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This is my sourdough bake 30. making a small loaf (350 gr flour)

Sourdough 29 became almost perfect. the only issue was that the bottom of the bread did not get a nice color and crunchiness. It was maybe because I put the loaf in a thick iron bucket that did not heat up enough.
So I followed the same procedure as with sourdough 29  but  with two modifications:

  1. I fermented and baked the loaf in a thinner aluminum bucket (for cakes) 
  2. I had a little shorter resting time in the fridge (7.5 hours)
  3. and a shorter fermenting time (about 1 hour 25 minutes) as I saw the loaf got a nice growth and elastic surface)

I did so as I did not want to be baking after midnight.


I started on Thursday short after midnight (24.30) and finished the baking on Friday at about 23.10.

Method used

i followed again two sourdough bakers methods.
I followed  Tom’s stretch method ( stretch periods with 30 minutes rest in between) before the fridge acidification rest. 
After the rest in the fridge, I followed Alex´s edge folding and format method.

baking diary notes

This is not a professional recipe page.
These are my baking diary notes that help me remember what I did on the previous bake. 

  • Index

    • Introduction
      1. Waking up sourdough
      2. The levain floating test
      3. Making the dough
      4. Stretching with Tom’s method.
      5. Rest overnight in the fridge
      6. Edge folding with Alex´s method
        • Bottom top, left-right folding
      7. Fermentation rest in the bread basket
      8. Preparing for the bake
      9. Bake
    • Conclusion


Baking log

My sourdough baking log
1. making levain = Waking up sourdough Thursday 24:30

  • 100 gr lukewarm Fontenoce water
  • 80 gr wheat flour Pratore 2
  • 20 gr farina integrale.
  • 1 tablespoon starter B

Rest (1) in fridge until Fri 5.40

Added 5 gr Italian” Lievito madre” that contains a lot of yeast cells.
I did this to make the levain grow faster.

At 6.40 I put the levain in the oven with the lamp on and a bowl with warm water. Alex´s method

8:50 (after  2 hours 10 min), doubled in size and

Alex´s levain floating test was passed. . Alex´s method

2. Create the dough. 
Fri 09.05
memo 1L:2W:3.5F

  • 100 gr levain
  • 200 gr lukewarm water
  • 350 gr Semolino Pratore flour
Rest 1.  Flour water absorbing 30 min
Fri 09.15
Work 2 – stretching/rests. Fri 09.45 Following Tom’s method.
Rest 2.
7.5 hours in closed bucket in in fridge.
Rest 3. 
Out of fridge Fri 19.10 to warm up 10 minutes.
Work 3. Edge folding Fri  19.20 Alex´s method

I prepared a Semolino flour and “Lievito madre” mix (90-10%). I know that this “Lievito madre” flour has lot of yeast cells in it.

I fliped the dow and sprinkledit iwht this mix. 
I made Edge stretching and a 30 minutes rest of the dough under cellophane.

Work 4. Fri 19.55 Last edge stretch and formating to get a good surface tension – Alex´s method with knife puwhings.
Rest 4 – fermentation – Fi 20.00

In thin aluminum bowl over warm pellet oven.
Heating meanwhile up oven to max temp.

Work 4. Baking preparation

Did  cut the dough.
Forgot to spinkle water at the baking start. Did it twise later.

 Rest 5. Baking 2ithout lid. Fri 21.25
out of oven Fri 23.10 (after 1 hour 45 minutes)




Quality Vote
(1 =  bad ->5  = best)
Texture  3
Taste 5
Acidity  1

Very good texture, good taste but low acidity.