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Many like to follow  in Jesus footsteps in pilgrimage. I wont be able to do that, so I try to do it in my mind instead with this post. But it did not work out as expected. Read my conclusions.


Jesus trail, where Jesus walked


  1. Nazareth where he grew up and lived in a stone house maybe like the one excavated in Katzrin )
  2. Mount Precipice Jezreel Valley outside Nazareth over Jezreel Valley
  3. Near Jerusalem
    • To Jerusalem 12 years old
    • Jordan River , just south of the Sea of Galilee; and Qasr el Yahud, closer to the Dead Sea, being baptized 30 years old, 28-29 AD (Montefiore)
    • Bethany
    • Bethphage
  4. In the Judaean desert where jesus were tempted 40 days.
  5. teaching in the synagogue in Magdala west shore of Sea of Galilee?
  6. Canaa at the wedding, when wine runs out (fist miracle)
  7. Capernaum,hometown of several Apostles, where he preaches repentance, guest at Simon Peters home where he cure Peters mothe in law from fever. He chooses his 12 disciples)
  8. At the pool of Bethesda (easter shore of Sea of Galilee, home of Peter, Andrew and Philip, today called El Araj) where he make a blind man see with saliva and dust.
  9. Spoke in the Synagogue of Gamla?
  10. Tabgha, north-western shore of the Sea of Galilee, south of Capernaum. where Jesus “fed 5,000+ people with five loaves of bread and two fish”. ( )
  11. The lake of Galilee in storm that Jesus calms (  Matthew 14:28 )
  12. The disciples see Jesus transfiguration being together with Moses and Elijah.
  13. The stoning of a woman caught in adultery where Jesus said “the one without sin throw the first stone”
  14. Cesarea Philippi is a long way north of the Sea of Galilee. Only Matthew mentions this place in Matthew 16,13 where he asked “Who am I?”
  15. In  ( John 4,3-19 ) we read 3 he left Judaea and went back to Galilee.  He had to pass through Samaria.” The he came to the well of the Samaritan town Sychar.

    (Image  )
  16. Jerusalem, according to John five times during three years for
    • Passover,
    • Feast of Booths,
    • Feast of the dedication
  17. Gethsemane,  the slopes of Mount of Olives

Table 1.places and gospel sources

Table 1. According to the Gospels, places mentioned by apostels

Marc Matthew Luke John
Marc 1,9 Jordan
Matthew 3,13
Luke 2,42
Marc 1, 12
Matthew 4,1 Desert Luke  4,1
Marc 1, 14
Sea of Galilee
pescatores hominum
Matthew 4,12
To Nazareth, Galilee
Luke  4,1
Marc 1,21 Capharnaum
Synagogue teaching
Possessed man
Marc, 1 29
Socris Simonis febricitans
Matthew 4,13
Capharnaum, Zebulon and Neftali territorium
Luke  4,14
Marc 1,38-39
Synagogue in Galilee
Leper man
Matthew 4,18
Galilee Sea shore, meeting fishermen Simone and Andrew “Follow me”
Luke  4,16
Marc 2,1
Return to Capharnaum post dies Paralytics bed
Matthew 4,23
Around Galilee teaching in their synagogue
Luke  4,31
  Matthew 5,1
Up on the mountain, The mountain speech
My Father
Luke  5,1
“Lake of Genesareth”
Marc 2,13 Galilee Sea shore Matthew 8,1
Down from the mountain
Curing the Leper
Luke  5,29
House of Levi
Marc 3,1 Synagogue
Man with Paralysed hand 
Matthew 8,5 
Luke  6,12
On the mountain
Marc 3,13 Up on the mountain
The 12 disciples elected to pray with him
Matthew 8,14
Home of Peter
Socrum eius Simonis febricitantem
Luke  7,1
Marc 3,13
Up on the mountain
The 12 disciples elected to pray with him
Matthew 8,28 Regionem Gerasenorum
duo habentes demonia in gregem porcorum
Luke  7,11
Naim Region
Marc 3,13 Up on the mountain
The 12 disciples elected to pray with him
Matthew 9, 1
Back to west shore
venit in civitatem suam
paralysed men cured.
Luke 8,26
Et navigaverunt ad regionem Gerasenorum (, today Jerash in Jordania), quæ est contra Galilæam.
Marc 3,20
ad domum
Matthew 9,9
left Nazareth
Tax man Matthew
Luke  9,10
Marc 4,1
Galilee Sea ad mare
Matthew 9,23
domum principis
the girl is sleeping
Luke  9,28
Marc 5,1
To easter Galilee Sea shore
regionem Gerasenorum
homo in spiriu immondo
Marc 5,11 
montem grex porcorum
Matthew 9,28
venisset domum
Blind people could see again
“Do not tell anyone”
Luke 9,52
Samaritan village
being refused hospitality
Marc 5,38
Synagogue home
Sleeping girl
Matthew 9,35
Visiting all the cities and villages
teaching in synagogues
Luke 9,53
to Jerusalem
Marc 6,31
in desertum locum
Matthew 11,1
preaching in the cities of the 12 disciples
Luke 17,11
  matthew 12,9
In their synagogue
“is it ok to cure on Saturday”
Luke 18,35
  Matthew 12,15
Jesus left the place
Luke 19,29
Betfage Betania
  Matthew 12,46
mother and broters outside asking for Jesus
“Who is my mother?” 
  Matthew 13,54
in patriam suam
“docebat eos in synagogis erorum”
  Matthew 14,13
Left place with boat to be alone in desert
“sit in the grass” 
5 bread and 2 fishes mmiracle
  Matthew 14,22
Up on the mountain to pray
jesus walking on the water
  Matthew 14,37
Crossing the Sea and  Arriving to Genesareth
  Matthew 14,54
“Noone prophet at home”
  Matthew 15,21
Partes Tyri Sidonis (Cananea) 
Mother begging for the daughter 
  Matthew 15,29
Galilee Sea
on the mountain
The 7 bread miracle  for 4000+ people 
  Matthew 15,39
On a boat to Magedan region
  Matthew 16,13
Cesareae Philippi
Who am i?”   
  Matthew 17, 1
High mountain
Jesus  transfiguration with Moses and Eliah   
  Matthew 17,22
Around in Galilee
Passion prediction   
  Matthew 17,24
  Matthew 19,1
To Jerusalem
J John 4,5-9
Well of Sychar


