Discovering Saint Augustine



I bought this little book written by Carlo Chiurco.

It is for me a good introduction to a fantastic man who had very appealing goals and thoughts. Among others his philosophy that reason, philosophy,s cience  and faith can live together in harmony. This is something i have tried to achieve during these last 4 years ending up with my pantheistic  Genesis in

His life is described in “the confessions”  available in pdf and epub format  on
The Italian film about him is based upon the confessions.


Main thoughts

He said many things. But I like most of all these

  • His looking for truth
  • His view about God
  • Reason and faith can live together in harmony
  • The human soul is the most important trace of God.
  • understand to believe
  • believe to understand


The thougths of St Augustin are very inspiring.  I continue to read the book above as he helps me in my own search of God, the Creation, among others the human being and myself.