. There is cosmic energy within us that survives us because it is divine. 

About mother Gilda

I remember the death of my mother Gilda: I had the distinct sensation that her body was becoming heavy as marble, while a flow was released, the vital energy …

About the Covid 19 lockdown

I spent the lockdown studying, but apart from studying, it was horrible. 

  • The dehumanization has deepened even more.
  • The lack of human relationships is terrifying. 

You enter the restaurant and you see five people at the table all leaning over their smartphones… I don’t own one and I don’t want it…

The TV should have taken advantage of the lockdown to make educational broadcasts.

Instead, apart from some good documentaries,
we have been invaded by virologists,
by self-styled ‘scientists’. 

About Guglielmo Marconi

For me, a scientist was Guglielmo Marconi!…

The banality of TV and the Net, this superficial fun, the lack of conversation worry me a lot for the education of young people.

I am neither right nor left … I am among those who try to give useful information … I was born a free man and so I remain. 

I grew up with Salevimini’s dictates,
not a Bolshevik socialist. I’ve never joined a congregation …

There is an excess of being politically correct even in music… with Metoo, Da Ponte and Mozart would end up in jail.

Bach, Beethoven, Schubert defined ‘colonial music’: but how is it done? Schubert was also a very sweet person …

About balance between men, women,…

There is a movement that there should be a balance between men, women, different skin colors, transgender, so that all social, ethnic, genetic issues are represented. I find it very strange. 

The choice must be made on the basis of value and talent. Without discrimination, one way or the other.

About friendship and peace and a profession as a mission.

I believe in travels of friendship and peace. You don’t work for success, the amount of applause and articles but you do it because you understand that your profession is a mission …

I‘m not afraid of death
I’m sorry to leave the affections … As kids we used to go to the cemetery in the evening to see the will-o’-the-wisps. I met the last prayer, Giustina: it told about the merits of the dead, lying on the bed in the only room of the house, the door open to the street, on the walls the photo of the bersagliere brother and the daring uncle …

I belong to another era. 
A simple and fantastic world, which I miss very much. This is why I tell you that I belong to another era. Today the world goes so fast, it overwhelms everything, even these simple things, which are of a profound humanity …

At my funeral, I want absolute silence
I grew up in a world where there was terrifying silence at funerals… When it’s my turn, I would like absolute silence. 
If someone applauds, I swear I’ll come back to disturb him at night, in the most intimate moments … “








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