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This is my sourdough bake 29. making a small loaf (350 gr flour)

This time I try to follow Tom’s stretch method ( stretch periods with 30mnutes rest in between). I do this to see if this helps me get more acidity.


I started Wed  05:30 and ended Thursday at 11:30.

baking diary notes

This is not a professional recipe page.
These are my baking diary notes that help me remember what I did on the previous bake. 

N.B. Now I write how I did. if you want, compare with Alex’s method in his video.

  • Index

    • Introduction
      1. Waking up sourdough
      2. The levain floating test
      3. Making the dough
      4. Stretching with Tom’s method.
      5. Rest overnight in the fridge
      6. Edge folding with Alex´s method
        • Bottom top, left-right folding
      7. Fermentation rest in the bread basket
      8. Preparing for the bake
      9. Bake
    • Conclusion


Baking log


The method used this time.  Alex´s method

Rest. (total 790 min= 13.2 hours)

Tom’s method

Rest. (total 815 min= 13.6 hours)

1. Waking up sourdough Wed 5:30

  • 100 gr lukewarm Fontenoce water
  • 100 gr wheat flour “Semola Mulino Pratore
  • 1 tablespoon starter B
    To get a warmer oven I put in a bowl with hot water.

12:00 (after 10 hours! ), doubled in size and

The levain floating test – passes Wed 17.30

   Rest 1 (with levain)
2. Create the dough. 
Wed 17.30
memo 1L:2W:3.5F

  • 100 gr levain
  • 200 gr lukewarm water
  • 350 gr Semola Mulino Pratore
Mnemonic proportions (Alex, 1l-2w-3f) With American King Arthur flour
Rest 1.  Water absorbing 45 min
Wed 17.40
Rest 1 (40 min)
(25-40 minutes)
Rest 2 (24-40 min)
Work 2 – stretching/rests. Wed 18.25 (1 hour 50 min)

Add 12 salt and a table spoon water
10 min with: turn. grab, turn, smash, pull, role)
4 Stretches from each side. (5 min each)

Rest 3 abcd (30 min each)
(Rest 3d = Rest 4)

(add salt solution before second stretch)
and 4 rests (30 min each)
2 hours with  4 stretches and 30 min pause after each except the last)
Salt added before second stretch.

Rest 4 in fridge Wed 20:15 (9 hours 15 min)

in the closed bucket in fridge.

  Rest 4
(overnight, 8 hours)

covered overnight 
Rest 3 Thu 05:30
Out of fridge and rest 10 min in room temp. 
 Rest 2
(4 hours in oven)
rest 5
(in room temp)
out 30 min before working 
Work 3a.  Edge stretch and fold  (Alex method) Thu 05:40
Rest 4 (30 min)
Format into 1 round loaf with Alex’ surface tension creation with knife pushes

Drop dough on unflowered table
flour it and flip it
Folding 1
Quick movements! Fold the Edges in the center 
until you get a rough ball.Rest 3
30 min
on table covered with cellophane

until pancake shape
Folding 2
Quick movements
Sprinkle the dough and flip it upside down

  1. Bottom to almost top
  2. Right to almost left
  3. Left to almost right.
  4. Top to bottom
  5. and bottom to top
  6. roll it up.
    Form into a loaf.

Final loaf shaping


Push the  loaf with knife in all directions.

Feel the surface tension

shape dough unto loaves

Rest 6: 25 min covered in warm place.

edge stretching

Form gently into loave.

Rest 4 – fermentation – Thu 09.00


I let it ferment in thin bake bowl for cakes.
heating up oven to max temp.

I choosed a thin bowl this time as the bowl I used last time takes time to heat up and I got a white bottom on my bread.
I also wants a lower bread as the previous bread was difficult to cut in slices. It was to high and to soft.

I put the bowl on my warm pellet oven to favour the yeast cells to produce carbon dioxide.

Rest overnight (8 hours)

Put loaf in  floured bucket.

Cover with handkerchief.

in the fridge

Rest 7: 1-2 hours in warm place

until Poke indentation stay there

Work 4. Baking preparation

Cut the dough.

out 2 hours before working or until elastic surface.

2 hours before using it or when dough  bounces back when gently poking it,



 Rest 5. Baking Thu 10.20 (1 hour 10 min)

35 min x 2 in 220 degrees C without lid in iron bowl

+ 10 min with grill to get better color

Oven at max temp. 

Brush away extra flour.

Dough into the hot bowl

Cut it

Spray water over–

Oven at max temp.

Brush away extra flour.

Brush away extra flour.

Cut it

  lower to 220 C.
lower to 230 C.
Bake 20 min
Out of oven Thu 11.30 35 min Bake 20 min





Quality Vote
(1 =  bad ->5  = best)
Look 4
(White below)
Texture  5
Taste 4
Acidity  4

Good taste and acidity.