Sicily – a angry island.

I wrote some time ago about the Italian revolution. I will in this post set focus on Sicily.
Sicily has been invaded and controlled by Greece, Arabs, Cartago, Normands, Spain as documented by John Julius Norwich in his book “Sicily – a short history” and was later abandoned to criminals and mafia by the Italian State. John Julius Norwich wrote in his preface that the Sicilians are a sad people. I maybe understand why.
Now Sicily is under attack from Corona taken with people who thought Sicily is a good place to live in now.
We got a corona case on my neighbor island Salina, one with a young girl that couldn’t resist Sicilian nostalgy and remain in North Italy. Sicily has got several more corona cases, recently in nearby Milazzo and Barcellona.
The Mayor of MessinaC, has done and is having a strong fight to protect Sicily from Corona. Many illegals are taking the Ferry in Calabria to come to Messina and Sicily
The Italian ministry of interior said that all the cars embarking on the ferry are commuters that are allowed to come to Messina.
The mayor has documented several cases of people not allowed to take the ferry and that people are able to buy train tickets in Italy to come to Sicily.

The Mayor of Messina Cateno De Luca invited mayors form nearby municipalities to go to Villa San Giovanni (the Calabrian ferry harbour) to check were the people come from and why they want to go to Sicily.


Now 40 cars are blocked in Villa as not being allowed to take the Ferry. They have obviously been allowed to pass the Autostrada checkpoints in other northern  regions, Campania and others.


Now these 40 cars block trucks who deliver to Sicilian supermarkets food, water and other merchandise that Sicily needs.
It is not the best option to be a beautiful island in these pandemia days.
The Sicilian region president Musumeci said days ago, “we have won over mafiosi, we will also win over corona”. But this can not be done with a Italy that does not care about Sicily and apply laws and ordinances.
The Messina MayorCateno De Luca represents for me the Sicilian spirit, a angry Sicily rather than a sad one.
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Greetings from Lipari,
0 cases so far on our island, thanks among others to our good and caring Mayor Marco Giorgianni