Hermit voices



I saw the Italian film “Voci dal silenzio” where Italian hermits are interviewed about different aspects of life.

I share some of their words with you in this article.



About being hermits

the hermit strips himself of all things that are not essential to his life.
on loneliness”

“Distinguish loneliness and isolation
solitude, a moment to measure the relationship with creation
you risk being a man created by others, ultimately unhappy
watch over the nature of thoughts”

On nature

“A new relationship with what surrounds us
living in nature, our mother
to be and to let be
Imprisonment in one’s horizons
journey from the exterior to the interior”

On silence

“I need times, places and silence to compose myself
silence is the casket where the word to which we must give value is deposited
the mind does not accept silence.
These participated:”


A psychologist friend of mine told me long ago that if you run away from anxiety, anxiety runs after you. Instead, you have to deal with anxiety.

Cognitive neurology experts say that the warning signs we hear such as anxiety and heartbeat start from the amygdala.We, humans, are herd animals and in the herd we feel safe, protected. If we suddenly find ourselves alone, the amygdala of our limbic system is programmed to signal us danger and we experience it as anxiety and heartbeat.

We flee
“Perhaps now we discover in this forced isolation who we are and that we flee in many ways perhaps not being aware of it.”

“Some turn on the television which gives an illusion of not being alone,
others feel less lonely when wearing a headset to listen to radio or music.
Still others go to the village, to the supermarket or take a drive.
many start playing on the computer or socializing online.”

Who are you?

“This is a tough question. Now in our “hermitage,” is the best time to address this question.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? If you know your strengths, you don’t need to dramatize and magnify your shortcomings.”

Are you someone who cries often?
Are you someone who often gets angry?
Are you someone who like to talk with big voice?
Are you someone who often resorts to lies?
Are you shy and can’t express yourself?
Here I am talking about defects that maybe you can remedy yourself. For others, you may need to speak to a psychologist.

Recognize the flaws

“If you recognize your flaws, you have the opportunity to remedy them and grow, take a step forward in life.”



Accept the defects

“To find solutions to our flaws, we must first find peace in our soul.

Nobody’s perfect. We all have our small and big flaws. To deal with these, it is first of all important to accept them, saying for example:

“I have these flaws but I am not alone in having them. I don’t need to be ashamed of these. I do the best I can. ”.

You have to make friends with yourself. Only then do you have a chance to find a remedy.”

find remedy

“You really need to do this
Have you tried other ways of doing it?
Aren’t you hiding a shyness behind a curtain of false security?
Or do you hide that you are not quite sure what you say?
Given the economic damage that many of us will feel after the crown, we have an opportunity to find a remedy. How can we prevent future similar events?”


In family

“If, on the other hand, you live this imprisonment as a family, you may have other possibilities. If your relationship is being tested now, now is the time to make progress in your relationship and make it stronger. Can you be humble? Do not impose your will on the family but listen instead. They, small or large, maybe they can teach you something. Can you contribute by changing something in yourself?”


Enter into a relationship

“To be able to love your neighbor you must first of all love yourself. We have perhaps heard this many times.”

“I’ve heard there are many here in the south who marry to find accommodation. A Tibetan nun Tenzin Palmo Jetsunma said in 2008 “If you enter a relationship and hope to fulfill yourself with the help of your neighbor, that relationship may not last. “

The after

“Maybe we get out of this captivity and discover we are better at communicating with others, we discover that we are stronger and we no longer need to play trombones or impose our will, shouting and threatening.”

“We may discover that we no longer need to run, to escape.”

“We may discover that we have become more independent and humble.”

“We may discover that there are other paths to take instead of complaining and getting angry.”

“We discover that we must help those who are now without work, without means, who have lost everything.”