The death of 22 year old Lorenza

Lorenza Famularo a 22 young girl came to the Lipari island hospital, with severe abdominal pains. At the hospital on Lipari, she was not taken care of as usual with appropriate examinations. She died after 2 weeks of severe pain.

Doctors say that she would have remained alive today with an appropriate examination.

the citizens of Lipari has now started a strike to get attention and a recovering of the previously well working hospital.

The Municipality of Lipari has about 13.000 inhabitants living on 6 islands with many tourists, among other divers and sailors coming during summer. It is similar to Mariehamn (Åland) that with Fasta Åland has about 12.000 inhabitants. talks about it.

A local journalist Salvatore Sarpi, has prepared a video on youtube that share views among others from the meetings at the hospital, the occupation of the harbour of Lipari island, etc.