please buy “Made in Italy”

Buy “made in Italy”.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs di Maio said one good thing tonight. I want to forward his message to you who are my friends here.

You know that many Italians who sell products and services that are not food, medicine etc, respect the safety restrictions closing their activities, to stay home.

As a example, Lipari and the Aeolian islands, depends 99% on tourism. The islands are suffering especially hard this pandemia as no tourists are allowed to come to the islands. Bars, restaurants and hotels are closed and empty.

For reasons you probably know, Italy had before this pandemia, a poor economy, reasons that many Italians are fighting, even risking their lives.

Italians take care of their elders, keeping them with their families. Italian families have paid hard for this love with a high mortality rate among elders. Life has been cruel to these now suffering families.

If you want to show solidarity with Italy, buy “Made in Italy” wherever you are. This will help to alleviate the economical damages for a badly hit country.

I kindly ask you to share my message.
Thank you.

Stellan, at home a week now.

Greeting from Lipari, Aeolian Islands