Table 2. Places statistics.
Places mentioned amount of times by the apostels

Place Mark Matthew Luke Johannes
Jordan river 1 1 1  
Desert 2 2 1  
Nazareth 0 1 1  
Capharnaum 2 2 2  
Zebulon and Neftali territorium 0 1 0  
Galilee Sea 2 2 0  
Around Galilee 0 2 1  

Regionem Gerasenorum

1 1 1  
Genesareth 0 1 1  
Partes Tyri Sidonis (Cananea)  0 1 0  
Cesareae Philippi  0 1 0  
Jerusalem  0 1 1  
Well of Sychar (Samaria)
0 0 0 1





I printed out these two maps to figure out Jesus trails.

(Source: )

Going through Samaria as Luke tells it and the Samaritan Sychar as John tells, Jesus  passed near the Mount Gerizim sacred for the Samaritans.

  1. (Image  )

the shortest way Jerusalem from Nazareth is passing through Samaria but as there was hostility between Jews and Samaritans and this route was mountainous, many Jews prefered to follow the Jordan river south to jerusalem.  (Source: )

This seems to be the shortest way from Nazareth to Capharnaum

(  Image source: )

From NAzareth to Jerusalem the shortest road is through Samaria.

(  Image source: )

Jesus spent most of his messianic time around the Sea of Galilee

( Source: Wim Vincken Pinterest )

Read and know more in e.g this video. A pity there is annoying music and little textbut the images are nice.




All apostles agree that Jesus moved around in Galilee on both the west and east side of the Sea of Galilee. I wonder if the apostles really had reliable information about his trail. As the apostles describes it it looks like Jesus and his disciples went around randomly following the wind. Once the wind made him go north to Cesarea Philippi according to Matthew. It must be at least 2 weeks walking north of the Galilean Sea. I wonder if the author of MAtthew really knew where Cesaarea Philippi is.

We know however that Jesus went regularely since he was 12 to Jerusalem. From Nazareth Jesus and his family must have followed caravans to avoid bandits, probably taking the first Valley to the Jordan river and following the river until Jericho. The disciples crossed Samaria on their way between Galilee and Judaea according to Luke .  John 4,3-19  says 3 he left Judaea and went back to Galilee.  He had to pass through Samaria.

Why he had to choose the mountain road is a open question. Was he in Bethel or was he trying to get rid of hunting Jews?

He was once rejected hospitality by a Samaritan village maybe near the Mount of Gerizim sacred to the Samaritans, on his wasy back to Jerusalem.

If Jesus himself would have asked, then this would maybe have not happened.  Jesus was for sure well known by the Samaritans for all the miracles he made in nearby Galilee.



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