sourdough 25 – baking diary




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This is my sourdough bake 25. I am tired about recipe that does not work because of different flour quality.  Alex’ Mnemo  did not work. I had this time to add another 100 gram of this Italian flour. 
As I had to add flour I had to knead the way I have done for 30 years with ordinary white bread. I like however several of Tom’s and Alex ‘ methods.
But I will probably mix chosen techniques from this bake on.
The important is to get a fluffy porous bread that sometimes has a touch of acidity. And of course the color and consistency.

baking diary notes

This is not a professional recipe page.
These are my baking diary notes that help me remember what I did on the previous bake. 

N.B. Now I write how I did. if you want, compare with Alex’s method in his video.Index

  • Introduction
    1. Waking up sourdough
    2. The levain floating test
    3. Making the dough
    4. Kneading
    5. Edge folding
    6. Bottom top, left-right folding
    7. Preparing for the bake
  • Conclusion

1. Waking up sourdough Thursday 10:15

I did like this:

  • 100 gr warm (about 28 celsius) Fontenoce water
  • 100 gr wheat flour is “Semola Mulino Pratore
  • 1 tablespoon starter A+ (I have  4 starters)
    To get a warmer oven I put in a bowl with hot water.

13:50 (after 3 hours 35 min), it doubled in size!

The levain floating test – did not pass
probably because I moved the dough around and it collapsed.

3. Making the dough Thursday 13:50

  • 1 part sourdough (200 gr)
  • 2 parts water (400 gr),
  • 3 parts flour (600 gr. Later added another 100 gr)  Pratore Semola
  • Mixed with hands.

Rest 1 (4 hours room temp) Thursday 14:05

I forgot to do like Alex instructed. Should have let it rest only about 1 hour.
In the oven with the lamp lighted in my plastic bucket with lid.

4. Kneading Thursday 18:00

  • Added 12-gram salt and a splash of water.
    Had to add another 100-gram flour as said above.
  • Worked in salt and the extra flour into the dough using know and then as Alex method   (lift in the middle, turn, grab, turn, smash, pull, role)

Did this for 10 minutes but the dough was still to sticky.
I had to add another 100 gr flour   Pratore Semola as I wrote above.


Rest 2 (1 part over night the other about 3 hours in the oven) Thursday 18:40

Had bowls prepared and a 50 50 mix rice flour, wheat flour

I divided the drought in two parts:

I formed these with the hand to balls and then had these move around with a  knife like Alex does before the shaping. I think it is good for the dough surface tension.

I sprinkled these with the mix and flipped these into the bowls.
I sprinkled the top of the doughs in the bowls and covered with a handkerchief.
The one I put in the refrigerator I covered also with plate to preserve humidity.

I want to taste the difference in acidity between the two pieces.

7. Preparing for the bake dough 1: Thursday 21:55
dought 2: Friday 11.00

With the dough 2
 I tried to make a last stretch (left right, bottom up) like Tom does before format and fermenting. And I had the dough back to the bowl to ferment over the oven that is active set to heat up to max. the dough 2 was put to bake at about 13.25. removed the lid after about 30 minutes. Had a nice color.

  1. Flip the dough upside down on a floured plate.
  2. Remove the flour on the top with a brush. 
  3. Put oiled oven paper pieces (circle) in the bowl.
  4. Cut the dough twice with low angle. 
  5. Place the dough as gentle as possible without burning yourself. 
  6. Spray the dough with water 
  7. Put immediately the hot lid back on the pot
  8.  Put the pot with the dough in the oven and.
  9. Lower to 220 C.
  10. Kept the lid on 35 minutes
  11. Remove the lid 22.30. Nice color.
  12. Baked another 25 minutes.

Out of oven. Dough 1: Thursday 22.40
dought 2: Friday 14.30

Seemed to be cooked.
Looked nice.

Bread 1: Put it to cool on the grid on handkerchief.
bread 2: put it to cool on the grid without covering it.