Our two duties



Sunday, October 10 Mt 22,15-21 was read.



The text

( N:B. The texts below are copied from www.christianwritingtoday.com/free_downloads/WebNT_CWTedition.pdf )



The message

The interpretation of pope Francis. 

“Jesus places himself above the controversy itself. On the one hand, recognizes that the tribute to Caesar must also be paid.  But above all we must remember that each person carries another image the heart, the image of God and therefore it is to him and to him alone that each is indebted for his own assistance. 
 In this sentence of Jesus, one finds not only the criterion of the distinction between the sphere of politics and the religious sphere but clear guidelines emerge for the mission of believers. 
For us as citizens, paying taxes is a duty  as well as the compliance  of the just laws of the state. At the same time, it is necessary to affirm the primacy of God in human life, and in history respecting God’s right to what belongs to him.
Hence the mission of the church and Christians to speak of  God and witness it to men and women of their time…
it is a question of engaging with humility and at the same time courageously carrying  their contribution to building the civilization of love where justice reigns …”