A panentheistic world view

I got to know Saint Gregory of Palamas today.
St Gregory said in the words of Kallistos Ware:
“The Universe was formed by the Creative power of God. The divine is present everywhere. Nature is sacred. We are to find God in each person, in each thing. Surely this is higlhly relevant for us as Christians, living as we do, in a age of secularization. Our western society is suffering from a tragic loss of the sacred. The world has become opaque. It is no longer transparent. It is no longer a sacrament of the divine presence. We feel surrounded by dead matter rather than by divine presence. And the result of all this has been the ecological crisis which grows worse every year. Gregory Palamas can teach us to rediscover the sacredness of the world, to see the world as a sacrament of the living God. He can teach us to love the world in God. We will never save the world unless we love it. We can not save what we do not love.”
We have maybe read the southamerican indios view about their home, the Amazonas djungle. We are now  burning their home to enable us to harvest more soya for our cows and pigs. These Amazonas inhabitants have the same panentheist view as the Northamerican indians had. the nature is sacred. We have ignored their wise  attitude or seen it  as being a view of wild ignorant humans.  

We are now slowly making our Earth degrade back to its original Hell like status as it was in the beginning of life on Earth. Maybe we should recognize that we are not so evolved as we thought. 

My text above is a  transcrtipt above from Minute 50:26-52:08 ) of 

this youtube. Look at it to know more.

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