How to protect yourself from Covid.



I studied microbiology in Sweden. When the Corona virus spread in Italy i decided to update my virology knowledges creating a page about it
I were astonished how Italian  put al focus on mask and how healthcare personnel HCP protected themselves at the beginning of the epidemic. It did not look secure in my opinion. So I looked at protection practices too in different countries and documented about it in a second page.
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Italian lesson

It is the first time I hear such a clear explanation with excellent metaphors and examples of infections in USA and Italy.
I copied this explanation given by the Italian virologist Roberto Burioni in “Che tempo che fa” an Italian television program in RAI 3, yesterday.
I put a copy of it on youtube with subtitles and transcripts for the deaf and foreigners who don’t know Italian.
News from November 5.

The mask does not hurt you if you use it while jogging and cycling as it was believed before. “A new study has found that exercise performance and blood and muscle oxygen levels are not affected for healthy individuals wearing a face mask during strenuous workouts.” 

Read the transcript for the video below.

I sent request to publish this video in my channel.

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Copy of Transcript:

How does infection work? We listen. You know that the coronavirus is extremely contagious.

But the coronavirus doesn’t spread by itself. We are the ones who spread it with our behaviors. 

So it is very important to understand what the transmission mechanisms are,  to implement behaviors that do not allow the spread of this virus.  


The banalest is the one with the hands. We touch a contaminated object
and then we put our hands to our face, mouth, nose and we get infected. 
Well, to interrupt this transmission path, the solution is quite easy: just wash your hands, disinfect them frequently as we have learned to do. 
But this is not the main way of transmission of this virus.
The main route of transmission of this virus is by air. There is a contagious person. There are other susceptible people alongside. The virus moves through the air and comes to infect these people.
But how does the virus move? How does it fly? It has no wings. . The virus takes the plane.
And do you know who gives it to him on the plane to travel? We give it to him. And we give it to him with droplets that we emit involuntarily, every time we speak. 
Of these droplets, we must speak carefully because they are the vehicle that the virus uses to infect others. Droplets are of two types:  
  1. there are some small but slightly larger ones called droplets. 
    These fall within two meters of each other. 
  2. But then there are others, much smaller, the aerosol.
    Here, here you no longer have to think about drops. You have to think of something like a cloud of smoke which remains suspended in the air and which can also reach much greater distances, 
    especially when we are in a closed environment. So how can we defend ourselves from these droplets that carry the virus?
For the larger droplets, it’s simple. These cover only 2 meters,
so it is sufficient to keep a distance greater than 2 meters to be safe.
For the smaller droplets, on the other hand, the matter is much more complicated. Because as I told you,  they can cover much greater spaces. 
You have to imagine them as smoking that in a room can travel. And how do you protect yourself from these smaller droplets?
Well, how do you defend yourself from smoking if it bothers you in a room? Very simple:  
you open the windows and the moment you open the windows, the smoke goes away. The same thing happens for the aerosol. For this reason, contagion is much more difficult outdoors where this aerosol is immediately dispersed. 
But it is much more dangerous to stay indoors because it remains there.
So, we understand what these droplets are. But we didn’t say that we have a fantastic way to fight them: the mask. A contagious patient who puts the mask emits a very low number of these droplets. So the mask is essential. 
The mask does not hurt. Just whoever says it tells you a lie. And above all, the mask is extremely effective.
There are dozens of studies that claim this. And therefore also on this point, it is no longer necessary to discuss. He tells you an example. 
  • A hairdresser in the United States got sick with Covid and has however continued to work. He combed 139 people and didn’t infect anyone: he wore the mask. But then he went home and there he removed the mask and infected his family members. Therefore, when we evaluate any situation, we must take it into account what are the factors that increase the risk of infection. First of all, there is more risk if you are not wearing a mask. Then you risk if you are in a closed environment with little ventilation.  
Then there is a risk if at the same time practices are implemented that increase emission of  droplets, talk or even worse, scream and sing.
Finally, proximity if you are close.
The risk increases and obviously, the risk exposure time because if you are in  
a place where you can get infected the longer you are, the worse it is. Let’s see some example things that they really happened and let’s imagine for a moment a bus with 68 passengers. The bus is clearly an enclosed space if cold. Keep the windows closed. It is close. Maybe we talk, yes sings- Here, the journey is long in this case they didn’t have a mask. 68 passengers, 23 infected.
  • Let’s look at another completely different example. We are in a hockey game, we are indoors.The players shout, obviously, they are not wearing masks. The hockey game is long. I’m forced to stay close. Out of 22 players, one was contagious. They are infected with it 14.

But in the end, there is A situation that I must mention to you in which many of these risk factors are concentrated:

When we eat together. When we eat, we obviously don’t wear masks.
When we eat, we stay in an enclosed space because at this time of the year we don’t eat outdoors.
And when we eat, we talk because we like to chat at dinner and when we eat, we are close,
because we are sitting at the same table. And when we eat, we also have dinner for more than five minutes
because we like to be in company. So, unfortunately, many epidemic outbreaks have been linked
to convivial episodes. 
  • In Maine in the northeastern United States, there was a wedding with 55 guests. one was contagious. Thirty of them became infected but from here an epidemic outbreak started which even caused not only 177 infections but seven deaths.
  • A similar thing it happened just a little while ago in the province of Pavia. 34 invited to a wedding, 21 infected people.
    But it didn’t stop there, because these 21 people brought the infection home where it occurred  13 other cases.

    And even here it is not over, because the infection arrived in a school with 2 other cases.
  • In another restaurant where there was a christening dinner. And finally in a second school with 5 other infected people.
Now you understand that we have to be careful.
I would always like to give you some good news like the one I gave with the vaccine. But why I’m here it’s not to tell you soothing lies.
It’s to tell you exactly how things are so that you can behave as safely as possible for yourself and your loved ones.
It is one thing to eat 4 at the restaurant. It’s one thing to have dinner as we usually do in a windowless rumpus room with 40 people.
The danger has not passed and one of our best feelings is that of wanting to be together with the people we love. 
But the virus is a particularly vile enemy that exploits this feeling of ours to infect, to make sick even to kill the people we love. We have to hold on.
Because everything makes us think we are truly at the last quarter of an hour, as they once said against this terrible enemy that has ruined our lives. 
And it would be a shame to let this virus hit a loved one in the last few minutes.
And in my opinion, if all goes well soon. this nightmare will be forgotten and we can return to manifest our most beautiful feeling which is that of wanting to be,  wanting to hug, and want to dine together with the people we love.
Thank you Professor Burioni thank you very much.