Sourdough 24



This is my sourdough bake 24. I am not sure if my starter A was good enough. I have had it in the frig for almost a year refreshing every week.
I decided to add 1 dl of a flour with lactic acid bacteria I bought her on Lipari when I “1. waked up the starter”. I got a surprise. See below at step 1.

N.B. Now I write how I did. if you want, compare with Alex method in his video.



  • Introduction
    1. Waking up sourdough
    2. The levain floating test
    3. Making the dough
    4. Kneading
    5. Edge folding
    6. Bottom top, left-right folding
    7. Preparing for the bake
  • Conclusion

1. Waking up sourdough Monday 12:20

The first waking up I made at 8.40 did not succeed. The sourdough mix did not double in size despite more than 3 hours in the oven. I thought that my starter maybe had no good yeast cells. As I said in my intro, I have it refreshing in the frig one year now.

So I did like this:

  • 100 gr warm water
  • 100 gr wheat flour is “Mulino Pratore Tipo 1
  • 1 tablespoon starter B (I have  4 starters)
  • 1 dl flour “Lievito madre attivo (flour with lactic acid bacteria)

After 1 hour, it tripled in size!

2. The levain floating test – passed
(he calls the levain sourdough. It  is ready when:

  • When it is bubbly
  • and pass the floating test

My levain  passed the floating test!


3. Making the dough Monday 13:20

  • 1 part sourdough (100 gr)
  • 2 parts water (220 gr),
  • 3 parts flour (320 gr)  Pratore tipo 1

Mixed well with hands.

Rest 1 (30/60 min room temp) Mon 13:35

Let it rest  in the oven with the lamp lighted in my plastic bucket with lid.

4. Kneading Mon 14:35

  • Added 6 gram salt and a splash of water.
    ( I made the half amount of dough)
  • Work the dough as Alex shows in the video:
    • lift in the middle
    • turn
    • grab
    • turn
    • smash
    • pull
    • role

Did this  10 minutes but the dough was not sticky.
I had to add another 100 gr flour Pratore tipo 1
Error when creating the dough, step 3?

Rest 2 (4 hours in oven) Mon 15:10

Let the worked dough rest 4  hours in a warm environment in a bowl covered with cellophane.

It grew and filled the bowl.

5. Edge folding Mon 19:10
(To build surface tension.)

  • flip the dough on a unfloured countertop
  • Sprincle the dough
  • and flip it

With quick movements:

fold the 4 edges to the center, 
until you get a rough ball.


Rest 3 covered (30 min room temp) Mon 19.15

Rest for another 30 minutes covered on the table.

It will flatten slightly to a panncake shape

Now Sprinkle it with flour and flip it.

 divided the dough in two parts.


6. Bottom top, left-right folding Mon 19.45
(To build surface tension.)

With each dough, I made the folding as below:

  • Fold the bottom to almost top
  • Fold the right to almost left
  • Fold the left to almost right
  • Fold the top to bottom.
  • Fold the bottom to almost top
  • Roll it up
  •  use your hands or a flat knife and slowly but firmly
    push the dough in all directions

The dough has a nice surface tension. Easy to manage and form to a ball.

50% rice flour, 50 % wheat flour)

Dust the bowl and dough

put the dough  upside down in the baskets

Heated up the pots in the oven at 250 C.

Prepared to pieces of oiled oven paper (2 circles)

Rest 4 in basket over the oven.) Mon 19.50

7. Preparing for the bake Mon 21.25

  1. Flipped the dough upside down on a floured plate.
  2. Removed the flour on the top with a brush. (FORGOT THIS)
  3. Put the oiled oven paper pieces (circle and rectangle) in the bowl.
  4. Place the dough as gentle as possible without burning yourself
  5. Cut the dough twice with low angle. (FORGOT THIS with one dough)
  6. Spray the dough with water 
  7. Put immediately the hot lid back on the pot
  8.  Put the pot with the dough in the oven and.
  9. Lower to 220 C.
  10. Kept the lid on 25 minutes
  11. Remove the lid 
  12. Baked another 25 minutes.

Out of oven Mon 22.20

Seemed to be cooked.
Looked nice.

Put it to cool on the grid on handkerschief.



I got two nice-looking bread, soft with nice shape and taste. But it didn’t get any acidity. Maybe because I did not leave it in the fridge overnight as Alex recommended.