Sourdhough 22



My 22nd sourdough was made following part of Alex advice I have shared at

I love his Frenglish!

  • Alex has a strange solution to keep the dough in the frig the last night before baking it. I did so with my 20th bread but it became a heavy stone bread. I followed these advices:
  • I used firsttime (bread 21) his mnemonics 1:2:3 but it became a sticky mess. This time  I used the mnemonic 1:2:3+50 gram as my Italian wheat flour (Divella tipo 1) does not absorb so much water.
  • I followed his keeping the oven with the lamp lit with temp set to  0 celsius (zero).
  • I stretched like he did for 10 minutes.
  • But I let the dough ferment last time in the ligh lidded oven about 4 hours. not in the frig as he did.
  • I divided the dough in two parts.

 I got 2 great well tasting soft bread.

I did only one error as I will tell below (letting the dough ferment on baking paper).

HINT. The main page about sourdough, its preparing methods, history and science is documented in



Making levain

Levain ingrediences (made this Friday  October 2 at 20.20) 

  • 2 spoons of a bubbleing starter solved in
  • in 100 gram 21 celsius water (~ 1 dl) in a bucked with lid and added
  • 100 gram  Italian Divella I wheat flour bought at Discount Canneto
  • Mixed well with hands
  • ~ 11 hours in the refrigerator in my plastic box with cover.
    I did not like Alexkeeping the levain in the lampwarmed oven until it doubled in size ( ~40 min).


Create the dough

(Saturday  October 3) 

  1. 7.50. Took out the levain from the frig.
  2. The floating test wasn’t passed.
    I got however a nice soft bread.
  3. I solved all the levain (200 gram) in 4 dl warm (21 Celsius Fontenoce water)
  4. Then I added  600 gram wheat flour 1 Divella bought at Discount Canneto + 2 tablespoon 50 gr integrale wheat flour
  5. I mixed this with hands
  6. 60 min rest (Rest 1) in room temp in a plastic box with a lid over to protect humidity in the oven with the lamp lightened but with temp set to 0 as Alex suggested.
  7. 08.05 Rest 1 hour in my lid covered bucket.


Stretching and rest
(Saturday 09.10)

creating protein network with Alex method

  • I solved a few gram dry coarse salt in 1 dl warm water (30 Celsius).
  • I made the stretch as Alex recommended during 10 minutes.
  • I divided the dough in 2 parts and put it in the oven in two bowls covered with baking paper.
    Do not do that.  Put on a flowered handkershief as Alex suggests.
  • 09.20 Let it rest for 4- hours in the oven with light lit and temp set to 0.


Final stretch  and formatting

(Saturday 14.15 )

  • 14:15. Sprinkling the table with wheat flour.
  • Took out the doughs from the bucket 
  • Made 4-5 quick folds.  Left-right, right-left, top-bottom, bottom-top.
  • Divided the dough in two equal parts.
  • Moved the doughs to the left with the butcher knife. As well from right to left.

Sprinkle the doughs and the bowl with flour

Flip upside down the doughs into the bowls.


Fermenting – producing  CO2 bubbles

(Saturday 14.25 )

  • Put the bowls the oven warmed by a lid light ~4 hours
  • 11.30 am.  laid  the doughs on the baking sheet with baking paper paper to fermet 2 hours in room temp (25 celsius)
  • .

    Baking preparation
    (Saturday 18:00 )

  • 180.00 Took out the fermented doughs from the oven
  • Put in baking bowls with lid cover in oven and 
  • started oven at with temp set to max (260 Celsius)
  • 18.20 flipped doughts on a plate with baking paper
  • Moved the doughs in the hot baking bowls. Did not spray on the bread before covering the bowls with the lid cover.
  • cutted the doughs
  • 18:20 Bowls into the oven to bake the doughs. 
  • 19.15 Lowered temp to 220 Celsius
  • 20.00 bowls out of the oven. (Total baking time 100 minutes)
    Double the time Alex recommended and that gave me a uncooked bread (bread 21)
  • .

  • Baking

  • 40 minutes at max temp.
  • l2.10 pm   lowered temp to 160
  • Nice color . 15 minutes more baking at this 250 Celsius (max) with ventilation


Cooling and tasting


The bread became nice and fully baked.  The taste is good with a fine acidity and soft texture.

Photo from bread eleven but with texture like the 22nd bread.



i got a good acidity and soft bread. Perfect. I will continue doing like I did with the 23:d bread.

the third bread I am very satisfied with.

I were satisfied with: