sourdough 9



My ninth sourdough was made following Sabastiéns advices I have shared at

But the dough became to to wet with the Italian  flour I used and I got a flat bread good to make Pane Cunzato with.

This time I go back to Tom’s method with stretching.

HINT. The main page about sourdough, its preparing methods, history and science is documented in



Making levain

Levain ingrediences (made this Saturday  August 24 at 22.15) 

  • 100 gram  Italian Divella I wheat flour bought at Discount Canneto
  • 80  gram Italian integrale Casillo  wheat flour bought at Discount Canneto
  • in 180 gram water (~ 2 dl) and 
  • 2 spoons of a bubbleing starter

~ 11 hours in the refrigerator in my plastic box with cover.


Create the dough

(Start 11 am Sunday  August 25) 

I solved all the levain in 4 dl Fontenoce water 

Then I added  12 dl wheat flour 1 Divella bought at Discount Canneto

I mixed this with a wooden spoon

  • 45 min rest (Rest 1) in room temp in a plastic box with a lid over to protect humidity over the frigerator where it is warmer


Stretching and resting

creating protein network

  • I added A few gram dry coarse salt before the first stretch
  • The rest of the stretches and 30 min rest proceeded well. The dough became elastic and slimy stretched well.
  • Last and fourth stretch at 13.30
  • I divided the dough in 2 parts and put it in the refrig in two bowls covered with plastic.
  • it has to stay overnight (>8 hours) but as I started late (I needed to sleep som more today) I decided to leave it in the frig until tomorrow. 

(As recommended the doughs should, after the stretching  part, have rest for at least 8 hours (“Over night” to  get acidity.)


Final stretch  and formatting

Monday  morning August 26) 

  • 10.30 am. Took out the doughs from the refrigerator to rest 60 min in room temperature.
  • 11.30  am . Took up the dough gently and stretch each dough without breaking it a few times. 


Fermenting – producing  CO2 bubbles

  • 11.30 am.  laid  the doughs on the baking sheet with baking paper paper to fermet 2 hours in room temp (25 celsius)
  • .

    Baking preparation

  • 1.30 pm oven at 250 temp Celsius when I put the cutted doughs in the oven to be baked 
  • .

  • Baking

  • 40 minutes at max temp.
  • l2.10 pm   lowered temp to 160
  • Nice color . 15 minutes more baking at this 250 Celsius (max) with ventilation


Cooling and tasting


The bread became nice and fully baked.  The taste is good with a fine acidity.




i got a good acidity keeping the stretched doughs in the refrigerator over night 12 hours 15 minutes. The doughs were nice after having been warmed up. I had flour on the table when I made the last stretch before formating. I did not got the nice  holes maybne because of that but however I got a good consistence.

the first bread I am very satisfied with.

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