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I saw a Swedish documentary called “Vägra Sociala medier” (say no to social media) at Adam Lundgren is a Swedish actor that has been questioning his use of Social media. He travels to Silicon Valley to know more about Social Media. He met  the Flickr inventor, Jaron Lanier and Jeff Hankock a psychologist expert on Social Media effects our minds.

He came up understanding that Social Media are using the Social Media to learn about human behaviour to improve AI. This was not the intention from the beginning. Google is using social media to improve their Google translate service.  Ishare in this post a few thoughts shared in the documentary.

While Adam speeks Swedish you hear all interviewed people talking in their language, English as Swedish media always let us listen to the speekers voices.



Jaron Lanier

author of  Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now”

  • Ai works with data.
  • China might take advantage in AI.
  • Social media is used to take data to feed AI.
  • The power is by those who own the social media
  • Google translate development needs data taken from people
  • Facebook didn’t plan  the development  that later started
  • engineer are more conscious about the information manipulation
  • It is  a  unfair way to develop AI with Social media data.
  • Today there is a loss of mystery, of faith in the sense of the future.
  • Over the world you see depressed and stressed out people.
  • There is no more positive science fiction about the future.

Catarina Faker

Developer of Flickr sold to Yahoo

  • Give the regular people a voice
  • Should this exist is a question we must do.


Jeff Hankock

Professor psychologist at Standford, studying social media effects on humans.

  • Adicted to phones because 
  • We can not sit with our thoughts for 6 minutes
  • We can develop defences against social media.
  • Being bored is 
  • With social media we see the world differently 
  • Scorates was worried that the words can change the memories of our selves
  • Dopamin kicks are part of our reward system
  • We get dopamin kick when we make a handshake, see a smiling face, get a like in Facebook.
  • The dopamin dialog disturbs me
  • You have to determin if the reward you get, disturbs you or not.
  • The phone my have helped Andreas so far.
  • Our memory doesnt work as for the greeks
  • Social media and books change you memories.


Eugenia Keyda

recreated his own boy friend Roman who died, as a chatbot


David Grossblatt

owner of Founder’s Dojo, a free incubator in San Francisco for young, wayward startup founders.
the man who’s rumored to be the inspiration for Erlich Bachman, the raunchy but loveable character on HBO’s Silicon Valley. Read more at

  • incubator is a creative space
  • IGrossblats incubator is trying to offset the manipulation of information
  • Manipulation of infor has always existed but  is more visible now
  • Lanier is part of the incubator
  • Ai is in its infancy
  • We can not stop AI.
  • AI will make rich people richer.
  • We have to be optimistic


Other issues covered

this doc mentioned



I am myself using social media for my own purposes, informing about my doings and projects. But I am careful not to keep my Facebook posts private for friends or a restricted  group.

I donte care if Facebook can read all my posts.

If I can help Google to improve their translation services, that is ok as I myself use often Google translate to get fast translations I can correct in short time.

Depressed or optimistic?

Human kind has a very important instint we often can rely on. That is survival.

However AI develops,  Human kind will always do its best to survive. AI is just one of many techniues human kind has developed.

ost of us have learned to use  fire, knives, dynamite and other potentially dangereous tools in a safe way. There are criminals, pyromans and killers who use these tools the wrong way. 

Human kind is doing its best to keep these people under control with laws, military, police  and other measures. We have hackers and pedophiles who use Internet in a bad way. We are developing techniques to protect us from criminals,

I would not have been able to do the things I am doing without internet. I m worried but not pessimistic about the development of social media and AI.

Will AI become a tool available for sick or criminal  people? Bots are now used by hackers. Will hackers and criminals be able one day to take over robots? I think that these are important questions our next generations have to make.

Another thought that came up with this doc is that parents should know about Social media effects on their children and talk with them about it. One good Ted with Bailey Parnell is talking about and dig more into this issue. Ro prevent the negative effects whe recommend these four steps: